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Archive Reports 2009/10 - Tercera Division


The fixtures and results (with Mazarrón score always first) for the season were:

1 30/08 Santomera 1-1 20 10/01 Mazarrón 1-3
2 06/09 Mazarrón 2-3 21 17/01 Fortuna 0-1
3 13/09 Puente Tocinos 0-1 22 24/01 Mazarrón 2-2
4 20/09 Mazarrón 2-2 23 31/01 Plus Ultra 0-3*
5 23/09 Beniel 1-2 24 07/02 Mazarrón 0-1
6 27/09 Mazarrón 1-0 25 14/02 At. Pulpileño 1-4
7 04/10 Jumilla 1-2 26 21/02 Mazarrón 1-3
8 11/10 Mazarrón 0-2 27 28/02 Pinatar 0-1
9 18/10 Mazarrón 1-1 28 07/03 Lumbreras 4-0
10 25/10 Yeclano 2-2 29 14/03 Mazarrón 0-2
11 01/11 FB Abaran 3-1 30 21/03 Mazarrón 0-1
12 08/11 Calasparra 0-0 31 28/03 Mazarrón 1-3
13 15/11 Cartagena FC 1-4 32 04/04 Mazarrón 0-3**
14 22/11 Costa Calida 4-2 33 11/04 Mazarrón 0-3***
15 29/11 Mazarrón 0-1 34 14/04 Lorca 0-5
16 13/12 Cartagena B 0-1 35 18/04 Mazarrón 0-1
17 17/12 Cuarto Distrito 4-1 36 25/04 Mazarrón 2-1
18 20/12 Bala Azul 2-2 37 02/05 Mazarrón 1-0
19 03/01 Mazarrón 0-1 38 09/05 Cieza 0-3
*Result adjusted from 3-2 because Mazarrón fielded an ineligible player
** Result adjusted from a 3-0 Mazarrón win, due to Mazarrón fielding a suspended player
*** Match abandoned in added time and result amended from 1-2 to 0-3

Goal scorers:  Alcón 11, Fernando 8,  Dani 5, Boudia 4, Alberto 3,  Cuenca 3, Julian 2, Juan 2, Manolo 2, Julio 1, Puti 1,  Toli 1, 

Copa Federación: Alcón 1

Player Appearances

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Gines *   * * * (*)     * * * ** *   *       *
Cuenca * * * *   ** * *   * * * * * ** ** * * *
Carrillo * * * * * * * * * * *   * * * * * *  
Toli *   * * ** * * *         ** * * *      
Manolo * *   * * * (*) * * * * * *   *   * *  
Julio Cesar ** * * * * * *   * * * *   * * * * *  
Puti * * *         * * * * * * * *   * (*)  
Dani (*) (*) * * * * * * * ** * * * ** * * * *  
Ruben * * (*) (*) (*)   (*) * (*) * (*) * * * * * * *  
Sergio * ** * * * * ** * * (*) ** (*)              
Poyatos       (*)   (*)   (*)           (*)         *
Julian   (*) (*)   (*)     (*) * * * (*)       (*) * * *
Boudir                 (*) (*)                  
Juan   * *   *   *   *     *   (*)         *
Fernando * * (*) ** * * *       * (*) (*) * * * ** * **
Raul   *       * * **           *   * * * *
Alcon * * ** * * * * * ** * (*) * * * (*) * * * *
Mounir (*)         (*) (*) (*) * * (*) * * (*) (*) * (*) **  
Alberto   (*) * * * * * * (*) (*) * * * * * * (*) (*) *
Abdell                         (*)            
Dito                         (*)           *
Pato                                     *


  20 21 22 21 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
Gines   * * * * ** * * * * ** *         (*)   *
Cuenca ** * *   * * * ** * * *   * * *     * *
Carrillo * * *     * *       *   * *   * * * *
Manolo * ** * ** *   * * * * * * *   * *   * *
Julio Cesar *       * *   *       ** * * * * * * *
Dani *                                    
Ruben       * * *   * * * * *   * * * * *  
Poyatos     * *         (*) (*) *       (*)   * (*) *
Julian * * * * * * *       * *       * (*) *  
Boudia   (*) * * * * * * *     * * * * * *    
Juan * * *     * * * * **   * * * * * * * *
Fernando * *   * * * ** * ** *   * ** * * * *    
Raul * * * * (*)       * * *   * ** * * * * *
Alcon   * ** * *   * * * * * *   *   * * *  
Mounir   * *   ** * * *   * * * * * *   * ** *
Alberto *                                    
Abdell                 (*) * (*) (*) (*) (*)          
Dito   (*)   *       (*) *           (*)   (*) (*) (*)
Pato *                                    
Chema (*)                                    
Rojas   * (*)                                
Andres       * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Delfin                   (*)     (*)           (*)
Dani                     (*) (*) (*)     (*)   (*) *
Andres (II)                         * (*) *        

Final League Table

        Home Games     Away Games     Overall      
  Team Gms W D L GF GA W D L GF GA W D L Sc G Diff. Pts.
1 Jumilla 38 14 2 3 45 12 13 3 3 39 14 27 5 6 84 58 86
2 Lorca 38 15 2 2 57 18 11 4 4 39 17 26 6 6 96 61 84
3 Yeclano 38 13 3 3 50 17 13 3 3 43 21 26 6 6 93 55 84
4 Costa Calida 38 15 3 2 53 16 11 2 5 29 22 26 5 7 82 44 83
5 Cartagena B 38 16 2 2 54 17 9 4 5 31 22 25 6 7 85 46 81
6 Cieza 38 13 3 3 44 13 11 5 3 37 20 24 8 6 81 48 80
7 Pinatar 38 12 4 3 36 10 12 4 3 31 18 24 8 6 67 39 80
8 At. Pulpileño 38 11 3 4 36 20 4 4 12 25 35 15 7 16 61 6 52
9 Plus Ultra 38 8 4 7 29 26 6 6 7 30 32 14 10 14 59 1 52
10 Santomera 38 6 8 5 27 25 6 5 8 23 22 12 13 13 50 3 49
11 Puente Tocinos 38 10 4 5 31 21 4 2 13 17 36 14 6 18 48 -9 48
12 Fortuna 38 6 6 7 24 31 7 2 10 26 42 13 8 17 50 -23 47
13 Beniel 38 8 4 7 35 27 4 2 13 19 44 12 6 20 54 -17 42
14 Cartagena FC 38 6 5 8 38 26 5 5 9 21 29 11 10 17 59 4 43
15 Calasparra 38 6 3 10 21 32 3 6 10 23 37 9 9 20 44 -25 36
16 FB Abaran 38 5 5 9 17 32 3 2 14 9 49 8 7 23 26 -55 31
17 Bala Azul 38 6 4 9 33 32 1 5 13 14 44 7 9 22 47 -29 30
18 Mazarrón CF 38 3 3 12 14 33 4 4 11 26 34 7 7 23 40 -27 28
19 Lumbreras 38 4 2 13 20 49 1 1 17 7 78 5 3 30 27 -100 18
20 Cuarto Distrito 38 3 2 16 18 44 0 3 16 13 67 3 5 32 31 -80 14
These teams go to the Play-offs for promotion These Teams are Relegated


Weekly Position in League

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
9 M                                                                          
13   M                                                                        
15                     M           M M                                        
16           M           M   M M       M M M M M                              
17     M       M           M     M               M M M   M M              


18       M M     M M M                                 M     M M M M M M M  




    Upward Move    
    Downward Move  
    No Change    



Mazarrón Relegated!

Cieza  3, Mazarrón CF  0, 09.05.10

What a difference two seasons and an economic meltdown can make. Two years ago, Mazarrón were playing at the likes of Cartagena and Granada, but then their sponsor went into liquidation and everything went wrong from there. Whilst Cartagena has a great chance of gaining promotion to La Liga, Mazarrón are relegated to the fifth tier of Spanish football, called the Preferente.

