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Archive Reports 2010/11 - Preferente Division


The 2010/11 season ended on Sunday 5th July with a draw at home to CD Palmar. This followed two victories, against highly placed Deportivo Minera and relegated Cotillas, and moved Mazarrón up to 14th place in the league, a highly commendable effort after the traumas of the first half of the season.
Los Amigos at the last match of the season  

The end of season Player of the Year dinner at the La Sienna restaurant in Mazarrón town proved to be hugely successful and enjoyable, not only to the Los Amigos members but also to the players and staff of Mazarrón Football Club who turned up in great numbers to show their appreciation of the support given by Los Amigos.

Players and support staff
The evening was organised superbly by Social Secretary, Andy Riley and raised almost €600. The meal was excellent and the musical entertainment provided by Backwater first class. It was a tremendous sight to see all the players, staff and President, Jose Rodriguez, on the dance floor for most of the evening!!!
The Player of the Year award went deservedly to central defender and captain Juan Andres who was a tower of strength throughout the season and missed only one of the 38 League games played.
Both Mazarrón Football Club and Los Amigos have now turned their attention to planning for next season when it is hoped that the majority of the players will remain with the club and help to consolidate further the huge improvement shown during the season.

The new President Dave, tries to restrain the gaudy Steve at the dinner!

The Annual General Meeting was held on 2 June when outgoing President, Neil Hardie, handed over the reins to Dave Marks who will fill the role of President for the next twelve months. Neil, helped by an enthusiastic and hard working Executive Committee, has worked tirelessly over the past twelve months to ensure that Los Amigos continues to play a vital role in supporting Mazarrón Football Club both on and off the field.
Full details will be announced shortly of the 3rd Annual Gala Evening and Dinner to be held in February 2012. This is one of the most prestigious events on the Costa Calida calendar and will be held at the Hotel La Cumbre, Puerto de Mazarrón.
Los Amigos will also have a stall at the forthcoming Camposol Fiesta when a range of merchandise, including the new white replica shirts, will be available as well a second hand book sale.
Membership renewals for Los Amigos will be taken before or after the next two business meetings which will be held at the Trevi Bar at 4 pm on Thursday 30 June and Thursday 28 July. Membership costs just €10 and entitles the member to a string of benefits including a welcome pack, discounted season ticket prices and the opportunity to enjoy regular social events and travel to away games.

A Disappointing Season Ending

Mazarrón FC  0, UD El Palmar  0,  05.06.11

Following a run of three matches in which the team had scored 10 goals, this was indeed a disappointing end to the season. Neither side looked as if they would score if they had played until the start of next season, and there was a definite end of term feel about the game. Mazarrón experimented a little by playing Alfonso at right back and pushing Alberto forward, with young Diego again starting in one of the striker roles.Juan Andreu is presented with the player of the season award

There was little action of any note in the entire first half. Mazarrón only had two attempts at goal during this period. In the first, after a quarter of the game had been played, Chico did well to win the ball just inside the Palmar half. He pushed the ball wide left for Robert, who made good ground before crossing for Ruben, but he fouled Luiche before shooting wide of goal. Two minutes later, clever footwork by Alberto set Ruben free on the right and his cross found Robert on the far side of the goal. However, his poor shot from a fairly tight angle eventually went for a throw in, without troubling any part of the goal line. It was nearly half time before the visitors made their first chance. A free kick on half way was headed down by Galego, but the save was easy for Peru.

The second half was no better! Ruben had a decent shout for a penalty early on, but the referee was a long way off the pace, as was the norm, and bottled the decision. Ruben also had a shot over the bar, but he was offside anyway. Mazarrón seemed to have promised everyone a run out on the last day and the constant flow of substitutions disrupted the game further. The game did erupt 10mins from the end. As Palmar took a corner on the left, Ruben went down in a heap on the halfway line holding his head, when being closely marked by Josenca. None of the officials saw anything happen and nothing was awarded. Ruben, after lying prone for 20 seconds or so, suddenly leapt to his feet and went after Josenca. It took several players from both sides to physically restrain him and eventually the referee’s patience ran out. He was shown a yellow card, that had no effect so it inevitably turned to red and Ruben’s season ended prematurely with him being bungled off the pitch by several club officials. Not one of his proudest moments this season.

Hopefully most of the squad will stay together next year and they will be able to build on the vast improvement shown in the second half of this season.

Mazarrón: Peru (Jose), Alfonso, Poyatos, Juan, Borja, Juan Antonio (Abdel), Chico, Alberto (Moha), Diego (Eloy), Robert (Rollon), Ruben.

All the fixtures and results. Mazarrón score will always be first, whether home or away.

1 05/09 Mazarrón 1-0 20 23/01 UD Zarcilla 2-0
2 12/09 Montecasillas FC 1-4 21 30/01 Mazarrón 3-1
3 19/09 Mazarrón 0-1 22 06/02 UD Los Garres 0-0
4 26/09 Aguilas FC 0-1 23 13/02 Mazarrón 2-2
5 03/10 Mazarrón 0-2 24 20/02 AD Ceuti Athletico 0-0
6 10/10 Muleno CF 1-1 25 21/02 Mazarrón 1-1
7 17/10 Mazarrón 0-1 26 06/03 Cuarto Distrito Jumilla 1-2
8 24/10 Ciudad de Cieza 1-2 27 13/03 Mazarrón 0-1
9 31/10 Mazarrón 2-1 28 20/03 AD Guadalupe 3-2
10 07/11 TPFC Pinatar 0-2 29 27/03 Mazarrón 1-0
11 14/11 Thader Murcia CF 0-3 30 03/04 Mazarrón 0-0
12 21/11 Mazarrón 2-2 31 10/04 EF Esperanza 1-3
13 28/11 CD Pozo Estrecho 1-1 32 17/04 Mazarrón 0-1
14 05/12 Mazarrón 2-0 33 01/05 CD Lumbreras 0-0
15 12/12 CD Bullense 1-2 34 08/05 Mazarrón 1-1
16 19/12 Mazarrón 0-2 35 15/05 FB Yecla 3-4
17 02/01 Deportivo Minera 2-5 36 22/05 Mazarrón 4-3
18 09/01 Mazarrón 3-2 37 29/05 EMF Costillas 3-1
19 16/01 UD El Palmar 1-0 38 05/06 Mazarrón 0-0

Players' appearances

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
Alfonso                       1                     1                              
Juan                                                                       1    
Diego                                                             1              
Chico                                                                         1  
Rollon                                       1                                    
Rivera   1                               1                                        
Jose Ruben                         1 2     1 1 1 1     1         1 1         1   3    
Poyatos                                                 1                   3      
J Antonio                                                                            
Eloy                                 1 1                                        
Robert                                         3         1   2                 1  
Abdel                       1                                                    
Diego 2                                                                         1  
Rollon Jnr                                                                            
Julian                 1                                                          
Boudia           1     1                                                          
Jose Manuel                                                                          
Andres 1                                                                          
Ba               1                                                            
My MoM                                                                            

Goal scorers: Jose Ruben 14, Robert 7, Poyatos 4, Alfonso 2, Eloy 2, Boudia 2,  Rivera 2,  Ba 1, Julian 1, Abdel 1,  Andres 1, Rollon 1,  Diego 1, Juan 1, Chico 1, Diego (2) 1


        Home Games     Away Games       Overall      
  Team Gms W D L GF GA W D L GF GA W D L Sc G Diff. Pts.
1 Aguilas FC 38 16 2 1 38 10 14 4 1 30 8 30 6 2 68 50 96
2 EF Esperanza 38 17 1 1 55 11 6 7 6 29 29 23 8 7 84 44 77
3 Deportivo Minera 38 15 3 1 46 13 8 6 5 33 25 23 9 6 79 41 75
4 TPFC Pinatar 38 11 5 3 45 32 8 6 6 28 25 19 11 9 73 16 68
5 Thader Murcia CF 38 7 8 4 34 22 11 1 6 29 19 18 9 10 63 22 63
6 AD Ceuti Athletico 38 7 7 5 34 26 9 5 5 36 25 16 12 10 70 19 60
7 CD Pozo Estrecho 38 11 5 3 36 24 5 5 9 26 49 16 10 12 62 -11 58
8 Cuarto Distrito Jumilla 38 9 3 7 31 25 6 4 9 22 29 15 7 16 53 -1 52
9 UD Los Garres 38 7 7 5 30 27 7 3 9 33 43 14 10 14 63 -7 52
10 CD Bullense 38 11 2 6 37 20 4 5 9 20 32 15 7 15 57 5 52
11 UD El Palmar 38 9 4 6 24 22 5 6 8 22 25 14 10 14 46 -1 52
12 FB Yecla 38 6 4 9 26 25 8 5 6 18 16 14 9 15 44 3 51
13 Muleno CF 38 10 6 3 43 22 3 5 11 21 38 13 11 14 64 4 50
14 Mazarrón FC 38 7 6 6 22 21 4 5 10 21 33 11 11 16 43 -11 44
15 Ciudad de Cieza 38 7 4 8 25 29 6 0 13 20 33 13 4 21 45 -17 43
16 AD Guadalupe 38 9 4 6 32 22 0 7 12 18 41 9 11 18 50 -13 38
17 Montecasillas FC 38 6 5 8 35 33 3 3 13 28 53 9 8 21 63 -23 35
18 CD Lumbreras 38 6 7 6 27 27 1 6 12 16 37 7 13 18 43 -21 34
19 UD Zarcilla 38 4 5 10 21 35 2 2 14 14 56 6 7 24 35 -56 25
20 EMF Costillas 38 6 1 12 22 37 0 4 15 13 50 6 5 27 35 -52 23
These teams are Promoted These Teams are Relegated

Weekly change in league position

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
8 M                                                                          
10   M                                                                        
13                                         M M                                
14     M                                       M M M M   M                   M
15                                       M             M   M M M M M M M M M  
16       M                                                                    
17         M M M M M M                                                        
18                     M     M       M M                                      
19                       M M   M M M                                          
    Upward Move                                                                
    Downward Move                                                              
    No Change                                                                  




Mazarrón win exciting Encounter

EMT Cotillas  1, Mazarrón FC  3, 28.05.11

For the third consecutive match Mazarrón scored three or more goals and this time it could well have been more. However, Cotillas could have had a share in the spoils were it not for some superb saves by Peru. The visitors made light of the fact that they were missing Juan, Ruben and Poyatos, some of the best performers in recent games.