The maths was simple. If local rivals Bala Azul from Puerto were to win their match against relegated Lumbreras, Mazarrón had to win to stay above them. In the event, things were settled very soon. Bala Azul kicked off 5mins early and within a minute, they were a goal to the good, scoring from 5 metres inside their own half, whilst at Cieza, Mazarrón conceded a somewhat dubious goal when Josevi appeared to be offside after only 6mins of play. 10mins later the situation was beyond rectification when Alex beat a hesitant Gines to a back pass and calmly slotted home.

Mazarrón made a decent fist of things in the second half, especially as all the recognized strikers were either suspended or injured, but with 8mins left, Josevi scored his second to make it 3-0 and the fate of Mazarrón was sealed by the 2-0 win for Bala Azul, Lumbreras failing to make one decent chance throughout the whole game.

There is still an outside possibility that things could change. The club is still awaiting the result of an appeal over a reversal of the 3-0 defeat of Cartagena in April, when Mazarrón fielded Mounir, after being told by the Federation that it was alright to do so, when in fact, he should have been suspended. It would take very brave officials to give the club back the 3 deducted points though, this late in the day, so it looks like football in the Preferente next season.

Mazarrón: Ginés, Cuanca, Carrillo, Mounir, Manolo, Julio César, Andés, Poyatos (Delfín), (Dito), Dani, Raúl y Juan.


Mazarrón Still Fighting.

Mazarrón CF  1, CD Bala Azul  0, 02.05.10.

One of the oldest clichés in football is to say that it is a game of two halves, but if ever a match proved it, this one did. The first half was dreadful. Neither team played with much conviction or finesse. Bala Azul were content to spoil everything in order to hold onto the point that would effectively have seen them safe, and Mazarrón lacked the guile to break them down.

There were only two points of note in the entire first half. After 30mins, Ruben played a nice ball out to Cuenca on the right, and his ‘cross’ rebounded into the penalty area off the cross bar, but Julian couldn’t react quickly enough to convert a difficult chance. Three minutes later, Ruben took a free kick on the left side. As the ball bounced tantalizingly around the penalty spot, Alcon turned and went down. There was nobody else involved and it became clear immediately that he had a serious injury that necessitated the calling of an ambulance after his knee had been strapped.

Mazarrón were transformed in the second half. I have been a big critic of Mounir this season, but in the remaining 45mins he played his heart out, with tremendous effort and no little skill. After 50mins, he made a dazzling run down the right but his pull back for sub Dani was put out for a corner. Then Cuenca, seeing Diego off his line tried one from inside his own half, that was only just over the bar having taken one bounce. Carrillo then just cleared the bar from way out on the left and Dani shot over from 16ms after clever play by Ruben. After 63mins a Ruben free kick was cleared to Mounir who lashed the ball first time, just 2ms wide from outside the area. The first real Bala attack of the second half was then cleared by Manolo to Ruben and the best flowing move of the game, involving Dani, Ruben and Mounir, resulted in Ruben’s shot being well saved by Diego. The home side had a fright with 15mins left. Raul’s kick from hands was headed straight back by Uri. With Raul still way off his line, a scissor kick by Zurdo was goal bound when Juan saved the day. As time was running out, a cross from Mounir looked to be finding Dani before Borsa popped up to head clear and then, with 4mins left, Mazarrón got the breakthrough. A long clearance from defence was left by both Julian and Dani in off side positions but Ruben galloped down the left before crossing for central defender Manolo to bundled in.

With one game left, Mazarrón still have it all to do as they travel to Cieza and Bala Azul host relegated Lumbreras this coming weekend.

Mazarrón: Raul, Cuenca, Juan, Manolo, Carrillo, Julio, Ruben, Mounir, Julian (Dito),  Andres (Poyatos),  Alcon (Dani)

MMoM: Mounir

Indiscipline Causes Mazarrón More Problems.

Mazarrón CF  2, Cuarto Distrito Jumilla  1, 25.04.10.

Mazarrón entertained Cuarto Distrito from Jumilla at the excellent facility at El Pareton, because the Mazarrón ground had been closed for the fictitious crowd invasion that the referee of the day alleged had  taken place against Costa Calida two weeks earlier. A win was essential, but despite having dominated for most of the match, the result was in doubt right to the end due to the now endemic indiscipline within the Mazarrón ranks.

The home side could have had the result sealed within the first few minutes, but of course they didn’t. CD Jumilla kicked off and were immediately in trouble as Ruben harried the defence to win the ball 40ms out, before beating three defenders and then shooting wide of the gaping net. 8mins later Fernando was caught in two minds with only the keeper to beat, or with Boudia unmarked square of him. The ball went between the two.  CD had a chance then, as Fernando and Mounir got in a muddle and Javi stepped in, but he shot 2ms wide from the edge of the area. Ruben had another chance after 23mins, but as he bravely went for a fifty fifty ball with the keeper, both were hurt as the ball looped over the bar. With 10mins to go before half time, Mazarrón got the goal they had been threatening. A CD corner was headed clear by Boudia and Fernando picked it up in mid-field. He fed Alcon, whose first shot rebounded off the keeper but he squeezed his second in with a little help from defender Sebas. 3mins later, it was back to all square. Carlos beat Mounir twice on the left before cutting inside and shooting past Raul from 16ms. Raul hurt his shoulder and was subbed at half time. Carlos was unlucky in added time, when his free kick rattled the post and was cleared by Juan.

Mazarrón increased their lead a few minutes after the restart. Alcon returned the earlier service to Fernando, with a delightful ball inside the full back. Fernando never broke his stride as he shot past Javi from an angle. It was all the home side now and Alcon had a shot saved during his own purple patch. With 20mins left, Fernando was sent off. He was penalized for a foul but rather than just take the sanction, he mouthed off at the excellent lady referee and was booked again. The same old story. CD then applied some pressure of their own, sensing the possibility of at least a point, but were hard done to when Pedro Luis was booked for a second time and he was off as well with six minutes remaining. With three minutes left, Alcon was called off side and in his frustration nearly kicked the ball out of the ground and he was booked as well. Then, 2mins into added time, there was the dreadful sight of Boudia and Cepi involved in violent fisticuffs off the ball and both saw red as the game finished with nine players on each side. In past matches, such events have been put down to a referee losing his head, but this time the lady was fully justified in the decisions she took, with the possible exception of Pedro Luis’ sending off.

This result leaves Mazarrón 2 points behind the next visitors Bala Azul, with just 2 matches to go. Whether they will be able to play any sort of strike force in this match remains to be seen.

Mazarrón: Raul (Gines), Mounir (Julian), Juan,  Poyatos (Dito) Carrillo, Julio, Ruben, Andres,  Alcon,  Fernando, Boudia

MMoM: Alcon


Déjà vu, All Over Again!

Mazarrón CF  0, Cartagena B  1, 18.04.10.

With only three games left, it looks extremely unlikely that Mazarrón will be able to retain their place in the Tercera League, although there is a glimmer of hope in that the bottom team and also the team directly above them, albeit with a five point advantage, both have to come to play at the Estadio Municipal. This game followed the pattern of so many others, with the home team clinging on for a point only to be denied in the very last minute.

To be fair, the team from La Union was clearly superior on the day, playing some of the best flowing football that we have seen in Mazarrón all season. The game was also very well officiated by Snr. Martinez Martinez, and it is not very often I have been able to say that. The first half saw some lively exchanges, and Mazarrón had some chances, although the visitors had the lion’s share. After 15mins, Fernando came close to creating something for Ruben, turning both Samuel and Toto inside out twice, before Sena pounced on his square ball to clear. From the keeper’s long ball out, Sanchez was able to cross for Rodrigues, but his header was just over the corner of the post and bar. Nico then broke down the left but Rodrigues was wide with his shot when in a great position. With 10mins to go before halftime, Fernando nearly broke the deadlock again. As he cut in from the right and his powerful shot was blocked by Sena and rebounded to Boudia who was unable to control it. However, Fernando pounced again, but again his shot was blocked, this time by Vidari in front of his keeper. 2mins later, a Fernando free kick found Julian on the left. He was able to square for Ruben to shoot, but Sena made the save.