Cotillas made the brighter start and Salui could have opened the scoring after only two mins, but his shot from the edge of the area was a meter wide. Raul then saved well, tipping Roberts back header over the bar following a Mazarrón throw, before the home side took the lead after 10mins from their first corner. Piqueras took it, and Salui steered it in at the near post with a deft flick of the foot. Mazarrón started to get into their stride when the first half was half way through. A Chico free kick was punched out by Raul as far as Robert, and the keeper recovered well to save the shot. Cotillas then had their second corner, and it was the same combination of Piqueras and Salui in play, but this time a header was well saved by Peru. By this time, a succession of Mazarrón free kicks was beginning to tell on Cotillas. From one of these, Robert found Diego whose header was punched clear by Raul, but only as far as Juan Antonio. He steered the ball to Chico on his right who made no mistake, side footing in from about 8ms. 3mins later, Robert beat the off side trap and went around Raul, only to push the ball wide of an empty goal. There was still time before the break for Peru to save brilliantly at full stretch as Piqueras made a chance out of nothing, shooting from 25ms.

Mazarrón were nearly shocked from the restart when Gonzalo fired a shot against the post from nearly 30ms but they came back strongly themselves. Eloy and Robert made a break down the left before the latter was flattened by Vivancos just outside the area, for which the referee gave no booking. Robert’s free kick thumped into the wall nearly knocking out Vaello! Robert was not to be denied though 2mins later. With a beautiful piece of individual skill he beat two defenders on the left touchline. First he headed on and then ran on with the ball before drawing Raul and then slipping the ball past him into the far side of the goal. It should have been three 4mins later. Robert broke again but this time Raul’s outstretched foot saved a goal. Robert’s attempt from the rebound was blocked by a defender and the ball ran wide to Juan Antonio. He lofted the ball over to the unmarked Eloy, but he put his header wide of the empty net. Peru then made a succession of fine saves to maintain the lead. The first was from a Vivancos free kick hit with venom from outside the area, the second was from Manolo as he broke down the right onto Bartolo’s pass, and then Bartolo found Manolo on the far side of goal before Peru rushed out to block again. As the game went into added time, Robert was fouled again 4ms outside the area. The juvenile Diego stepped up and whipped to ball over the wall and into the net to complete a fine team performance.

The last match of the season is at home against El Palmar this weekend

Mazarrón: Peru, Alberto, Diego, Alfonso, Borja, Abdel (Moha), Robert, Chico, Juan Antonio, Eloy (Pescao), Diego(2)

MMoM: Peru


Mazarrón FC  4, Deportivo Minera  3,  22.05.11

n at the heart of the defence and the team welcomed back Ruben. Although he spent far too much time off side, whenever he did beat the trap the Minera defence has little idea how to play him, and he scored a hat trick himself.

The game started in spectacular fashion as a Minera attack was broken up and the ball was played out to Robert on the right. He slotted it into the path of Ruben, who made 20ms of ground before easily beating the not very mobile Fernando in the visitors’ goal.  A few mins later, Abdel nearly made another chance for Ruben, but this time Fernando was quicker. A Minera free kick then came back off the wall before Abdel had a good header from a corner saved near the post. After 22mins, Juan Antonio lofted a ball over the top for Ruben but he was pulled down by a desperate Pepe and Juan Andreu easily converted a gentle penalty with Fernando hardly moving. With Mazarrón cruising and well in control, Juan conceded a free kick for hands 5ms outside the penalty are on the right. Isaac floated the ball over to Cecillo whose header was well placed just inside the near post. Then, in the three mins before half time, the game was turned on its head. As Minera attacked, Abdel made a poor clearance only as far as Seco. He turned it wide to Isaac who returned the ball to Seco to shoot in from fully 28ms. In the last move of the half, a flowing attack from Minera eventually found Nico who slotted in from a tight angle. As Mazarrón went in 2-3 down, they didn’t really know how the situation had slipped so badly.

The home side could have folded then, but to their credit they came out with all guns blazing. After 2mins, good work by Chico and Robert gave an opening to Alfonso. He made the bye line, pulled the ball back and Ruben was on hand again to head in at the near post. The half time substitutions couldn’t have been more different. For Mazarrón, the agile and skillful Diego had replaced Abel and for Minera, the huge but cumbersome Josico had come into the game.  After the equalizer the game ebbed and flowed and both teams had chances. Peru saved a powerful shot from Nico low to his right and a superb Mazarrón move saw the ball go through Juan Antonio, Chico and Ruben before Robert shot wide, when a square ball to the waiting Ruben would have been a better option. With just three mins left, Mazarrón scored a well deserved winner. Rivas took a poor free kick just outside his own penalty area that Chico met with a powerful header on halfway. Ruben beat the off side trap and outpaced Pepe again before firing in off the far post.

Mazarrón visit Cotillas this week in the penultimate game of the season, at last free of any mathematical relegation worries.

Mazarrón: Peru, Alberto, Poyatos, Juan, Borja, Juan Antonio, Chico, Alfonso,  Abdel (Diego), Robert, Ruben.

MMoM:  Jose Ruben

This was the most entertaining game played at Mazarrón all season, as the home side played host to second placed and already promoted Deportivo Minera. The visitors game with the best goal scoring record in the league, and they had only conceded three goals once this term and never four. Last week’s hat trick hero Poyatos, Mr Versatile, this week played alongside Jua

On a pleasant Sunday morning around 30 of us set off on the long trip to Yecla to p lay against the supposedly best defense in the league.
For the first time since the opening game of the season we were free from suspensions and injuries (or so we thought) and the topic on the coach should have been about who would play and how many, if any, we would play up front!
This was not to be the case though as a stalwart supporter from Blackburn (Andy) and one from Wolves (Robert) held court as to who would win next week and who would be relegated. It seemed to the interested spectator that a 6 all draw would be the most likely result.
Free entry to the match was obtained by walking in through the player’s entrance but a raffle was held for a ham and as we seemed to be the only people buying tickets we had great expectations, but this was not to be. The rest of the pre match entertainment was not up to the usual standard, only Les Davis with a feeble attempt to emulate Steve and fall onto the pitch kept us entertained.
We then found out that we were not injury free with Rubens suffering an ankle injury. We then wondered who would be given the unenviable task of chasing around up front on his own. This task fell to Poyato who was helped by Robert.
Within 30 minutes everyone was saying who the hell is this Rubens anyway when Poyato completed a brilliant hat trick.
The first came from a corner taken by Chico (in the absence of Rubens) who managed to get the ball over the first defender where it was volleyed in by Poyato. Perhaps Chico should take all the corners from now onwards. Shortly afterwards he took another corner but this time Robert unfortunately missed the goal with his shot.
We continued to press against this supposedly strong defense and in the 18th minute Robert weaved his magic up the right and Potato converted his cross (0 – 2)
A defensive error in the 25th minute allowed Yecla to pull one back with a 35 yard screamer which Peru was unable to reach but 5 minutes later Poyato was put through on goal by Diego and completed his hat trick. At this stage Robert was heard to ask for man of the match voting slips to be completed and handed in!
However a further defensive mess up allowed Yecla to score a second goal, this time from about 20 yards and again it was too high for Peru. Obviously Yecla had done their homework on him, good on the ground but not tall enough for anything in the air. Mazarron were awarded a free kick for a foul on Robert which seemed to be well inside the box but nothing came from this.
It became clear that this was not going to be our day when 5 minutes into the second half Robert nipped between the goalkeeper and a dithering defender only to see his shot hit the post and roll out for a goal kick. It also became clear that the usual brown envelope had changed hands at half time as several questionable decisions were given against us by the man in black.
Following an injury to Poyato in the Yecla penalty area our trainer made it to him where it seemed that oxygen was needed to revive the trainer. He eventually made it back to the dug out some 5 minutes later to rapturous applause from our fans during which time Peru made a great save from a harshly awarded free kick.
Rollon then came on for Abdel and then the referee completely lost it. Poyato was the victim of a head injury but the referee ignored this but after 5 minutes of wandering around in a daze he was led off the pitch to be replaced by Rollon (2)
A further doubtful free kick saw Yecla equalize when, rooted to his line, Peru allowed one of their players to head the ball over him from all of two yards out.
After 30 minutes Diego (2) shot narrowly wide and following yet another bad decision Rollon was booked for dissent when he was not awarded a free kick for a very bad tackle on him. At this stage the referee had completely lost it and what appeared to be a throw in for Yecla suddenly became a free kick which was yet again hit directly into the net over the top of Peru. Chema then replaced Diego and Rolon (2) was booked for dissent to be shortly followed by Rollon being booked for a fairly timid looking tackle. As this was his second booking he was sent off and I think they are still looking for the ball somewhere in Yecla where he hit it to show his disgust at the referee.
Mazarron then won a corner but before this was taken Diego was physically attacked by one of the Yecla players who drew blood from a cut lip but yet again the referee did nothing. This resulted in a free for all in the entrance to the dressing rooms after the final whistle  and it is anyone´s guess as to how many of our players were either booked or sent off then but it is doubtful if any player from Yecla was blamed.
In the end a very sad end to what had promised much but the question needs to be asked as to why do we not get some of these blatant “homer” referees when we are at home! Perhaps we don’t put enough in the brown envelopes.
Man of the match Poyato (what a pity his mother in law wasn´t there to see his hat trick)
Don (Shakespeare) Busby


Mazarrón FC  1, CD Bullense  1,  08.05.11

When Mazarrón played at Bullas earlier in the season, the game was most notable for the injury sustained by goal keeper Jose, who still hasn’t been fit enough to pull on the jersey since. All Mazarrón supporters will be hoping that the injury to the keeper Peru will not have the same devastating effect on his season.

The opening exchanges were poor as the home side seemed unable to compete for the high balls sent up to mid-field and attack by the defenders, a feature of the side all season. Some hefty coaching is needed in this area if the high ball remains a tactic that is heavily used. However, the game came alight after 24mins. Abdel cleverly fed the ball forward for Ruben who beat his marker Maino comfortably, before shooting a meter wide of the far post. 2mins later, juvenile striker Diego, making a rare start, showed good skills before playing a similar ball on to Ruben. He beat Maino easily again, but this time he feinted to go to his right before stroking the ball past the falling rotund figure of Sandoval into the goal with his left foot for the opener. Rollon and Ruben then joined forces to win a corner on the left. The ball was cleared easily to Blas who had taken up position on the right wing, before he crossed towards Serry. Chico seemed to have plenty of time to intercept, but he was having a poor game in mid-field and the ball eluded him again. Serry’s shot was saved by Peru but as it dropped down into play again, Chico made amends by beating Serry to it and putting it behind for Bullense’s first corner. Diego and Ruben then combined well again before the latter’s cross was just missed by Abdel. Mazarrón’s younger players had had a good first half!