Mazarrón had two early chances in the second half, but Alcon and Julian both shot wide, before Cartagena took control. As the game wore on, they had the opportunity to bring on three more than adequate substitutes whereas Mazarrón only had young lads, and in the last fifteen minutes the difference was easy to see. As the game entered the very last minute, Carrillo managed to get across as Sanchez and Nico broke down the right, and his clearance went for a throw in. With nobody near him and wide of the goal, Manolo was adjudged to have handled the ball from the throw and he was sent off. Vidari converted the kick, sending Raul the wrong way, and that was it again.

Bottom placed Cuarto Distrito are the visitors this coming weekend.

Mazarrón: Raul, Andres,  Juan, Manolo, Carrillo, Julio, Ruben, Alcon, Julian, Fernando, Boudia (Dani),.

MMoM: Fernando


Match Abandoned in Chaos!

Mazarrón CF  1, Costa Calida  2, 10.04.10. Abandoned in added time

Mazarrón had to reshuffled their back line again for this match with Manolo calling in ill, and Mounir was moved to right back and Cuenca took a position in the centre of the defence. The early exchanges gave no indication of the chaos that was to occur later on.

The visitors had the first real chance and Joaquim should have done better with a free header from Alberto’s well placed corner but he failed to get enough on the ball. 2mins later Ruben had the ball in the Costa Calida net, but he had been clearly off side when Julio threaded his pass between two defenders.  There was little else of note until Manu’s looping shot was punched clear by Raul from under his bar after 28mins, then 10mins later Mazarrón took the lead. Fernando took a free kick on the right and Cuenca failed to make sound contact with his head. However, the ball fell kindly for Boudia, whose left foot effort gave Cabaco no chance from 8ms. Just before half time, Alberto could have equalized, but Raul made a tremendous save from his 20ms free kick just left of centre of the goal.

In the second half, it was the visitors who had the majority of the pressure. Early on, Joaquim had a shot blocked and Alberto shot over when well placed, before Manu shot wide of Raul and goal after 56mins. After 59mins, Boudia again had the ball in the net but again Julio’s threaded ball was a little too late and Boudia was off side. After 63mins the replacement of Alberto with Felix had a profound effect on the game. Within a couple of minutes, a superb piece of play by Tequio and Manu gave Felix a shooting opportunity and Raul had to be a full stretch to palm it around his left post. Then things started to go wrong. First it was Costa Calida.  Dani made a surging run into the penalty area but having pushed the ball too far, he dived and was sent off for a second yellow card. The numerical advantage only lasted 3mins though, before Alcon joined him. At first he seemed to have got away with his second yellow for a niggling foul, until the referee’s assistant pointed out that it was his second yellow and off he went. After 78mins, the visitors had the goal that their pressure deserved. A long ball from the right found Felix on his own as Mounir had gone walkabout, and he had all the time he needed to fire past Raul. With 2mins remaining, Fernando played Carrillo in on the left, but with Ruben and Abdel closing in on goal, and Fernando further back, Carrillo’s across went between them. Cuenca was then injured in an incident and in the resulting melee, Mazarrón had Mounir, Carrillo and Julio booked, Carrillo for the second time, and Costa Calida had Felix booked. When play eventually got started again, Cuenca was not allowed back onto the pitch, so with only eight men, Mazarrón were unable to stop Felix picking up a loose ball and Raul could do nothing about his shot. The Mazarrón players then refused to return to the centre for the restart and with their trainer haranguing the referee, he abandoned the game. The disgraceful sight of the Mazarrón trainer having to be restrained by Guardia Civil as the referee tried to leave the field was something that should never be seen on a football field.

It remains to be seen what will happen over these incidents, and Mazarrón are still appealing to the Murcia Federation over the loss of the points for the previous win, but things are looking bad at the moment, with a mid week match at Lorca and then a match at home against Cartagen B coming up.

Mazarrón: Raul, Mounir, Cuenca, Juan, Carrillo, Julio, Andres (Andres II),  Ruben, Alcon, Fernando, Boudia (Abdel),.

MMoM: Raul


Mazarrón Secure Great Win.

Mazarrón CF  3, FC Cartagena  0, 04.04.10.

For the first time in several weeks, Mazarrón were able to field a back four consisting entirely of proper defenders, and what a difference it made to the performance. It seemed to give the whole team a new confidence and Mounir in particular benefitted from being relieved of the defending duties that he has looked less than comfortable in.

The first 20mins of the game were unremarkable, with Mazarrón trying to make progress playing along the ground and Cartagena relying on the ariel route with the occasional long range attempted lob, but the game burst into life with a piece of individual skill from Fernando. He was relishing a role in a more central position and he skipped around Blaya on the edge of the area before getting a lucky rebound off the legs of Chiqui. He took full advantage of this good fortune, stroking the ball between the keeper and the near post. Cartagena tried to respond, but each time they tried to attack they seemed to be caught off side by the well organized defensive line. With 10mins of the half remaining, Mounir collected a ball on the right, just inside his own half. He made a 25m diagonal run before playing the first of two one-twos with Carrillo on the left. The second time he teed up the ball for Carrillo’s cross to Boudia in the centre. Jorge failed to hold his powerful header and Boudia pounced to drive home the rebound. The home side really had their tails up now and just before half time they made it three. Fernando took a free kick on the left. With all the defenders backing off waiting for a high cross, Fernando played it low in front of them to Cuenca who was running onto the space. He played one touch unchallenged before shooting past Jorge with ease.

After the first half fiesta, the second was rather anti-climatic. There were far fewer chances, and those that were created were squandered. The visitors had a good one when Carlos crossed from the right but substitute Alex headed over when well placed on his own, but as the game went on, Mazarrón took control again. After 70mins, Carrillo and Fernando took the defence apart on the left before the former’s cross found Mounir in the area in acres of space. Instead of firing off a shot, he chose to cross back for Boudia, but his header from a tight angle was saved and Dani shot the rebound over. Mounir had another chance near the end but his well placed shot had no power and was easily saved.

The crowd was treated to an hilarious 3mins of added time, when both Jorge and Dani Ros were booked for wasting time when the visitors had two free kicks. Could this be the kick start that Mazarrón need to escape the relegation zone? This weekend they are at home to Costa Calida.

Mazarrón: Raul, Cuenca, Juan, Manolo, Carrillo, Julio, Mounir, Andres (Dani),  Andres (II) (Delfin), Fernando, Boudia (Abdel),.

MMoM: Fernando

Mazarrón Pressure Not Enough.

Mazarrón CF  1, CF Calasparra  3, 28.03.10.

 This was the second of two ‘must win’ games for Mazarrón and they failed to reach the target again. However, this was a much better display, despite the score-line, and the game itself was very  entertaining. It was helped greatly by a referee who did not allow himself to be conned and allowed the play to flow with far fewer interruptions than is usual.

The home side was chasing the game from very early on. After 5mins, Calasparra were awarded a free kick from near the left hand touch line. Viti Gomez, who was a favourite at Mazarrón last season, delivered a superb ball that had Gines in two minds and Arturo rose to head the ball in. 10mins later, another foul by Mounir led to another free kick and this time Viti’s ball to the near post was deflected past the keeper by the head of Lozano. With nothing to lose now, Mazarrón pressed forward. Alcon scuffed his shot after Julian and Ruben had combined well to create the chance and then Alcon made a surging run from halfway before being brought down 25ms out, but Ruben’s free kick was poor. Boudia came close then, powering a header just over the bar from a Fernando corner, before the deficit was reduced after 28mins. Another  Fernando corner found Alcon just inside the penalty area, but before he could shoot he was unceremoniously pulled over and a penalty was given. Alcon’s shot hit the left hand post and rebounded across the goal. Fernando was first to react but his shot from beyond the other post seemed to be blocked before Boudia scrambled the ball over the line. Mazarrón surged forward and as the Calasparra defence creaked under the pressure, desperate clearances were being pumped all over the place but they held out until half time.

Most of the pressure in the second half was again down to Mazarrón, with Alcon and Boudia being prominent.  After 61mins, Alcon made a good run into the penalty area and crossed for Boudia, but the ball was cut out and found its way back to him. His second cross was better and Boudia’s looping back header just beat the corner of the goal on the far side. The killer blow was delivered 2mins later. A Calasparra break was rewarded with a corner. Again Viti was the supplier, and as Gines was caught flapping in no man’s land, Danti’s header crashed into the empty net. This knocked the stuffing out of the home side, and with Calasparra now content to defend in numbers, Mazarrón were unable to pose a significant threat thereafter.