The home side failed to carry their momentum into the second half, and apart from occasional flashes from Diego, Rollon and Ruben, they never really posed a serious threat, as Bullense became stronger. Gasero brought a good save from Peru at his near post and then Ruben was booked for questioning the referee after he, Abdel and Serry had all gone down in a heap during a Mazarrón attack. Poyatos had a chance after 60mins following a head on by Diego but his long range shot was well wide, before Bullense equalized. Gasero took the kind of corner that the Mazarrón strikers can only dream about receiving and Maylan planted a firm header past Peru. Chico’s afternoon was cemented when he failed to control a simple roll out from Peru with 18mins left. He lost the ball, lost his temper and was yellow carded. Juvenile keeper Ruben then replaced Peru who had failed to recover from an earlier injury and four minutes into added time he covered himself with glory tipping a very long and speculative free kick over the bar.This weekend, Mazarrón have the long trek to Yecla.

Mazarrón: Peru (Ruben), Alberto, Diego, Juan, Borja, Poyatos, Chico, Rollon (Chema), Abdel (Pescao), Diego, Ruben.

MMoM:  Diego (Jv)



Firstly may I thank most sincerely Dave Marks for giving me (albeit at such short notice) the opportunity (nay pleasure) to report on this truly wonderful and enjoyable match,( I will return the pen next week Dave). I get the impression that the usual scribe is psychic and knew it was not worth turning up to watch!

To sum up the game briefly it is best said that neither side deserved to win nor loose for that matter and due to the inevitable rush of blood to the head by the referee Mazarron may not have sufficient players available to field a team next week.

There was a surprise in the Mazarron dug out where Ribera was in charge (without a Zimmer frame) but there was no change to the tactics of hoofing the ball up field where a lone striker, (this week Robert had the privilege) was expected to chase around hopeful of getting the ball on rare occasions.

Lumbreras were in the hands of the Dutch coach who nearly joined us and several other teams earlier this season. In fairness to him he made the most telling contribution to the opening 15 mins when he tried to get one of our players sent off and almost matched Mourhino but was only booked.

The play was end to end stuff with no one apparfently able to find one of their own players with their passes but eventually Mazarron had a shot from Roberto which could have started the scoring off.

The only other notable events in the first half was the inevitable booking of Chico (Not for shirt lifting, sorry I meant shirt tugging) but for letting himself get injured in a 50/50 tackle and being judged the offender despite the fact that he needed a lengthy spell of treatment when our trainer eventually reached him!

Robert was then booked for kicking the ball away after being incorrectly penalised, an action which was to have more serious consequences later in the game and a free kick from Robert which was saved.

At half time the Dutch coach of Lumbreras explained to the press (me) that he was not trying to get our player sent off but was merely asking the linesman if he perhaps thought a yellow card was appropriate.

At this stage Ron christened the Lumbreras fan who was standing up and blocking the view of several fans “ El Pillocko”.

For the second half Moha came on for Abdel and Peru then tried a brand new tactic of rolling the ball to one of our team instead of hoofing it aimlessly upfield. This only seemed to confuse our players and the tactic was not tried again.

Robert was then unlucky when a goal bound shot was saved by the keepers legs and then Diego came on for Poyato. To say that Poyato was very unhappy with this decision would be an understatement but suffice it to say that Ribero will not be on his Christmas card list.

Peru then made a first class save from a long range effort and Roberto was unlucky with a similar effort.

At this stage the referee obviously decided that he did not have enough cash in his holiday fund and sent Robert off for a second booking for an accidental hand ball!

Eloy then came on for Chico and Peru was booked when an offside decision was not given to us.

With the game meandering quietly into injury time the referee then felt fit to ignore a blatant foul for Mazarron and the ball found its way towards our penalty area. There, the best player on the field, their number 4 decided that peace and quiet was not needed and proceeded to instigate a general free for all, including most of the players, both of the coaches and several substitutes.

After 5 minutes or so it appeared that both Eloy and Juan Antonio were dismissed along with Ribera (acting manager). (These facts will need to be confirmed by Laverdad tomorrow if they can get the details from the referee. The instigator of the whole thing went unpunished and the only penalty given to the home team was a yellow card for one of the substitutes. The referee had thereby achieved the distinction of making the referee in the Real Madrid V Barcelona match seem brilliant and in complete control of the game.

At the end of the game the Lumbreras coach said that all he wanted was to play football………thank god we didn´t end up with him

My man of the match was Sam Dingle (yet again). Official Man of the match Diego.

Team. Peru, Alberto, Borja, Juan, Robert ,Diego, Alfonso, Chico, Juan Antonio, Abdel, Poyato


Superb Goal amongst the Mediocrity.

Mazarrón FC  0, CD Pozo Estrecho  1,  17.04.11

This was an ill-tempered game with very little good football and even fewer goal opportunities. However, it was won by a goal of real class, although whether Molina will ever score another like it is very unlikely. Unfortunately, the game was marred by what looked like a serious neck injury to the visitors’ defender Abraham, who appeared to fall badly twelve minutes from the end.

Mazarrón came closest to scoring first, when an in-swinging corner from Ruben nearly caught Bartolo out, but he was able to punch the ball clear off his own goal line. There was very little of note after that until the 26th minute. Pozo won their first corner, one of only two in the whole match, when Peru was forced into a save at the near post by Chules. Dato took the kick on the right, and it found Molina on the edge of the penalty area. He hit a sweet volley in off the post, giving Peru no chance. It was the sort of goal that a striker hits once in a blue moon and it was certainly worthy of winning this game. 5mins later, Peru managed to save a long range shot from Alex at the second attempt. One of the few pieces of good football in the first half then created a chance for Ruben after a flowing move involving Chico, Alfonso and Robert, and then Robert looked to have got the perfect head on for Ruben but he was adjudged to have been just off side.

There was a flurry of activity at the start of the second half as Mazarrón tried to inject more pace with the addition of Abdel and Moha. In the very first minute Abdel picked up a long clearance on the left, playing it on for Ruben and his cross deserved better as Moha headed into the side net. Immediately after that, Poyatos played a great ball behind the defence to Moha and Ruben side footed his volley well over the bar. Pozo couldn’t cope with the extra inject of energy, and their answer was some of the most appalling time wasting seen this season. Time and again play was held up for nonexistent injuries. Tempers started to get frayed and Bartolo was lucky to stay on the pitch for an attempted head butt on the diminutive Chico, before Ruben was shown red for an off the ball incident whilst play was waiting for a throw to be taken. Then came the injury to Abraham that necessitated an ambulance and held play up for nearly twenty minutes. Neither side created any opportunities when the match was eventually restarted.

This weekend, Mazarrón travel to Lumbreras.

Mazarrón: Peru, Alberto, Diego, Juan, Borja, Alfonso, Chico, Juan Antonio, Eloy, Robert, Ruben.

MMoM:  Diego

On  a blazing hot day the loyal supporters of Mazarron packed the away coach and travelled to Esperanza, who are based in Cartagena in a very run down area of the town resembling Benghazi on a bad day. We were a little concerned as the driver was the same one who got us lost 2 seasons ago in nearby Aguilas, so how was he going to cope with going all the way to Cartagena?
True to form he got us lost within sight of the flood lights and after trying to go the wrong way down a narrow one way street where cars were double parked, it was the local boys in blue who saved the day by blocking the road, using blue flashing light and generally forcing our way through to the ground. Well I say ground as what we were facing playing on was nothing more than a scraped bit of earth with white lines painted on it.The top surface was very loose causing the watching supporters to be covered in a sand storm every time the wind picked up or a tackle made. But at least it was FREE entry, with most of the Los Amigos buying raffle tickets, a prize that we later won.
The local crowd mainly consisted on very young, badly behaved North African youths who's command of English was of the four letter variety.
They also had a big drum and after a short while the drummer, who was obviously one prawn short of a BBQ with eyes like Marty Felman, took great delight in banging it throughout the game, I'm still taking paracetamol for the headache and that drum nearly went where the sun don't shine.
As the game kicked off it was obvious that Esperanza had a considerable advantage playing on this surface week in week out as they were more sure footed with the Mazarron players struggling to keep their feet.
It wasn't until the 11th minute that the first real action took place when a cross from the right was headed over the Mazarron bar with the same action following some 3 minutes later with the same result.
It was obvious at this time that the Esperanza number 15, a guy of mature years called Requena, was pulling all of the home teams strings as almost all play came through him. This fact was never picked up by the visitors who should have snuffed out the creative passing of this midfield general.
Mazarron first chance came from an Alfonso free kick which found both Robert and Ruben in the clear bearing down on goal only for the off side flag to go up. This was to be another feature of the game as throughout Mazarron had 27 off side decision go against them mainly with Jose Ruben being the culprit.
On 22 minutes Ruben broke the trap and in a 50-50 ball the home keeper just managed to take the ball off Rubens foot as he was about to pull the trigger.
It was from Requena that the first goal arrived. He saw the right wing was on his lonesome and delivered an inch perfect pass and after controlling it Perico hit a speculative cross in to the box. This cross deceived everyone including the returning Peru in goal who obviously thought it was going out and made no effort to save it only to see the ball nestle into the far left hand side of the goal.
Esperanza 1 Mazarron FC 0
Shortly after the home side swarmed forward and certain goal was denied by Peru with a magnificent save, redemption on the previous misjudgement which had lead to the first goal.
As the game progressed Ruben became an isolated figure up front whist Robert played deeper and deeper. It was up to the Mazarron captain, Sam, to try something different and he hit a shot from nearly the half way line which Juan Carlos, the home keeper, only managed to collect at the second attempt.
On 32 minutes Mazarron drew level after a sustained period of pressure. Moha was cruelly pulled down just outside of the penalty area and as is the norm Jose Ruben took the free kick for which Juan and Diego had come up for. The teasing ball fell to Juan who flicked it onto Diego who buried into the Esperanza net. Diego ensured that the travelling fans were shown who scored the goal as he ran the length of the away supporters dedicating the goal to them
On 44 minutes and as the game ran down to the half time break a long clearance found Ketchu out on the left, the ball bounced high and he could not control it so just hit it on the volley. This strike could have gone anywhere, including the road works behind the stands but instead it sailed over the stranded Peru and almost burst the net. Both team teams stood in disbelief until what had just happened sunk in, before the celebrations started. Within 30 seconds the whistle was blown for half time with the score a surprising.
Esperanza 2 Mazarron FC 1 and HALF TIME
The second half started with Mazarron FC by freshening up the team with Abdul coming on for the ineffective Moha, and it only took a minute for this change to almost reap the benefit as a lovely through ball by Abdul put Jose clean through on goal only for the ball to get caught under his feet as it bounced erratically. This was the story of Jose Rubens second half, often through on goal with the surface beating him rather than the Esperanza defence.
A very quiet 10 minutes followed until in the 55 minute. Esperanza surged forward as a Mazarron attack broke down once again. A simply divine ball was slid through 3 Mazarron defenders by the majestic Requena to Nacho who was all alone on the left hand side of the box, he hit it sweetly giving Peru no chance and the net bulge once again for the home side.
Esperanza 3 Mazarron FC 1
Straight away Agustino made his second change to the visitors team by pulling off Robert, who had been going further backward as the game went on, and bringing on the youth striker Antonio Pescado who immediately joined Ruben in a two man attacking formation. Agustino obviously thought at this stage something could be salvaged from the game.
On 62 minutes Ruben beat the off side trap for once and after rounding a defender tried to lob the on rushing keeper only to see his shot tipped over the bar. 5 minutes later it was Ruben once again clean through this time hitting low and to the left of Juan Carlos goal and some how the keeper pushed it around the post. The Esperanza goal was leading a charmed life. This action lead to the Mazarron coach bringing on the mercurial Poyatos replacing Chico who had a good game. Poyatos immediately brought a new sense of urgency to the game and the lad was everywhere helping out the solid Mazarron defence, fetching the ball from mid field then joining in with attacks. And it was the result of his hard work that Mazarron nearly brought one goal back.
Poyatos picked the ball up in mid field and through share strength and determination beat 3 Esperanza defenders to place the ball exactly into the path of Ruben surging run who the crashed the ball goal wards. The keeper could only parry the shot turning to see it trickling toward the goal and at that point a lunging clearance by a defender cleared the goal bound deflection off the line.
Again Agustino refreshed the team by replacing Alfonso with Diego (junior) who took up a position along side Ruben and Pescado, I think Agustino thoughts were "better to be hung as a sheep than a lamb" with this last throw of the dice. Mazarron had Esperanza on the back foot and from a free kick Diego (senior) beat the keeper only to see his shot clip the top of the bar and sit on the top of the net.
The local crowd increasingly questioned all the decisions that went against them and at first an empty can was thrown at the linesman missing him then later a stone hit him when he gave an offside decision against Esperanza. The game was stopped for 5 minutes whilst the individuals were dealt with and stewards place in strategic places to avoid a recurrences of this shamefully display.
On 92 minutes Requena almost got reward for the tremendous job he had done all afternoon when he sent over a dipping shot only to see it clip the top of Mazarrons goal with Peru stranded in no mans land.
The last action of the game saw Diego (junior) pick up the ball on the half way line, beating 3 defenders crashing the ball against the post with the entire Esperanza defence beaten.
Mazarron left the field to a rousing cheer from the travelling fans. a hard game in which we deserved more than we got. With a pitch like this it is no wonder that second placed Esperanza have gained most of their points at home and have struggled on artificial or grass pitches and if promoted they will need to install a proper playing surface, but with FREE entry and a very small crowd where will the cash come from? It was also pleasing to see only one Mazarron player was booked, Ruben for descent after an appalling refereeing decision.
Final score Esperanza 3 Mazarron FC 1
DIEGO (Senior) was voted Man of the match. and we actually got to see the end of the DVD on the coach home.
Mazarron FC team
Peru, Alberto, Borja, Juan (Sam), Diego (senior), Alfonso (Diego junior), Chico (Poyatos) Robert (Pescado) Juan Antonio, Moha (Abdel) Jose Ruben. 

A Tale of Two Keepers.

Mazarrón FC  0, TPFC Thader  0,  03.04.11

Thader were arguably the best team that Mazarrón played during the first half of the season, but with the improvement in the side recently, they could easily have won this game had it not been for two outstanding saves by goal keeper Fran. Not to be outdone, Mazarrón’s juvenile keeper Ruben was his near equal at the other end.

Fran started his good work in the 12th minute. A cross from Moha was too near to him and he was able to punch the ball away, but only as far as Eloy. He had his back to goal and executed an excellent overhead kick, but somehow, Fran, leaping backwards, was able to punch the ball along his own goal line, where Alex was able to head clear. Mazarrón were well on top during the first 30mins and it should have been a productive time for them, but striker Ruben was on the receiving end of some very rough treatment as he was barged off the ball too easily. On the one occasion he did break through, he got a very unlucky bounce on the dreadful surface, that is getting even worse now that some grass is growing in tufts in various places. 5mins before the break, Thader made their first real threat as Mazarrón let them more into the game. A free kick by Lopez was punched away by Ruben, but only as far as Maiquez but as he bore down on the goal, Ruben spread himself at the near post to save the chance.

Mazarrón started the second half well, as Juan Antonio threaded a ball through the defence, but Moha was too slow to take advantage of the indecision between Fran and his defender Ramirez. 2mins later a long clearance by Fran found Juanjo in a good position, but Ruben made an excellent save from his goal bound shot, diving to his right. As Thader came more into the game, Maiquez should have done better with a shot as he was in plenty of space, then Ruben was very unlucky not to get anything as he was clearly held back by shirt and arm as he burst into the penalty area. The referee was showing that he good make the right calls when play was nowhere near the business part of the pitch, but he was not prepared to take responsibility when more was riding on it. Keeper Ruben made another excellent save as Maiquez and Alfonso worked their way towards goal, smothering the ball at the feet of the latter before he could shoot. The frustration of the home side was epitomized as Eloy was sent off for a second yellow card for a petty foul in added time, but a goal-less draw was a fitting tribute the two keepers.

Mazarrón play at Esperanza this weekend.

Mazarrón: Ruben, Alberto, Diego, Juan, Borja, Alfonso, Juan Antonio, Eloy, Moha (Abdel), Robert, Ruben.

MMoM: Ruben (GK)




Mazarron FC v TPFC Pinatar 27.3.2011


On a pitch just 2 large Cacti plants short of being a real desert Mazarron FC defied the odds (and the Officials) to turn the league table upside down and beat

TPFC Pinatar 1 – 0.


On the team front Peru returned in goal but Diego was unable to regain his place following the brilliant performance of Poyato in the middle of the defence last week. In addition to this we had the almost unheard of luxury of 7 substitutes and Pinatar had two players recently signed from Bala Azul in their squad plus another 2 from else where.

Due to his size one of these quickly became known as “Cerdo” “Gordo” or even “Gordo Cerdo”  to the Mazarron fans. He took this in good part until near the end when we finally “got” to him!


In the first minute Peru made a brilliant save from Victor and we all sat back to witness the inevitable slaughter which did not in fact take place. The first event of note from the referee was when he booked Ruso in the 7th minute and at this stage one of his linesmen made two diabolical offside decisions, the second of which even incensed that most docile and quiet supporter Poyato´s mom!


Things seemed to go quiet on the pitch for a while because even our manager appeared on the touchline and was heard to shout when a disturbance took place in the stands.

Steve Spencer realized he was sat in the wrong seat and whilst adjusting his position he tried for a head first pitch invasion only failing due to Richard who allowed his back to be used to prevent Steve from gaining access to the pitch.


A blatant foul on Peru went unpunished and an optimistic punt upfield almost saw Robert score following good work from Ruben. A foul by Alvaro on Ruben went unpunished but a similar foul by Poyato was penalized by a yellow card.

At this stage an informed source in the crowd,  Steve (apparently not related to the president or so he says) was heard to comment that a “backhander” had no doubt been given to the ref by Pinatar. Quino was then booked but play continued to go from end to end and this was developing into one of the best games of the season with Mazarron being every bit as good as the visitors despite the league positions.


At this stage Steve successfully made it down to ground level to conduct the raffle and Mazarron should have been awarded two penalties in quick succession, the first for hand ball and the second when following excellent work on the left by Ruben, Robert was hacked down from behind when about to shoot into an empty net, a blatant penalty and sending off but again we got nothing from the “lemon curd”.

Following a foul on Juan by Jorge a yellow card was branded at first seemingly towards Juan but this couldn´t have been so because he was booked some 10 minutes earlier and would therefore have been sent off.


The first half ended with Mazarron being by far the better team.


HALF TIME Mazarron FC 0 TPFC Pinatar 0


In the first minute of the second half Ruben blazed wide from a good position but needless to say the linesman had his flag raised in any case.


However, Mazarron continued to press and in the 52nd minute, despite being pulled back on several occasions, Ruben burst through the Pinatar defense and  crashed the ball into the back of the net.


Mazarron FC 1 TPFC Pinatar 0


He next managed to lob the goalie but unfortunately lobbed the bar as well and then a good run from Juan Antonio saw him shoot narrowly wide. A good run by Robert then saw a massive goalmouth scramble which ended with a goal line clearance.


During this period Pinatar were continuing to press but sterling work by Poyato and “Sam” along with the rest of the defence kept Pinatar at bay.


It was around this stage that we fans finally got to “Cerdo” and when he mistakenly kicked the wrong ball (the one he kicked was attached to a Mazarron player) he was shown a red card and eventually was persuaded to leave the pitch.


Several more substitutions and bookings took place and despite the referee adding 9 minutes of “Fergie” time we held on for a thoroughly deserved win which should now keep us in this division next season.


FINAL SCORE Mazarron FC 1 TPFC Pinatar 0


If this report bears no resemblance to the match you saw, then where the hell were you?


My man of the match, for a tireless display in midfield was Juan Antonio (15) closely followed by Poyato who was the voted for man of the match


Rumour has it that Bill was so excited at the result that he walked off in completely the wrong direction to where he had left his car. Hope you find it in time for next week Bill.




Peru, Alberto, Borja, Poyatos, Juan, Juan Antonio, Chico (ALfonso), Robert, Mohja, Eloy (Abdelkader) y Jorge Rubén (Diego).



Don (Shakespeare) Busby.