This weekend Mazarrón entertain Cartagena FC, as the situation becomes ever more desperate.

Mazarrón: Gines, Mounir, Juan, Manolo, Andres, Ruben, Julio, Julian (Dani), Fernando, Alcon (Abdel), Boudia.

MMoM: Julio


Mazarrón now in Serious Trouble.

Mazarrón CF  0, FB Abaran  1, 21.03.10.

This was the first of two vital games against relegation rivals and with an appalling display, Mazarrón were found badly wanting. The only chances they created were all from long range and David, in the Abaran goal, was rarely called on to make a save. All season, the defence has played reasonably well but the forwards are getting worse, and in the absence of Fernando it was difficult to see how they were ever going to create a decent opportunity in this game, and if they had done, who was capable of converting. The team also has the dubious status of playing on the worst surface in the league and on Sunday, in continuous steady rain, the penalty areas were reduced to slippery patches of mud, with puddles of water wherever there was a dip.

Both sides found it difficult to settle on the surface, and Abaran had the first chance, Gines making the first of several saves from a free kick by Andres after 11mins. Shortly afterwards, a chance fell to Alcon as Raul crossed but the ball fell dead in a puddle and the weak shot resulting was easily saved by David. Both sides were resorting trying to win free kicks and Mounir in particular spent a lot of time rolling around as if he had a serious injury, only to get up and carry on playing when the referee was not forthcoming. He even started one incident that got his skipper Cuenca booked but the funniest thing in the half was when he fouled Juanjo, made like he was injured, and his Dad ran onto the pitch and remonstrated with the Abaran player. He was quickly led away by officials fortunately. Pity his son wasn’t taken off as well! With 15mins of the half left, Ruben shot from long range, hitting Alcon, his own player, and then firing the rebound well over the bar.

In the second half, Mounir was pushed up, thankfully away from his own penalty area. Mazarrón then had a short period of rare dominance. Andres shot wildly over from an unmarked position and then Alcon fired in a free kick from 22ms, bringing a tremendous save from David. Abaran brought on Cisse and as Mazarrón went forward trying to find a goal, he made a made winning impact on the game. His squared pass to Paco, when they were through onto one defender, was side footed wide and the best chance so far was gone and he himself tried to curl a shot around Gines from the left but the keeper got his finger tips to it and saved the day. Cisse wasn’t to be denied however. With 14mins remaining, Juanjo released him down the left. He made 20ms before crossing to Andres at the far post, and his tap in won the game. Abaran then had no difficulty closing ranks and saw the game out comfortably.

Mazarrón are at home again this coming weekend in another crucial game against another relegation rival, Calasparra, but thing are not looking very hopeful, with just 8 games left.

Mazarrón: Gines, Mounir, Cuenca, Manolo, Carillo, Ruben, Raul (Abdel), Andres, Poyatos (Dani), Julian, Alcon.

MMoM: Gines


Mazarrón under pressure.

Mazarrón CF  0, Yeclano CF  2, 14.03.10.

The team from Yecla dominated this match for long periods and Mazarrón’s chances were few and far between. However, their cause was not helped by two very harsh dismissals towards the end of the game. The early kick off did not seem to detract from the crowd, who saw a game with lots of pace from start to finish.

After 4mins, Juan Carlos was under pressure from Manolo when he headed over a free kick from Biri and they came closer still with 14mins on the clock when a free kick from the other side found Pablo Box on his own. He headed down into the middle of the area but Cuenca was first to react when he cleared over his own bar. After a series of increasingly reckless tackles, Mounir was booked as usual, but the resulting free kick went over the bar. More by luck than judgment, this tackle hadn’t been in the penalty area. Mazarrón did have a couple of chances before half time, but Cuenca shot wide after a Ruben free kick and then Fernando was nearer the target after a short kick from Ruben again. Between these efforts, Yeclano nearly scored a lucky opener. Following a corner, Crivi’s shot was going well wide when Pablo Box cleverly tried a back heel, but he only succeeded in diverting it too wide on the other side. Mazarrón held out until half time against some sustained pressure from the visitors.

Yeclano realized that the game was there for the taking and pushed David up into the attack for the second half. The home side won their first corner after 3mins of the half but Fran tipped Fernando’s first over his own bar, and the second found Ruben, but he shot well over. The visitors took the lead after 51mins. David had been brought down by Cuenca just on the corner of the penalty area. Biri shot around the wall, and although Gines saved it, he failed to hold on and Juan Carlos was on hand to fire in. 7mins after this, Gines nearly gifted Yeclano another. An appalling clearance went straight to Biri, whose diagonal cross was headed well wide by Juan Carlos. With a little over 20mins left, Vilaseca knocked Fernando over, 30ms out. The Mazarrón mid-fielder leapt to his feet to confront the defender. His arms were not raised and there was no contact made, but the referee had no hesitation in sending him off, presumably for the retaliation that never happened. With 11mins remaining, Mazarrón went another man down. Juan Carlos won a ball from Juan inside the area and shot for goal. The ball hit the hand of Juan who was no more than 2ms away and the referee immediately awarded a penalty and sent Juan off. Pablo Box converted well into the corner and it was game over.

Mazarrón now have two crucial games at home against teams competing with them to escape the drop zone. The first is against Abaran and the second, Calasparra.

Mazarrón: Gines, Mounir, Juan, Cuenca, Manolo, Ruben, Raul (Delfin), Andres (Poyatos), Fernando, Abdel, Alcon.

MMoM: Juan

Mazarrón Dominate Lumbreras.

CD Lumbreras  0, Mazarrón CF 4, 06.03.10

This game was different to the ones we have experienced recently. Lumbreras have been struggling at the bottom of the table all season and hopefully this result will give the Mazarrón players some confidence for the remaining fixtures this season. The visitors dominated from the start, but it took a long while for the domination to be turned into goals, despite the very poor standard of the young Lumbreras keeper, behind a defense that had already conceded more than ninety goals in twenty eight matches.

Both Alcon and Cuenca had headers go wide in the first few minutes before Fernando had two chances, a shot from the edge of the area that was deflected over and then a free kick that keeper Juan Antonio scrambled wide. After 36mins, the pressure told. Fernando’s free kick hit a defender and fell to Ruben. His shot was also blocked, but Juan was on hand to fire in from close range. Andres then provided two good chances for Boudia, but the first was headed over and the second was deflected wide. Things went really wrong for Lumbreras either side of half time. In added time, Carrillo and Raul got tangled up just inside the Lumbreras half. There didn’t appear to be any intent, but Carrillo was given a straight red card to the surprise of everyone.

Within 30secs of the restart, Cuenca tackled Dani inside the area and with Cuenca nowhere near the ball, Dani went down but was denied the penalty that it appeared to be. As Mazarrón have found many times, when you are down, very little goes in your favour. Another minute later, Boudia swung a delightful diagonal ball across the park from the left and Fernando drew the keeper before slotting comfortably in for the second. Dani then sent a free kick wide, before Mazarrón increased their lead. This time it was a diagonal ball from Andres to Fernando. His square pass was stepped over by Boudia and Alcon surged between two defenders to shoot past Juan Antonio. With just over 15mins left, Boudia was through on the keeper but his shot was straight at him, before Fernando showed him how it was done. Substitute Poyatos played a superb ball inside the full back for Fernando to run onto. He coolly skipped around the keeper before passing the ball into the empty net.

There will be much sterner tests to come, but with five consecutive home game, the first against Yeclano this weekend, Mazarrón have every chance to break clear of the bottom three.

Mazarrón: Gines, Juan, Manolo, Cuenca, Ruben, Dito (Poyatos), Raul, Andres, Boudia (Abdel), Alcon, Fernando,

MMoM: Fernando


Business as Usual.

Pinatar CF  1, Mazarrón CF 0, 28.02.10

It is reaching the stage when these reports could be written before the match is played, such is the manor of recent games. Again, Mazarrón put up a fair display but were always the more likely to concede a goal and as in previous weeks it came right at the end of the game. The teams ended up with nine players each, but it was never a dirty game. The players of both sides brought it on themselves with their constant diving around and shouting for a free kick, more often than not feigning injury when there was none.