Mazarrón benefit from Robert’s Purple Patch

AD Guadalupe  2, Mazarrón FC  3, 20.03.11

Mazarrón went to Guadalupe with the juvenile goal keeper Ruben in place for the third week due to the continuing injury crisis in that department, and both Diego and Alfonso were suspended. However, Juan and Poyatos did a great job in protecting the keeper and the home side were restricted to mostly long range efforts. Mazarrón did all the damage in the last twenty minutes of the first half, and despite a spirited reply after half time, they held out for a valuable win.

In the opening exchanges, Juan Antonio played some nice balls out to both wings and Poyatos worked like a demon stopping attacks from the home side in their tracks. After 24mins, Jose Ruben delivered a lovely ball down the left wing for Robert who beat defender Queco on the edge of the penalty area before shooting across the goal over keeper Cristian to open the scoring. It was to be a bad afternoon for Queco, who had already sustained an injury to his ear that required several minutes treatment. Five minutes after the goal, Robert was again bearing down on the goal before Queco brought him down from behind in the penalty area. Ruben made no mistake with the spot kick, sending Cristian the wrong way. Robert concluded his own purple patch 8mins before half time. This time it was Chico who played him through and Queco was beaten again before Robert fired along the ground this time, under the advancing Cristian. Mazarrón had been fortunate earlier when Poyatos appeared to foul More half a metre inside the area but the referee awarded a free kick outside. Their luck didn’t hold though, when Juan challenged Barriles on the edge of the area. This time the penalty was given and Barriles himself convert the kick easily.

The second half was a different matter. Pitu came on for More and he played beautifully as Mazarrón went into their collective shells, as they tend to do when they have a lead. However, Juan and Poyatos held firm, mopping up anything through the middle whilst Alberto and Borja played their part on the flanks. Mazarrón were restricted to breakaways with too few players but fortunately Guadalupe were still restricted to long shots, apart from once, when Javi got to a corner from the left, but his glancing header went just wide with Ruben unable to get near the ball. With 8mins of the game left, a corner on the left was played back to full back Ququi. He had played a good attacking role whilst struggling with the speed of Moha in defence, but this time he crashed a shot against the bar from fully 22ms. Ruben then had a shot deflected wide after a good square ball from Eloy, but the pressure was really piling up at the other end. Mazarrón were using every tactic to slow the game down, much to the frustration of the home side, but 5mins into added time, Pelao at last got behind Alberto and his cross was side footed home by Barriles, but it was too late as there was hardly time to restart the game.

This weekend, Mazarrón have a home match against Pinatar, kicking off at 1730 on Sunday.

Mazarrón: Ruben, Alberto, Poyatos, Juan, Borja, Moha, Eloy, Chico, Juan Antonio, Robert, Jose Ruben.

MMoM: Juan,


Mazarrón Disappoint.

Mazarrón FC  0, Ciudad de Cieza  1  12.03.11

Despite the return of Ruben, this game saw Mazarrón morph back into the team they were during their lean spell before Christmas. There was very little flow to the game and what little football was played, was played by the visitors. In mid-field, Poyatos played his heart out, chasing and tackling all over the pitch, but Alfonso had the solitary tactic of belting the ball into the air whenever it came near him and I am struggling to remember one decent pass he made in the entire match.

As seems the norm these days, there were very few chances in the first half and the best of those came to the home side. After 13mins, Robert played a nice ball over the defenders down the middle but Ruben wanted too much time and was muscled out of it by three Cieza players. Then, very shortly afterwards, came Mazarrón’s best chance of the game. Again it was Robert, this time heading on to Ruben, who created the chance. The striker had plenty of time on this occasion, but he shot into the side net from just left of the goal, 8ms out. Cieza seemed clueless, apart from the fact that they knew that the Mazarrón keeper Ruben was very inexperienced. They rarely got into a position to test him however, and apart from one shot from Borja that rattled the bar, every other attempt was from long range that Ruben had no difficulty catching. With 10mins to go, Poyatos and Abdel fought tooth and nail to win the ball in mid-field, before Poyatos played a delightful ball down the right wing to Ruben. He had Robert well placed for a pull back and Eloy rushing in at the far post. He chose the latter but Eloy missed it by a metre and the chance was gone.

The football became more desperate in the second half, and the referring became more extreme. As Mazarrón were pushed further back, Ruben didn’t seem to notice and spent most of his time off side. After 15mins, Juanjo was sent off for barging into the keeper Ruben, but despite the numerical advantage, the home side made few threats. Substitute Jose Da made an almost immediate impact when Abdel made him space on the right but his cross was just too near the goal for any advancing strikers and at the other end, Ruben was still catching all the long shots Cieza attempted. Then with five mins remaining, Alfonso was sent off for his second rash tackled and almost immediately, Juan was deemed to have handled in the area. The Cieza bench appealed loudly just behind the lineman, who flagged for the offence that had gone un-noticed by the well placed referee. Falla stroked it home, just beyond the reach of Ruben. That was it, apart from Diego being shown red in added time for a reckless clash with the keeper.

Mazarrón: Ruben, Alberto, Diego, Juan, Borja, Alfonso, Poyatos (Jose Da), Eloy (Moha), Abdel (Pescao), Robert, Ruben.

MMoM: Poyatos




4th DISTRICT JUMILLA 2 MAZARRON FC 1    5th March2011


In the year since I have been to the stadium La Hoya in Jumilla great changes have taken place. A brand new multi tiered main stand has been built, the old dirt running track surrounding the ground has been re-laid with a red running surface and the grass pitch was good enough to play bowls on. So it was a pity that we played our game on the training pitch at the end of the stadium, but having said that, this is also a brand new facility with an excellent artificial surface, now the uncertainty of what type of playing surface they have in Jumilla is answered. The main ground in natural grass for Jumilla FC and the rest on the plastic.


The travelling Mazarrón supporters easy outnumbered the home fans as we sat back to watch this latest encounter on a sunny although chilly spring day but Mazarrón were hit with two pieces of devastating news even before kick off.

First Jose Ruben had not turned up for training and despite repeated attempts to contact him did not show for the team coach, which Los Amigos supplied this week. The second bit of bad news was that Peru pulled whilst warming up with a strain and with Jose the reserve keep still not fit this left the goal keeping responsibilities to Ruben, the juvenile keeper.


The game almost got off to a dramatic start as from a corner won by Robert, Diego senior, (Diego junior was also playing) came up from defence to direct the ball just wide of the right hand post with the home keeper well beaten. This started a period of 3 Mazarrón corners, all defended well, but with the visitors well on top.

Even in the 20th minute when Jumilla launched their first attack resulting in a corner the ball was cleared to Robert, who would be a constant threat all afternoon, and he was foiled by a last minute tackle at the edge of the box.


On the 29th minute saw the first save by Ruben, diving low to his left to push the ball around the post from a shot from well inside the Mazarrón penalty area, the lad was performing well. This was followed a few minutes later when Juan (Sam) made an unchartistic mistake and Rubens saved at point blank range from the towering Jumilla striker, his reputation growing amongst the travelling fans and also saving his captains blushes.

It was at this time Chico committed one of his trademark and unnecessary shirt pulling fouls and was promptly booked by the ref who was having a good game.


Between the 36th and 42nd minutes Mazarrón had shots from Diego junior, Robert and Alfonso saved by the increasingly uncertain 4th District keeper, who would often go walkabouts indeed at one point reached the half way line. Mazarrón finished the 1st half on top and rather unlucky not to be at least 2 goals ahead.




The second half saw the introduction of Abdel Kader replacing Diego junior who had been operating as a joint striker with Robert.


On 50 minutes Alfonso received the ball on the right from Ruben and seeing the keeper off his line lifted the ball over him and the ball bounced towards the now empty net, as the ball reached the line the home teams left back hacked it clear. Was the ball over the line, where is Sepp Blatter and his goal line technology when you want him.

Moments later Jumilla attacked on the right and from the resultant cross the ball was headed toward an empty net with Rubens in no-mans land but the ball went well cleared the bar, what a miss and Jumilla would pay for it 4 minutes later.


Robert received the ball, which was delivered over the Jumilla defence by Moha, who by his standard was having a very quiet game. Robert beat the offside trap and sweetly slipped the ball under the advancing keeper who turned to see the ball nestle in the corner of the net.


4th District 0 Mazarrón FC 1


At this stage Mazarrón were again totally dominate and when Juan Antonio received a through ball by Abdel a second goal was almost certain but somehow the ball grazed the outside of the post and out for a goal kick.


Following the latest Mazarrón attack and with only a quarter of the game to go you could almost sense that the visitor were going to settle for a single goal win and fell further and further back, allowing Jumilla to press forward and as a result of this change in the games dynamics Jumilla were able to scrape their way back into the game.


A simple ball was played into the Mazarrón penalty area, one which had been bread and butter for the Mazarrón defence all afternoon and it was Juan (Sam) who again out of character made the mistake when his clearance fell to a Jumilla striker instead of it being cleared up field. There was a bit of ping-pong in the area with the ball eventually coming out to the right and where, from the most acute angle, the ball was drilled across the box and found it’s way into the Mazarrón goal to the disbelief of both teams.



4th District 1 Mazarrón FC 1


With 13 minutes remaining Mazarrón fell even further back and rarely now was there a Mazarrón player in the Jumilla half.  At this time Chico had another rush of blood to the head as almost on the halfway line he again chose to try and remove the shirt from a 4th Districts players back when the was no danger what so ever, it was so blatant and straight in front of both officials that there was no choice but to produce a second yellow and Mazarrón were down to 10 men with the visitors on the back foot. Chico received a hostile welcome from the travelling Spanish Mazarrón fans as he made his way to the dressing room with his head down and rightly so.


Jumilla attacks now came in waves with them sensing a winner and from one of these Juan redeemed himself by a magnificent goal line clearance. Robert, who was now playing in defence was replaced by the ever-vibrant Poyatos who single handily tried to take the game to Jumilla but received little in support.


Moha was replaced by Eloy to try and brighten things up but soon the afternoon got worse for the visitors.


With seven minutes to go a fierce drive was parried out by Ruben and the ball went well clear, but to a Jumilla striker, who from at least 25 meters hit the sweetest of drives, although Rubens got his hands to it he could not stop the back of the net from bulging and for the first time Jumilla were ahead.


4th District 2 Mazarrón FC 1


Pesca, the juvenile striker, was brought on replacing Alberto with 5 minutes to go but it was to little, to late with Jumilla seeing the clock out to take 3 unlikely points.


The policy of trying to sit on a lead had undone Mazarrón, but when your main striker shows such contempt and fails to turn up………..




Mazarrón FC


Ruben (GK, juv) Borja, Juan Andrio, Alberto (Pesca juv), Diego, Moha (Eloy) Robert (Poyatos) Diego (juv)(Abdel juv) Chico, Juan Antonio, Alfonso.


Man of the match RUBEN the juvenile goalkeeper.



Mazarrón struggle without Ruben.

Mazarrón FC  1, Muleňo CF  1  27.02.11

Mazarrón welcomed Robert back to the team and Poyatos and Moha back to the bench, but this game was very poor in the absence of top striker Ruben. Muleňo came with a dismal record, having lost their last five matches in contrast to the home side’s run of seven without defeat, but it was difficult to tell most of the time.

The visitors made a good start, when a cross from Fuentes was headed on twice before Chico appeared to put a hand on it, but the referee didn’t give a spot kick, much to the consternation of the Muleňo players. Thereafter there was little to get excited about in the first half, with Mazarrón squandering a number of well-placed free kicks and Muleňo looking like a side that had only scored five goals in nine matches since the turn of the year. However, that all changed as the game went into added time. Fuentes produced a free kick from the left, the type of which Mazarrón could only dream about. It was headed on and to the right by the burly Rivero and Fenez made no mistake from 6ms out.

The home side introduced Moha and Alfonso after the break and they looked immediately energized. Alfonso produced their first shot of substance after just three minutes when a throw to Abdel was passed on to him, but his shot straight at the keeper Checo. 2mins later, Moha made the first of many breaks down the left. He pulled it back to Juan Antonio but his cross was just too difficult for Alfonso to get any force behind his shot, but Mazarrón did win their first corner. Another corner followed and this time, Diego headed on to Alfonso who shot over the bar. Moha was then denied a good penalty shout as he ran into the area with Victor trying to remove his shirt, but again the referee gave nothing. It wasn’t until the last five minutes that Mazarrón finally equalized. Rollon, who had had one or two cameo runs himself, usually losing control at a critical time, twisted and turned his way towards the goal passing four defenders in the process, before he was hacked down by Alex. There was a long delay whilst he was treated for his injury and the Muleňo players used every stalling device possible, but after four minutes, Poyatos confidently struck the ball into the top corner with Checo floundering.

This coming weekend the team makes the trip to Jumilla to play Cuarto Distrito.

Mazarrón: Peru, Alberto, Diego, Juan, Borja, Chico, J Antonio, Eloy (Moha), Rollon, Abdel (Poyatos), Robert (Alfonso).

MMoM: Moha






The setting for this encounter was the excellent Miguel Indurain stadium in Ceuti with a perfect, natural grass playing surface that suited Mazarrón’s free flowing football style, and with fine clear and sunny weather conditions with only a light breeze the travelling Mazarrón supporters, who made up most of the crowd, settled back for an afternoon of football.


Mazarrón started the first half short of one of their most influential players, Alfonso, as he had a puncture travelling to the game and only arrived 5 minutes before kick-off. Agustino the coach, not wanting to chance him before he had properly warmed up, started with the energetic Rollon.


The opening minutes saw both sides feeling out their opponents strengths and weakness and it wasn’t until the 9th minute that a corner taken by Ruben was just clipped over the bar by Eloy, even at this stage the Ceuti “keeper” looked shaky and unsure of himself. A break by Rubens from a through ball by Abdel Kader was deemed to be offside with the Mazarrón striker bearing down on the Ceuti goal, a close decision.


The first meaningful attempt by the home team came in the 27th minute when from a corner on the left the ball was plucked out of the air by Peru who quickly distributed it to Abdel, right sided winger would have the Ceuti left back in his pocket all afternoon. The only way for the defender to stop Mazarrón’s flying outside right was to blatantly pull him down, he was booked but from then on in Abdel had a constant two player shadow for the remainder of the match.


Diego, who had unfortunately scored an own goal last week, was again a tower of strength at the back, and together with Juan Andrio snuffed out nearly all of Ceutis progression towards the Mazarrón goal. On 28 minutes Diego neatly took the ball off the toes of an attacking forward only to see the player roll on the ground as if Mike Tyson had poleaxed him. His dramatics not only gave Ceuti a free kick but there was also a booking for the amazed Diego. When the ball was delivered by the same player who minutes before was dying, it was easily caught by Peru resulting in a great cheer from the travelling fans.


Chico, again on from the start, was having an excellent game and on 42minutes saw Rubens just onside and slipped a beautiful through ball, as Rubens bore down on the goal two defenders were pulling at his shirt but he still got away a lovely chip which just cleared the cross bar. This was followed up moments later when Borja collected the resultant goal kick, beat 2 players and placed the ball onto Rubens toes only for him to see his shot go just wide to the left. Had Rubens left his goal scoring boots at home? That was the last action of the first half with Mazarrón leaving the pitch to thunderous applause.




The Ceuti coach had spoken obviously harsh words at half time as he had his players out on the pitch a good 5 minutes early and he continued his baratement of his team on the field. Ceuti heads went down and the Mazarrón fans looked forward to an exciting second half.


Within 3 minutes of the restart Mazarrón Rubens won a corner on the right, which he clipped into the box.  There was an almighty scramble in the goalmouth with the Ceuti keeper fumbling the ball twice before he hacked it clear, it appeared that for him the ball was not a friend to hold onto and he continued to kick it away for the rest of the game. As the ball was returned from the clearance, Alberto found Rubens in space only to see his shot palmed away for a throw in with the keeper examining if his gloves were still in one piece.


On 55 minutes Alfonso was introduced to the game as Rollon who had deputised well left too louad cheers from the travelling fans.


It wasn’t until the 63rd minute that Ceuti got within shooting range of the Mazarrón goal and that came from a dubious free kick. The free kick flew high and wide and into the side netting with the few Ceuti supporters celebrating a goal until they realised their mistake. A few moments later and from the identical position Ceuti had another free kick which Peru collected with aplomb and seeing Rubens well up field delivered the ball straight to the striker who was unlucky to be barged off the ball just as he was about to pull the trigger.


Ceutis one and only clear cut chance came from a mistake by Alberto who allowed a home team winger to get behind him, with Peru beaten the ball sailed towards the goal only to see the ever reliable Juan clear the ball off the line, a fine clearance by the Mazarrón captain and mid field general.


Abdel on the right wing eventually broke away from his shadows and found Rubens with an inch perfect pass; Rubens took the ball in his stride as the goal beckoned. The only possible outcome was a goal except for a Ceuti defender who blatantly body checking him well inside the penalty box, a clear penalty and the defender had to go? No, not even a free kick or yellow card, unbelievable.


With 10 minutes to go Ruben almost made them pay as he stripped the ball from the previously offending defender turned and blasted the ball goal ward only to see his thunderous volley hit the post and go out of play with the post still shaking.


With 5 minutes left Diego was cynically sliced down by a increasingly frustrated Ceuti attacker, he took the full blow to the side of his knee, this resulted in a lengthy delay as he received treatment, but despite his valiant efforts to continue he was replace by the young brother of Rollon, with Diego spending the remainder of the game laying flat out on the sidelines receiving treatment, a worry for upcoming games. Whilst this was going on another of the unsung heroes of the day, Eloy, left the field to be replaced by Pescao who is another product of the Mazarrón youth team set up, he is a young striker with lots of promise.


The last throw of the dice was a defence splitting ball by Juan to Rubens who was just marginally flagged off side with the keeper shaking and the goal beckoning.




Mazarrón dominated this game for long periods and despite one or two instances never looked in danger of losing it, indeed a single point does not reflect the true reality of this match. The Ceuti team left field with heads down and the trainer still chastising them whilst the Mazarrón team stood to a man and applauded the travelling fans.


The Mazarrón teams moral was later lifted even higher when they were told by Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC that they would be paid by the supporters club prior to the youth game which kicks off at 12 noon Sunday.


Peru, Alberto, Borja, Juan (Sam) Diego, (Rollon jnr) Rollon (snr) (Alfonso) Juan Antonio, Eloy (Pescao) Abdel, Chico, Jose Ruben.



Mazarrón Hold Runaway Leaders.

Mazarrón FC  2, CDA Aguilas  2  13.02.11

This was a meeting between the two top teams in the league on recent form, and it lived up to all expectations. Aguilas came with a spectacular away record, having won all their matches bar one, conceding only one goal in the process. They remain undefeated away, but only by the narrowest of margins.

Ruben was back for the home side after a suspension, and it didn’t take him long to be in the action when he broke through the defensive line, only to be muscled out before he could get a shot away. Aguilas then had a couple of free kicks in dangerous positions, one of which was cleared for a corner and the other went well over, and to be fair, they were well in control at this stage. After 13mins, and against the run of play, Mazarrón took the lead. Chico won the ball on the half way line and, exchanging passes with Eloy and Borja, he reached the edge of the penalty area. His short square cross to Ruben was helped on its way to Alfonso, who blasted a superb strike into the bottom corner of the net, with ex-Mazarrón favourite Soto well beaten. This visibly rattled the visitors and for a while Mazarrón came much more into the game until in the 10mins before halftime the pressure built relentlessly again. Meca was particularly dangerous during this spell from set pieces on either side of the field.

The second half started much as the first had finished with Mazarrón relying on breaks to threaten as Aguilas piled forward. A stream of bookings started as the play got rougher and players from both sides were penalized. Despite all their efforts, Aguilas were unable to break through and Mazarrón came closest to extending their lead. Superb mid-field play by Alfonso and Ruben released Abdel on the right. He was viciously hacked down just outside the area. Ruben’s free kick found Diego on the far side and his header was well saved by Soto. However with 15mins left, Aguilas got their equalizer. A throw on the right was headed on by the giant Carlos Martinez and Javi was on his own 4ms out to drive in. At this stage it looked as if Mazarrón might capitulate, but with 7mins left, they scored again. Juan blocked a cross on the edge of his own area with such force that the ball found Ruben on the half way line. He took the ball to the right, away from two defenders, before cutting back to the centre and as Soto came out of his goal he coolly slid the ball past him into the net. However, in the 4th min of five added mins, Javi attacked the left hand side of the Mazarrón area. His shot come cross was sliced into his own goal by a distraught Diego as he tried to clear the danger on last time.

This weekend, Mazarrón travel to Ceuti.

Mazarrón: Peru, Alberto, Diego, Juan, Borja, Chico, J Antonio, Alfonso, Ruben, Eloy (Rollon), Abdel (Pescao).