The visitors could count themselves unlucky as early as the 10th minute. Ruben took a free kick on the left and Boudia beat the defenders to the ball. His header hit the bar, rebounded back to him and he headed this into the net, only for a late flag to indicate that the first one had been off side. Manu came close with a free kick at the other end, but Gines appeared to have it covered as it passed just over the bar and then Chiky hit a low shot across the goal and wide after another set piece play. Alcon side footed another Ruben free kick over the bar and Cuenca was denied contact when Fernando’s kick was deflected just before it reached him, but, apart from that, there was very little first half action of note.

Pinatar started to take control after half time, but they Lujan was guilty of a poor miss after good work by Javi Lopez. After 62mins, Mazarrón appeared to have been given a good opportunity when Antonio, who had led the Pinatar line well, was sent off for a second booking, trying to gain a free kick when no contact had been made. However, the advantage didn’t last long. After 67mins, Mounir, who was playing right back, but cannot tackle to save his life, lunged into Chiky and was booked for his effort. Just as Martin was taking the kick, the referee blew up and Julio was booked for something he said. Second booking, and off he went. Despite the ball being in the net, the referee demanded a retake that was dispatched over the bar. The pressure on Mazarrón built up as Pinatar had been able to bring on three pairs of fresh legs and the visitors only had one out field substitute available. Gines saved a header from Lujan in fine style and then a long shot from Llonga, before the referee eventually lost patience with Mounir’s crude tackling and sent him off with 4mins left. Just as he signaled 6 minutes of added time for all the earlier delays, another Pinatar free kick found the head of Gurtu and his effort went in off the far post. With Mazarrón showing some desire to score at last, Pinatar broke twice more, but the combined efforts of Gines, when Javi Lopez wanted ten minutes to score with three unmarked team mates waiting, and then Cuenca, kept the score to one goal. With nothing left to prove, the last action was the sending off of Lujan for another reckless tackle, this one being a straight red.

Mazarrón go to bottom placed Lumbreras next, with a win essential as they have now slipped into the bottom three, before they have a run of five matches at home. 

Mazarrón: Gines, Mounir, Juan, Manolo, Cuenca, Ruben, Julio, Andres, Boudia (Dito), Alcon, Fernando,

MMoM: Cuenca


Mazarrón Pay for Indiscipline.

Mazarrón CF  1, Jumilla  3, 21.02.10.

Mazarrón were caught cold at the beginning of the game and exhausted at the end of it, but in-between they gave a pretty good account of themselves and their second half performance probably deserved a point. Unfortunately they were made to pay for their own indiscipline. They just cannot stop themselves talking back to the referee.

The match started disastrously. In the first minute, Ramos took a free kick on the right that he placed in a perfect position for the rangy Sergio to head in almost unchallenged. The next 25mins or so were nearly all Jumilla’s, with Ramos providing good chances for Meca, which he headed wide and Merino which he tried to place across the keeper but that went wide as well. Mazarrón were saved by keeper Gines after 26mins. Another free kick on the right was headed down by Sergio to Ramos on the edge of the penalty area and his low shot was saved but not held by Gines. From the resulting open play, Mazarrón old-boy Mara shot for the corner but Gines again saved well. Just after the half hour, Mazarrón scored a superb equalizer. A free kick centre field, 28ms from goal was tapped square by Alcon and Fernando hit an unstoppable shot to right of Emilio. Merino brought another good save from Gines with a low header shortly afterwards and Alcon had a shot deflected wide at the other end before half time. As the whistle went, three Mazarrón players were booked for things said to the referee.

The home side started the second half with lots of energy and no little passion. A looping header by Andres was saved under the bar by Jumilla’s Emilio and then Alcon nearly converted a good cross by Fernando but Emilio again saved by the post. Jumilla then brought on Elias and he made an instant impact, nearly converting a diagonal cross with his first touch. Some Mazarrón players then lost their heads on the hour. Mounir had been pushing the boundaries with some frantic play and he committed a particularly rash tackle on Mara on the edge of the area. He was booked for arguing (for a second time) but not sent off. Carrillo joined in and he was sent off for a second yellow. Carlos headed Elias’ free kick wide. Despite being a man down, Mazarrón played as if they believed that they could win and perhaps should have done with 4mins left. Gines made a long clearance to Fernando and his one-two with Boudia left him bearing down on goal with just Emilio to beat but his shot hit the side net. As the game went into added time, Elias broke down the left, chased by very tired defenders and Gonzalo hit his cross past Gines into the far corner. Julian was then sent off for a second booking, again back chatting the referee and right at the end, after 3 added minutes, Elias again left tired defender in his wake and found Carlos on the right. With no defenders about at all, he passed to Gonzalo, who looked to be well off side, for a tap in goal that left Mazarrón players and fans alike distraught.

Mazarrón will be without some of their most experienced players for the next match at Pinatar, all due to their own rashness.

Mazarrón: Gines, Mounir, Cuenca, Manolo, Carrillo, Juan, Andres, Julian, Fernando, Boudia, Alcon.

MMoM: Fernando 

Pulpi 4 Mazarron 1 
In a hellish afternoon, with cold and rain throughout the match 29 brave Amigos de Mazarron (Mazarron supporters) made their way to Pulpi to see a travesty of a football match which Mazarron deserved at least a point from but were yet again denied by appalling match officials
As often is the case Mazarron, when playing away from home, started with only one up front, Boudia  with Keni leaving Alcon on the bench until the second half.
The game was pretty well even until the first moment of crazy decisions by the match officials, Soon after 10 minutes, Mecca, the Pulpi right back, who spent most of the game screaming like a baby and falling down any time a Mazarron dared to go near him, fired in a shot from the right hand side of the box, the ball hit the upright ran across the front of the goal and out for a goal kick, OR SO WE THOUGHT.
Players following the ball in ran into the net and the ref indicated a goal thinking that it had gone through the side netting. I personally checked the whole goalmouth nets at half time and there were no gaps, what the ref had seen was players hitting the net, but despite protests the goal stood. This set the tone for the afternoon.
The same player made it 2-0 in the 13th minute, launching a strike directly from outside the area. Sounds simple? No Meca had received the ball direct from the REF after he got in the way of a promising move by Mazarron. The ball hit his legs and it was the best pass of the day straight to Meca with Gines having no chance to save the shot.
Not happy with giving Pulpi a 2 - 0 start he then reduced Mazarron to 10 men when Pulpi's Olympic diver of the year contrived to kid the official that Rubins had desires to kill him. Rubins was shown a straight red, Meca then jumped up straightaway laughing to be congratulated by his team mates.
This happened directly in front of the Mazarron supporters who could clearly see that there had been no contact between the players what so ever. This will mean a 3 match suspension for Rubin at a time when numbers at Mazarron are short.
Despite being outnumbered, the Mazarrón got into the game via a free kick about 10 yards from the edge of the area, which was taken by Fernando. The ball passed the wall placed by Pulpi and appeared to evade everyone to fall nicely into the goal, the first genuine goal of the day.
This goal gave the visitors hope and Mazarron created some confusion in the local penalty area leading to a shot from Cuenca, the ball popped around the goal line but refused to cross it, Boudia was just to late to reacted, which gave the defense time to clear and remove the danger. This was the last action of the first half but Mazarron, although down to 10 men, went into the break with their tails up.
At half time Alcon replaced Boudia to give more experience up front. Three minutes after the restart, Alex, came close from a corner, but his header went close but was cleared by the Mazarron defence, from a possibility of going a further goal down Mazarron mounted an attack and so nearly brought the scores level.
The ball was slung forward to be met by Alcon who found Cuenca who narrowly missed, the wind was certainly being put up the home side.
After recovering from the shock, the hosts had their best chances to put a gap between the sides. Between the 65th minute to 68 minute Pulpi had four clear chances to extend their lead but each time Gines pulled off remarkable finger tip saves to keep the scores close.
Gines was at his very best again in the 70th minute, when he managed to deflect the ball wide from a shot from squealer Mecca which had goal written all over it.
These Pulpileño misses nearly came back to haunt them as Alcon, on 76 minutes, powered into the box only to see his shot pushed wide of the post when it appeared easier for him to score.
Again Mazaron pushed forward and there were few moments of bewilderment for the local fans, but being down to 10 men and chasing a goal it was inevitable that Mazarron would leave holes at the back but it wasn't until the 81st minute that Pulpi made the game safe but again in controversial circumstances,
On 81 minutes Schuster (good Spanish name that, must have stayed behind after the war) passed to Miñan who was CLEARLY off side. the Mazarron defence hesitated and Miñan ran through to give Gines no chance. 3 - 1 but in the worst possible way, Mazarron were being cheated out of a game.
A minute later, Schuster, with great vision, slotted the ball over to DIVER Mecca (who by this time was the butt of every catcall and joke from the away supporters) but this time shooting wide, he ran back up the pitch with"BURRO" Ringing in his ears from the Los Amigos.
As Mazarron chased now a hopeless task of getting something from the game it was down to Miñan to put the final nail in Mazarrons coffin.
The ref added 2 minutes of extra time and during this period that Miñan met a cross into the box and headed firmly in for Pulpi's only legitimate goal of the day. Shortly afterward the ref blew for full time on a travesty of a game at which, I only hope, there were assessors checking the quality, or lack of it, of the match officials
During the post match protests by most if not all of the Mazarron players and officials Julio Cesar was booked for a second time therefore a red.
So the protests continued into the changing rooms so do not be surprised that a Mazarron player might have seen a card or two in there.
It might have finished 4 - 1 but this was a good performance by Mazarron on a freezing day with, at times, torrential rain. The Los Amigos out sung, out shouted and out numbered the home support for which the team was very appreciative.
Mazarrón: Gines, Cuenca, Carrillo, Ruben, Julian, Mounir, Julius Caesar, Boudia, (Alcon, at halftime), Juan, Fernando and Andres (Poyatos, 59 ')
MMoM Gines