MMoM: Juan

Mazarrón Resist Pressure for Draw

UD Los Garres  0, Mazarrón FC  0, 06.02.11

It is a sign of the growing maturity of the Mazarrón team that they were able to achieve this draw, despite being without five first team regulars, including the two most prolific strikers. Without Ruben and Robert, they made very few chances but the stoutness of the defence meant that neither did the opposition, until the last few minutes of the game.

In the opening 20mins, Fran headed a chance for Los Garres well over the bar and Juan had a header saved for Mazarrón, but that was about it. The game then entered a very controversial spell. It started when Abdel was subjected to a blatant block by Cristobal as he was in full flight down the right wing, directly in front of the Mazarrón fans who were furious that no booking ensued. A minute later, Alfonso was booked for little more than a niggling foul, seen to be retribution, on the same player. Eight minutes after that, Alfonso was booked again as he replied to some baiting from the Los Garres coaching staff on the touchline. Fortunately, the assistant referee pointed out that the remarks were not directed at him, and Snra. Martinez Madrona was big enough to change her mind and rescind the booking. The game became increasingly bad tempered until at half time, the officials were subjected to a verbal assault by the Los Garres captain Fran and two club officers, which lasted all the way to the dressing room.

Fran didn’t take to the field for the second half! With tempers now settled, there was little constructive play for the first half hour of the second half, although Juan Antonio did well with a goal line clearance after a home corner was met with a glancing header by Arturo. As pressure from Los Garres increased towards the end, Peru cleared well from an Arturo header and the same player blasted one just over from just outside the penalty area. At the other end, substitute Rollon broke twice, but without support he was unable to create a proper chance. As the match entered added time, Peru tipped a header from Carceles over his bar and then made a superb double save as Los Garres made one final assault.

This weekend Mazarrón entertain runaway leaders Aguilas who are in a rich vein of form. We will need all our big guns back for this one.

Mazarrón: Peru, Alberto, Juan, Diego, Borja, Alfonso, Eloy, Juan Antonio, Diego 2 (Rivera), Pescao (Rollon), Abdel

MMoM: Juan,

Mazarrón in Total Control.

Mazarrón FC  3, Montecasillas FC 1,  30.01.11

Mazarrón made it four consecutive, for the first time since the 2006/7 season, with this resounding victory over Montecasillas. After a good start to the season, the visitors have been in free fall and are now in the bottom three. The score could easily have been 6-3 as chances were spurned at both ends, but Montecasillas didn’t offer any threat until it was too late and they were three goals down.

Mazarrón started the game in fine style, when a free kick on the right was worked over to the other side where Abdel played Robert into a good position. He cut in and shot a fine goal from a tight angle into the far side of the net with Fenol floundering. This was Robert’s debut goal for the club. It could have two just 2mins later, when Ruben ran onto a great ball from Eloy and lobbed the keeper, only to see the ball go just over the bar. Eloy was then fortunate that none of the officials saw his nasty reaction to a fairly tame tackle by Vivanicos. Robert had another chance after only 10mins from a break created by Ruben but he lacked composure when in plenty of room and shot wide. The only chance the visitors had in the first half was an opportunist strike by Rubio that went across the goal and wide of the far post. With 10mins of the half remaining and following a corner, Ruben had the ball in space on the left and with the Montecasillas defence nowhere to be seen, any one of three Mazarrón players could have scored, but Juan headed the cross tamely over the bar.

Early in the second half the home side scored again. Ruben made the break again, passing down the line to Abdel, whose superb cross was headed in by Robert giving Fenol no chance. There was an immediate threat at the other end, when Alberto and Abdel fell over each other, but Javi’s shot was well caught by Peru. As Montecasillas pressed a bit more, Eloy and Ruben twice combined to make great chances for Abdel, but he side footed one wide, and skied the other. There was no mistake though as Robert completed his hat trick. Juan headed out of defence to Chico, who found Ruben on the halfway line. With quick feet he released Robert who ran on to the edge of the area but passing the ball past Fenol into the net. The visitors then through caution to the wind. They won a series of corners, one of which found German on the left. He pulled the ball back to Alejandro, whose shot beat Peru, despite the keeper getting a hand to it. In the dying minutes, German missed two absolute sitters, but overall, Mazarrón were good value for their win.

This weekend, the team plays at Los Garres.

Mazarrón: Peru, Alberto, Alfonso, Juan, Borja, Chico, J Antonio (Rollon), Robert, Ruben (Rivera), Eloy, Abdel.

MMoM: Robert

Mazarrón Make it Three on the Bounce

UD Zarcilla  0, Mazarrón FC  2, 23.01.11

Mazarrón made it three consecutive victories for the first time in nearly two years with this win at Zarcilla in a match they never looked liked losing, but were not able to win until the last 15mins. The dirt pitch made it very difficult to control the ball and the over-pedantic refereeing made sure that the game would never flow properly. This was a shame because there wasn’t a malicious tackle in the whole of the match that saw four players from each side cautioned and Ivan sent off for the home side.

In the early exchanges, Abdul had a shot saved by Bolu after a chance was fashioned by neat work from Ruben and Diego and at the other end, Lolo tried his luck with a long range effort that Peru scooped around the post. Zarcilla must have seen this as a game that they could use to improve their poor record in the league, but despite their pressing, they were restricted to chances from distance, whilst Mazarrón were content to make their chances on the break. After 30mins, Ruben broke through, but his pass was beyond Juan Antonio and a little later he had a shot that was saved by Bolu and scrambled off the line by Sergio. Just before half time, Lolo had a shot over the bar and another was comfortably saved by Peru.

The visitors nearly took a lead straight from the second half kick off. Again it was Ruben’s shot that was saved by the post after good play by Chico and Robert. It was then a whistle punctuated stalemate until there was only 20mins to go. Diego then had a shot saved after a long free kick by Peru found him in space and Mazarrón sparked into life after the introduction of Rollon. After 76mins, he beat 2 defenders just inside the Zarcilla half and then slipped the ball through to Ruben, who had at last got goal-side of his close marker Salum. His shot from just inside the penalty area beat Bolu by his right hand post and Ruben had his seventh goal in only seven matches, a record the any striker would be proud of. It could have been two 2mins later when Rollon dispossessed Tomi, passed to Ruben before taking up a position in space, but Ruben tried to go it alone and lost the ball. In the first minute of added time, as Zarcilla became more desperate, Rollon broke through the remaining 2 defenders and this time he ran on and scored himself.

This result sees Mazarrón out of the bottom three and up to 15th in the table. They also completed a double over Zarcilla. The next game is at home against Montecasillas FC on Sunday at 1630.

Mazarrón: Peru, Alfonso, Juan, Diego, Borja, Poyatos (Chico), Eloy, Juan Antonio, Robert (Rollon), Ruben (Alberto), Abdel

MMoM: Ruben,

Mazarrón Do It Again

UD El Palmar  0, Mazarrón FC  1, 16.01.11

For the first time this season, Mazarrón made it two consecutive wins, and in doing so marked up their first away win. As the younger players gain in confidence, and with Ruben scoring goals for fun, things are looking up as they embark on the second half of the campaign.

There was nearly a sensational debut for Robert, as Moha and Ruben made an opening after only 43 seconds, but he was unable to get behind the ball properly and it went wide. El Palmar had the next chance, probably their best of the game when Raul played a through ball for Miguel, but his shot rattled back off the post. With their poor scoring record, it was a chance they could ill afford to spurn. Ruben should have got on the score-sheet after 16mins as Robert headed on a kick from Peru and found the striker in the clear. However, he wouldn’t take the chance on his left foot, cut inside to get it on his right and this gave 2 defenders time to get back and cover. He was not to be denied after 26mins when Borja found Robert down the left. He pulled back a lofted ball to the diminutive Chico who was able to head over the defenders to Ruben who coolly lobbed the keeper from about 16ms, for his sixth goal in six outings. The home side then did most of the pressing up to half time, but they were restricted mainly to long shots by the ever reliable Juan and his defensive partner Poyatos, who was slotting into the unfamiliar role well.

In the second half, after Abdul made an early chance for Robert, only for the keeper to save at his feet, most of the attacking came from El Palmar. They continued to play the ball gradually from the back, but the Mazarrón defence was able to keep them at bay for most of the time, although Raul had a good chance with a header that he glanced wide, and Miguel headed over from a well taken corner, one of many for the home side. In one rare Mazarrón attack, Ruben, who by now was having to work hard in his own half, and Robert had a great interchange of passes on the right that created a chance for Eloy, but he totally missed his kick. As the home side became more desperate, they resorted increasingly to the unfamiliar route one style, but this was less successful for them and Mazarrón held out to the final whistle for a valuable three points that’s puts them within striking distance of the teams above.

This weekend, the team travels to Zarcilla on Saturday for a 1600hrs kick off, trying to achieve their first double of the season.

Mazarrón: Peru, Alfonso, Juan, Poyatos, Borja,  Chico, Moha (Diego Jnr), Eloy (Rollon), Robert, Ruben (Rivera), Abdel

MMoM: Ruben,

Mazarrón Spring to Life in the Second Half.

Mazarrón FC  3, EMF Cotillas  2,  09.01.11

After three successive defeats, Mazarrón at last got onto the winning trail in a match against the only team below them in the league. Defeat would have left them in a real mess, but victory keeps them in touch with the teams above, and leaves Cotillas six points adrift. It is an old cliché, but this really was a game of two halves.

The quality of football in the first half was absolutely dreadful. It started disastrously for the home side, when, inside 30secs, a long ball from the Cotillas defence was headed poorly into the air by Juan and as Peru came out to try to gather, Paco gently headed it over his head and it trickled into the goal. Mazarrón only came close once, when Ruben headed on a corner to Diego, but the big defender’s header was cleared off the line by the head of Victor. The rest of the half was punctuated by big boots as nobody seemed to want to take any responsibility.

The second half had much more excitement and the quality of play by both sides improved markedly. In the first minute Borja, making his debut at left back, used some fancy footwork to release Moha. He got to the bye-line before crossing, but although both Rivera and Ruben failed to get to it, so did Raul in the Cotillas goal and Eloy had a simple tap in. The Mazarrón players must have had a rocket at half time. Substitute Chico was playing like a man on speed, but it was Juan Antonio who saw red after an ‘assault’ with his elbow on Noguera after 52mins. Mazarrón continued to make the running though. Ruben bent a free kick just over the far post and then Rivera got his head to the next, only to see the ball rebound from the woodwork to Eloy, who shot over the bar. Ruben and Moha combined brilliantly for Mazarrón’s second after 62mins. Ruben played a delightful ball to Moha, who beat two defenders before crossing for Ruben to head in. Cotillas came straight back, Anonio rattling the bar from outside the penalty area before Ruben had another good chance 12mins later, but when through behind the defence, he shot wide from 20ms. The visitors leveled with 15mins left. Diego headed a corner out to Antonio and his header was tapped in by Victor, right on the line. The goal stood despite appeals for off side. Level terms only existed briefly however, when Rivera dived to meet a cross from Borja to head in. During a frantic last few minutes, Cotillas were shooting from all over, but largely inaccurately, and Mazarrón came close twice on the break, but the 10 men were good value for their win.