Mazarrón Miss Out Again.

Mazarrón CF  0, Beniel  1, 06.02.10.

Mazarrón suffered their tenth single goal defeat, from a total of twenty four matches, on Saturday, but there was spirit about this performance again, unfortunately none of the huffing and puffing could be turned into a goal. The team has been seriously let down by a lack of fire power this season, that could well cost it dear come the end of the season.

Julio was back in the slot just in front of the defence and it was from his cross that Fernando fired a volley wide in the second minute. However, the defence was caught cold 3mins later when Beniel took their first corner. Ruben picked out Augustin on the near post and his unchallenged header left Gines flat-footed as it nestled into the corner of the net. Mazarrón could have been level almost immediately when a smooth move down the left involving Ruben and Andres saw the latter’s pass to Fernando chested down to Boudia but his shot across goal was a metre wide. Most of the pressure came from the home side as the half continued and they won several corners but all too often the ball failed to clear the first defender. Alcon had a shot on the turn that went not too far wide of the goal and Julian had a shot saved but the closest they came to an equalizer was just before half time when Julio won a corner with a deflected shot. This time Fernando picked out Cuenca, but he couldn’t keep his header below the bar. It wasn’t all one way though and between these efforts Manolo had made a bad mistake losing the ball to Roski just outside the area, but he made amends with a tremendous saving tackle 10ms out as Roski was about to pull the trigger!

The pattern of the second half was very similar to the first. Julian saw his looping header go over the bar from a Ruben free kick, and this was followed by a good break from Alcon. He played Boudia into a good position but he couldn’t resist the efforts of Maka to push him wide and another chance was missed. Manolo came close with a header from another Fernando corner and great play by Mounir and Julian on the right created a shooting chance for Alcon, but the Beniel keeper was able to deflect it wide. The visitors were content to soak up the pressure, relatively safe in the knowledge that Mazarrón had very little finishing power and they didn’t create another chance until just before the end when Gines was able to save comfortably from a Gabi free kick. Deep into added time, substitute Raul had a great chance to equalize but he headed Ruben’s corner wide and that was it.

Mazarrón are now only one place above the relegation zone, on goal difference, and this weekend they have a trip to Pulpi on Saturday.

Mazarrón: Gines, Mounir, Cuenca, Manolo, Andres, Julio, Julian (Raul), Ruben, Fernando, Boudia, Alcon.

MMoM: Mounir


Tough For Mazarrón’s Youngsters.

MDC Plus Ultra 3, Mazarrón CF 2, 31.01.10

Mazarrón’s team of mainly youngsters put up a good first half display but as is becoming the norm these days, they ran out of stamina and, after a testing second half, eventually succumbed to another late goal to lose a share of the spoils. However, on the up side, the young players seem to be gaining in confidence and there is definitely more skill being shown across the park.

Plus Ultra started quickly and in the first minute Gines had to be alert to save well from a header by Bastida but it was Mazarrón that made the first breakthrough. A tantalizing free kick from Fernando was met with a glancing headed touch by Boudia to send the ball into the top corner of the net for his first senior goal, having hit the bar last week.  The joy was extended after just another 6mins. A free kick was tapped by Fernando to Ruben whose shot from 30ms was deflected wide. The resulting corner led to another free kick and this time Ruben drilled a low cross to the near post for Alcon to steer the ball deftly past Buyo. There was a scare at the other end a minute later but Bastida just failed to make contact with a chipped Lardin free kick. It wasn’t long before the home side was rewarded though. A slip by Ruben let Omar by and his square cross was missed by Gines and the busy Albertico tapped in. Mazarrón came close 2mins later when a Fernando cross was met by Alcon 2ms out but somehow he got under it and the ball went out off the bar with Buyo nowhere. Gines made two good saves, first cutting out an Omar cross just in front of Albertico and secondly tipping an Omar shot over the bar following a cross from Armando, either side of the booking of Fernando for a dive in the penalty area. The visitors were good value for their first half lead.

It was a different matter in the second half. After only 5mins, Poyatos, who had shown signs of a damaged hamstring late in the first half, had to be replaced. Raul dropped deeper into the defence and Alcon went into midfield and from thereon, Mazarrón struggled, although Boudia could have extended his tally taking a cross from Fernando on his chest and turning sharply to lash a shot straight at Buyo.  Gines made a fine save, tipping another Bastida header over the bar before Albertico was flattened by Ruben in the area, Manu dispatching the spot kick having sent Gines the wrong way. With 25mins still to go, the pressure built on the Mazarrón defence as Plus Ultra racked up nine second half corners, having had only one in the first half. There was some relief 15mins from the end when Ruben took a free kick on the half way line. He spotted Buyo off his line and shot directly towards the goal. As the keeper scrambled back, he palmed the ball down from under his bar and none of the officials

were close enough to see whether the ball had actually crossed the line or not. With 2mins time remaining, Lardin took a free kick on the right for the home side. Bastida and Gines went for the ball together, Gines ending in a heap on the floor clutching his head and the ball looping into the undefended net. Gines was booked, presumably for simulation.

The match this weekend is at home to Beniel.

Mazarrón: Gines, Ruben, Poyatos (Chema), Manolo, Andres, Dito, Raul, Julian, Boudia, Alcon, Fernando,

MMoM: Manolo


Mazarrón Show More Spirit

Mazarrón CF  2, Puente Tocinos  2, 24.01.10.

This was a much more encouraging performance as some of the young lads in the Mazarrón side are showing signs of increasing confidence and skill levels. There is still a long way to go though, but this game should and could have been won with just a little more luck in the second half, and better officiating in the first.