The match this weekend is away at El Palmar.

Mazarrón: Peru, Alfonso, Diego, Juan, Borja, Poyatos (Chico), J Antonio, Diego 2 (Rivera), Ruben (Rollon), Eloy, Moha.

MMoM: Moha





The very first comments on this game must be about the state of the playing surface at Minera, which was no more than a soggy mess. There was what can only be described as a “mud wallow” directly in front of the loyal Mazarrón travelling fans in which we expected a pair of hippos to appear any second.

Due to a number of factors Mazarrón had to completely reshuffle the pack incorporating no less than 4 juvenile players in the starting 11 with a further 2 on the bench. As big Diego was missing through suspension Boudia took over the role as centre half with Abdul going to right back, therefore two forward players formed half of our defence.


Within a minute high flying Minera were on the attack with a shot just going wide of Peru’s goal with the keeper beaten, but it didn’t take long for the home side to take the lead.

In the 6th minute a suicidal back pass by Boudia was cut out by a Minera forward and although initially saved the rebound was knocked in. 1 – 0

There was an immediate response by Mazarrón when Abdul and Rubens combined to create a chance, which was just cleared by the Minera keeper. He punted the ball upfield to where what should have been a simple clearance by Solano, but the ball screwed off his boot and fell at the feet of one of the 4 strikers Minera deployed all afternoon who simply slotted the ball home. 2 - 0


Back came Mazarrón in the 11th minute when Abdul almost caught the keeper off his line who had to scrambled back to clear the danger. Two minutes later the Minera strikers rattled Mazarrón’s crossbar with the rebound going well wide. A dangerous free kick a few moments later was well saved low to his left by Peru.

Mazarrón were playing Ruben as a lone striker and his game was to sit on the front of the opponents defence and break, you could see that this caused Minera problems as they put 3 defenders on him at all times but he was unlucky to be flagged offside on 21 minutes when clean through. This was repeated when Abdul was clear on goal but again the flag went up.

On the half hour Minera struck again, the ineffective Boudia lost the ball in the box and a Minera player was pulled to the ground. Penalty. Up came the Minera keeper who coolly dispatched the spot kick. 3 - 0

Diego (juvenile) was then a victim of the Minera offside trap when clean through on goal. The remainder of the half was uneventful except for the replacement of Boudia who had a disastrous game, by Eloy


HALF TIME Minera 3 Mazarrón 0

n the second half Minera introduced a player who can only be described as a Steve Bruce look alike, a man mountain both in height and width and was quickly named El Gordo by the travelling fans. But he slotted into the mid field, breaking up any Mazarrón attack and distributing balls to his forwards without much running around, and what a shot he had on him. Moha was then replaced by the young brother of Rollon and was dubbed Rollon junior.

On 55 minutes a through ball was met by a Minera player standing well offside, the Mazarrón defence froze awaiting the flag which didn’t appear resulting in a well taken goal. 4 - 0


Julian was then moved more forward and was gifted a fabulous chance with a through ball by Abdul. On his own with only the keeper to beat he blasted the ball, which was somehow saved, the story of the afternoon. This was his last action of the day as he was soon replaced by Rollon senior who made an immediate impact on the game steadying the Mazarrón defence.

Mazarrón were handed a lifeline soon after when Diego burst into the box only to be cynically pulled down. Ruben stepped up to put away the penalty. 4 – 1

As the clock reached 72 minutes El Gordo again came into play. From his though ball Peru pulled off a remarkable triple save the third shot coming from El Gordo himself which was so hard it hit Peru in the chest and pole axed him for some time, as he laid on the ground concern grew but he later recovered but I bet his chest hurt the next day.

The hand or should I say the head of El Gordo then came into action as from a Minera corner he leapt like a salmon above the Mazarrón defence and nearly burst the net with his excellent header. 5- 1.

There was still time for Mazarrón to response with Eloy receiving a quick ball from Ruben; he danced around the keeper to slot the ball home. 5 – 2


The game stuttered to the final whistle and to a fair result of Minera 5 Mazarrón FC 2


The officials at the game were excellent less for a couple of doggy offside decisions and only a few cards were brandished. Pity about the state of the pitch. The game was played on a warm and sunny afternoon.


As a footnote Minera might have won the game but Steve Hardy of the travelling fans won the “Jamon” which he has now donated as next weeks home game raffle prize, thanks Steve.


Peru, Porto (juv), Salano, Juan Andréa, Diego (juv), Julian (Rollon senior), Jose Ruben, Abdul Kader (juv) Juan Antonio, Moha (Rollon junior), Boudia (Eloy)

Mazarrón Struggle Again

Mazarrón FC  0, FB Yecla  2,  19.12.10

The festivities involving the free sausage rolls, mince pies and cider provided by Los Amigos were soon forgotten as Mazarrón again showed that without the newcomer Ruben, suspended for this match, they have very little firepower to convert some of their reasonable approach work.

Yecla showed their intent immediately from the start as German created a chance for Jose Angel which Peru was able to smoother at the far post before sixty seconds of the game had elapsed. The young full back for Mazarrón, Portu, then injured himself in a lunging tackle on the elusive Jose Angel which resulted in him being substituted, but not until the visitors had taken the lead. Again, it was the strike pair of German and Jose Angel that did the damage. Jose came under pressure from Diego 30ms out from goal and unloaded to German. He then left the defender in his wake to receive the return and fire in from the edge of the penalty area. Peru should have done better. With Portu off the field, Moha went to the right wing and Alfonso took over the full back role. Mazarrón threatened after 20mins when Poyatos slipped the ball out to Moha, who easily beat his marker for the first of many times during the match, only to shoot into the side netting when cutting into the area. German was in action again shortly afterwards, dispossessing Diego, only to shoot over the bar. Mazarrón were to have their best chance of the match within a minute. A clearance from defence found Rivera, who steered the ball out to Moha. He made ground again before his low cross to the far post was intercepted for a corner, just as Abdel looked to be ready to put it into the goal. Mazarrón next won a free kick on the left, that was comfortably cleared by the Yecla defence, but it was returned immediately to Abdel on the left. Rivera and Juan then created an opening for Poyatos who made 5ms across the edge of the area before seeing his curling shot just go wide of the far post.

Boudia replaced Rivera at half time and despite he and Abdel immediately striking up a good working relationship, they failed to make a clear cut chance, apart from one shot by Abdel that hit the keeper. He collected the rebound himself but his next shot from a tight angle was blocked by Molina. Poyatos had a shot that flattened his opposite number, but generally speaking chances were few and far between. The difference between the two sides was then highlighted. Agus was going nowhere on the right before slipping the ball forward to Bruno. His low cross was met by substitute Alberto and unlike Abdel in the first half, he slid the ball into the net beyond Peru. With a quarter of an hour remaining, Mazarrón heads dropped and it was effectively game over.

Mazarrón’s next game, on January 2nd, is away at second placed Minera. Oh dear!

Mazarrón: Peru, J Antonio, Portu (Moha), Diego, Juan, Poyatos (Chico), Solano, Julian (Diego 2), Alfonso, Abdel, Rivera (Boudia)

MMoM: Poyatos

Mazarrón put up Poor Show

CD Bullense  2, Mazarrón FC  1, 12.12.10

As football matches go, they don’t get a lot worse than this one, between two poor sides. Neither side showed any guile and the level of incompetence was only bettered by that of the officials, who at times didn’t seem to know what was going on.

During the first half, it took a long time before either side found any rhythm and for the first half hour it was a matter of Bullense applying pressure that was easily dealt with by the huge boot technique adopted by the Mazarrón defenders. During this period, Mazarrón only made one serious chance. A corner by Poyatos was headed narrowly wide by Diego after 8mins, whilst at the other end, Bullense were unable to take advantage of some of their reasonable approach play as their profligate strikers seemed content with any shot that came within 10ms of the Mazarrón goal, and there were not many of those. At least two shots went out for a throw in! After 38mins Mazarrón at last played something on the ground. Poyatos showed good ball skills, fending off three defenders before slipping the ball to Julian. He found space to play in Abdel, just inside the area, who was savagely brought down after having made 3ms. Julian converted the spot kick, sending Pedro the wrong way. Amazingly there was no booking. As the game went into added time, a long ball from Palancares was caught by Jose, 5ms wide of the visitors’ goal, just as Javi jumped into him. As Jose collapsed in a heap, the ball ran free and Javi kicked it into the open net. There was barely time for the restart after all the arguing went in vain and Jose took no further part.

During the second half Bullense were even more on top, although one free kick from Ruben on the left had Pedro scrambling to punch clear. After 67mins, a Bullense free kick was headed clear of the goal area, only for the ball to be chipped back to Maylan in a very advanced and probably off side position. He actually got his shot on target giving substitute Peru no chance. 5mins later, the game was closed out for Mazarrón as Ruben was sent off for a second yellow. Juan was booked at first, before the Bullense players pointed out the mistaken identity, and even then the referee had to check with his assistant because he didn’t seem to realize that he had booked him already. With 7mins to go, Abdel’s shot from wide got a slight deflection from Alfonso, but Pedro saved.

The match this week is at home to FB Yecla, with free sausage rolls, minced pies and cider provided by Los Amigos.

Mazarrón: Jose (Peru), Juan Antonio, Juan, Diego,  Portu, Poyatos (Chico), Julian (Boudia), Solano, Alfonso, Ruben, Abdel

MMoM: Juan,

Mazarrón Look More Like it

Mazarrón FC  2, CD Lumbreras  0,  05.12.10

At last, Mazarrón have got themselves a striker who knows where the goal is, and after only two starts, Jose Ruben is now top scorer with 3 goals! Also helping, was the fact that Mazarrón were on the right end of some harsh refereeing.

During the first 25mins, the ball hardly seemed to touch the ground. The visitors were making little effort to actually bring the ball under control and were resorting to big boots or big headers whenever d