Mazarrón took the lead in the 14th min. A free kick on the right was put into the danger zone by Poyatos and went straight up into the air off the head of a defender. Alcon was first to react as it came down but unfortunately, his shot from close range was straight at the keeper. Anywhere else and it would have been a certain goal. However, in the melee that followed Richort handled the ball and Alcon dispatched the penalty, giving Sergio no chance to his left. The scores were level after 20mins. A long clearance out of defence was met by Antonio, the outstanding forward of the visitors, but he looked to be at least 2ms off side and maybe more. To the amazement of the spectators the flag stayed down and with his positional advantage he was able to calmly stroke the ball past Gines for the equalizer. The same player had a similar chance a few minutes later, but this time he was clearly onside, but Gines was able to save comfortably. Back came the home side. A long ball from Cuenca found Mounir on the right. He crossed to Boudir who cleverly teed up Alcon on the edge of the area. His shot was deflected by a defender, leaving Sergio stranded and helpless. Barely 4mins later, the scores were level again. Antonio made a strong run into the penalty area. He passed to Perez and kept on running and by the time he got the return pass he was nearly on the goal line for a tap in that also looked suspiciously off side.

At the start of the second half, Puente applied a lot of pressure to the Mazarrón goal, but Antonio was their only player who seemed to know where the goal was. He had a shot on target that was saved by Gines, but at least four other shots from various players were sprayed all over the place, none of them being within 10ms of the target. The home side weathered the barrage and could easily have taken the lead again after 64mins. Raul, looking ever more confident in his out field position, took up a good position on the left and played in to Alcon just inside the area. He missed the first shooting opportunity but spun around and lashed a powerful shot against the near post. Raul blasted the rebound over the bar. After 68mins the visitors went down to 10 men. Ishmael was booked for a

 tame foul on Alcon in mid –field and after an extraordinary outburst of verbal abuse against the referee, during which he had to be physically restrained by his own team-mates, he was booked again and sent off. With 8mins left, Boudir headed a cross from Julian against the bar and if he hadn’t had his head in his hands, he may well have been able to do something with the rebound. Hopefully he will learn from that. It almost looked as if Mazarrón would succumb to the extra time curse again, but Tito’s flicked on header was a metre wide of the goal, but honours were shared.

Next match is away at Plus Ultra.

Mazarrón: Gines, Juan, Cuenca, Manolo, Carrillo, Poyatos (Rojas), Julian, Raul, Mounir, Boudir, Alcon.

MMoM: Alcon

Mazarrón narrowly defeated again.

Fortuna  1, Mazarrón CF  0, 17.01.10

For the third consecutive match, Mazarrón conceded a goal in the dying seconds of this match as they crashed to their third consecutive defeat. It is only the abject form of the teams below them in the league that is preventing them from slipping back into the relegation zone.

Mazarrón were slow out of the blocks and in the early stages all the best attacking moves came from the home side. Gines had to be near his best as he came off his line to save from Adolfo after 15mins. It wasn’t until the 20min mark that Mazarrón had their first attempt at goal after a period of play when they put some decent moves together. When it came, it was from a free kick and Fernando was the one who crossed for Cuenca, but his header went back across the goal and just wide. A bizarre incident after 24mins should have seen Mazarrón behind. A corner from the right saw Juan challenging Adolfo in the area and the referee saw fit to award a penalty, much to the bemusement of most of the protagonists. There wasn’t even any celebration from the home players as he gave the award and  booked Juan. Probably out of embarrassment, Adolfo put nothing behind the spot kick and Gines got down well to save comfortably and justice was done. Just before half time, there were goal scoring chances at each end. Fortuna’s Victor made a tremendous run into the area, beating three defenders who seemed frightened to make a tackle, before shooting wide with only Gines to beat. At the other end, Fernando turned two defenders before crossing but he was too quick for his own forwards and the chance went begging.

Fortuna started the second half looking the more likely to score and Adolfo missed a great chance when a cross that had been blocked by Carrillo fell into his path, but again Gines was up to saving his shot. Alcon then had a chance for the visitors but he shot wide after making a good run into the area. Carrillo and Fernando then began to well down the left side of the pitch, and eventually, after 65mins of the game Mazarrón won their first corner of the game. It was worth waiting for as well. Fernando found the head of Cuenca and he kept the ball low, but it hit Julio’s feet, rebounding to Cuenca, but this time he shinned his shot and Julio made the save again. Just as it looked like a point each, a Fortuna free kick on the right was played forward to Juanjo, whose cross from the goal line was headed down and in by the big defender Parri. From the restart, Alcon saw Julio off his line but unfortunately his first time shot from halfway landed on top of the net instead of in it and another game was narrowly lost.

The match this weekend is at home to Puente Toccinos.

Mazarrón: Gines, Juan, Cuenca,  Manolo, Carrillo, Rojas (Dito), Raul, Julian (Boudir), Alcon, Fernando, Mounir

MMoM: Manolo


Mazarrón a complete shambles

Mazarrón CF  1, Santomera CF  3, 10.01.10.

Santomera will rarely be given two such soft goals as this shambolic Mazarrón team presented them with in the first half of this match, and with the best will in the world, teams do not come back from such an appalling start. The visitors themselves were little better than poor, but they didn’t have to be to win this game.

The debacle started from the kick off. Mazarrón started. The ball went to the right and then went backwards towards their own goal. Fastidiously, it went along the back line, but then a dreadful pass from Manolo was intercepted by Ireno who had no hesitation in lobbing the ball over Raul into the empty net. Barely twenty seconds had elapsed and the home side was a goal down. A couple of minutes later, Cuenca got on the end of a Fernando free kick, but Martinez was not seriously troubled in the Santomera goal. As the rain intensified, as it seems to do remarkably often on Sunday afternoons, the home side came close to an equalizer after 32mins. Again it was a Fernando free kick to Cuenca, but this time he headed it down to Julian on the edge of the area but his lob was acrobatically turned over his bar by Martinez. At this stage it looked as if Mazarrón could get back into the game, but that all changed 5mins later. Raul caught a harmless cross from the left and progressed to the edge of his area. His kick out was dreadful however and went straight to Santomera’s Raul who whacked the ball back into the empty net from about 35ms. It was one of those days.

The entertainment level improved at the start of the second half. After 5mins, Alberto pursued a harmless looking ball into the penalty area. He flicked it backwards with his heel and then lunged into two Santomera defenders, trying to get through a gap that was never there. His endeavours paid off however as a penalty was awarded, that he himself converted comfortably. The crowd was then treated to the spectacle of a big brown dog running eagerly around the pitch, defying the best efforts of players and officials to catch it, until it was finally shepherded away by the substitutes warming up in the corner. In the 68th minute, Julio was moving smoothly out of defence when he was fouled from behind. He foolishly raised his hands in retaliation and was shown a red card for his troubles. Ten men were certainly not going to get into the game and so it proved. As added time started, and the rain hammered down, Ireno finished the game as he started it, this time with a headed conversion of a cross from the left, and the referee, to his credit, played no more extra minutes and blew up as soon as the kick off had been taken, much to the relief of players and spectators alike.

Mazarrón visit Fortuna this coming weekend.

Mazarrón: Raul, Juan, Cuenca, Manolo, Pato (Chema), Julio, Fernando, Julian, Carrillo, Dani, Alberto

MMoM: Cuenca


Mazarrón nearly save game

Mazarrón CF  0, CD Cieza  1, 03.01.10.

Following an exodus from the club due to the financial problems in which it finds itself, Mazarrón fielded several youth team players in this match against Cieza, who are second in the table and have only lost one match all season. Raul, one of the two goalkeepers on the books played in midfield for most of the game, before dropping into the defence after Poyatos was sent off with 30mins still to play. Despite this, the team held out until the fifth minute of added time.

Once both sides had found their feet on the newly grassed surface, Cieza began to take control but their forwards did not look as if they had more than forty goals to their name already this season. Dani and Guillermo both spurned early chances before Gines made an excellent double save from Salmeron’s free kick, punching the first kick clear and then smothering the return header Guillermo. Mazarrón hadn’t made a clear chance in the first 25mins then Fernando drove in a free kick after a foul on Alberto, but his shot was scrambled clear and the chance was gone. Cieza then had a great chance when Gines pushed a cross from Salmeron out to Guillermo, but his side foot shot went 2ms wide of the far post. When half time arrived, it was difficult to see how the home team was still in the game.

Mazarrón came out with more confidence in the second half. Julian pressed further forward and Fernando seemed as if he was all over the park, making tackles at the back and telling passes in mid-field. After 48mins they had a great chance, as a Fernando free kick was played across the goal by Alcon, but Alberto just failed to make the connection in front of goal. Julian then shot wide after more good work by Fernando and shortly after this, Cuenca’s pass to Julian was knocked back to Alberto on the edge of the area but his chip was just over the bar. The game was effectively put beyond their reach when Poyatos was sent off for a second yellow card after 55mins. Josarvi replaced Miguel in the Cieza mid-field and his energy was a telling factor as the visitors pressed forward for the kill. The pressure from the visitors was relentless, but despite this, Mazarrón could have pinched the game with 5mins to go. Alcon broke from the centre circle and passed out to Dito on the right. Julian was tantalizingly close to a proper connection with his cross but the ball skidded just wide of the post. With 5mins of added time on the clock, Cieza won a throw on the right. Mazarrón tried to delay by making a substitution and concentration was lost. Pedro headed to throw into the middle and Salmeron headed in. There was barely time for a restart.

Mazarrón are at home to Santomera this coming weekend.

Mazarrón: Ginés; Cuenca, Poyatos, Pato, Juan, Raul, Fernando, Julian, Alcon, Dito (Victor), Alberto

MMoM: Fernando


Mazarrón in Cruise Control.

Cuarto Distro  1, Mazarrón CF  4, 17.11.09

Mazarrón had their easiest win of the season on this cold Thursday night in Jumilla. The home side never looked like scoring despite some reasonable build up play and when they did get on the score-sheet it was an own goal, after some sloppy defending by the visitors.

Mazarrón were quick out of the blocks and should have gone in front in the very first minute as Alcon burst through the defence and slid the ball just wide of the post and it was the same player who had a shot blocked a little later. The next chance came when from a corner by Fernando was headed Cuenca headed the ball over the bar almost unchallenged. The pressure finally paid off after 27mins. Ruben, whose play has been steadily improving in recent matches, flighted a free kick from the right and Manolo rose majestically to plant a firm header past the keeper.

For the second half, Mazarrón replaced Puti and Julian with Munir and Alberto, and should have extended their lead after only 5mins. Ruben lifted a ball over the defensive line and Julio had plenty of time to lob the ball over the keeper, but unfortunately he lobbed over the bar as well. Fernando, who was becoming more influential as the game went on, then found Ruben and his cross was headed against the post by Alberto. There followed a period of some slight uncertainty through the team. Dani lost the ball whilst trying to be too elaborate and the resulting teasing cross from the left was met by a sliding Carrillo who steered the ball past his own keeper. Cuarto then had a brief spell when they showed more confidence but this was brought to an end after a foul on Ruben in the penalty area. Alcon converted the resulting spot kick and it was effectively game over. 2mins later, Ruben threaded the ball out to Munir on the right. His cross was met firmly on the volley by Alcon who gave the keeper no chance with an absolute screamer. The scoring was then rounded off by Fernando. Alberto beat the same full back three times before crossing to Fernando who shot in from 16ms. The home side had two players sent off in the last ten mins as their frustrations surfaced and the travelling Amigos sang their way to the end of the game.

This result lifts Mazarrón away from the bottom three and the future is looking brighter for the second half of the season, with a surfeit of rearranged home matches.

Mazarrón: Raul, Cuenca, Dani, Manolo, Carrillo, Julio, Ruben, Julian (Alberto), Fernando, Puti (Munir), Alcón,

MMoM: Fernando


Mazarrón Rue Lack of Finishing Power.

Cartagena B  1, Mazarrón CF  0, 13.12.09

This match was played in appalling conditions, heavy rain and increasing wind making it very difficult for both sides. It is of considerable credit to all the players that they produced such an entertaining encounter. Mazarrón lost because Cartagena were able to produce the one piece of clinical finishing throughout the game. Of the eight games that Mazarrón have lost this season, six have been by a single goal.

The home side dominated for the first twenty minutes of play and Toli and Dani had to be at their best to keep them away from the danger area. When they did get through, Raul was forced into a good save from Carlos and then Toto whistled a shot over the corner of the bar and post from 18ms after he had been found in the clear by Carlos. Mazarrón suddenly looked a threat after 21mins, when a free kick by Ruben was deflected onto the outside of the post by Toto, helping his defence out. From the resulting corner, Alberto bungled the ball wide when well placed. 3mins later, Fernando collected a throw in from the right, and advanced a few metres before unleashing a great shot from 25ms, which Miguel needed all his agility to turn over the bar. Cartagena looked certain to break the deadlock just before half time, as Sanchez made a break down the right. His cross found Carlos on his own 8ms from goal but his first time effort sailed way over the bar.

The second half started explosively, as Sanchez and Koeman combined immediately to draw a great save from Raul, and from his clearance, Alcon found Munir on the right and his cross was put wide by Alberto when it looked easier to get the ball into the net. Ruben then had an excellent long range shot saved by Miguel. As conditions steadily worsened, Cartagena broke down the right through Carlos again. He placed his cross superbly onto the foot of the advancing Carlos who swept the ball past Raul, who stood no chance of making the save. Mazarrón did have a good shout for a penalty for handball following a corner before Dani shot over the bar and Cuenca shot over from long range before Felix had a distance shot well saved low down by Raul. Not for the first time this season, Mazarrón laid siege to the Cartagena goal in the last few minutes but also not for the first time, it proved to be in vain, as a combination of resolute defending and substandard finishing left them pointless when they could possibly have deserved a share of the spoils. The home side finished with 10 men as Pichi was harshly sent off for a second yellow card.

On Sunday 20th, Mazarrón visit neighbours Bala Azul, with both sides desperate for the points near the foot of the table.

Mazarrón: Raul, Cuenca, Dani, Toli (Julian), Carrillo, Julio, Ruben , Fernando, Munir, Alberto, Alcón,

MMoM: Cuenca


Mazarrón hard done to!

Mazarrón CF  0, Lorca Dep  1, 29.11.09.

Mazarrón travelled to Aguilas for a noon kickoff in the home fixture against table topping Lorca Deportivo, the game was being played in Aguilas as the Mazarrón pitch is still under refurbishment.  

The supporters arrived just in time for the kickoff as the driver got lost and took us through an area of Aguilas that was reminiscent of Beirut in the bad old days.

To say that Lorca are topping our league and Mazarrón struggling 5 places from the bottom you would not have believed it as Mazarrón matched Lorca in every department, although stringing 2 passes together on this pitch would have been a task for  Wayne Rooney never mind the 4th level of Spanish football. No one can say that the game was a classic but the players did their best to provide entertainment and with both sides going for a win, in the case of Mazarrón to pull clear of the relegation zone and Lorca to cement their position as table toppers.

A couple of the main points of interest were the booking of Salamanca, the Lorca lone striker, for a foul for which he received one of the many yellow cards handed out by Snr Frutos Orenes, this yellow card would have had a major impact on the game later on. During the first half Ruben drove forward twice from the Mazarrón mid field but on both occasions screwed his shot wide when it appeared easier to score. Near the end of the first half Gines dived low at the near post to deny Salamanca the opening goal. Then the controversial incident happened, the striker Hugo Salamanca of Lorca pushed the ball just around Mazarrón’s goal with his hand almost Thierry Henry style in an attempt to hoodwink the official who saw the whole event but did not have the courage to give him his second yellow and therefore a red card for this blatant offence.

n the second half the only goal of the game was scored. After 12 minutes Dani Avalos produced an excellent cross and who was waiting at the far-post? Yes our old villain of the peace, Hugo Salamanca who struck the ball with force directly against the legs of Gines in the Mazarrón goal who could not prevent the ball crossing the line, a travesty of football that the goal was scored by the player who should have been in the dressing room. There was only one more play of note and that was for Mazarrón as they threw everything forward to get an equalizer. Ruben hit a free kick which the Lorca keeper Pepelu only just kept out diving low to his right pushing the ball past the post for one of many Mazarrón corners.

This undeserved defeat leaves Mazarrón still two places of the relegation zone and Lorca riding high at the top. It also means three times Mazarrón have played the division leader in the past two months.  One draw and two defeats by the odd goal! Even the gods cried as the rain started just as the Mazarron fans got on the coach for the short trip home.

Mazarrón: Ginés; Cuenca, Carrillo, Toli, Manolo, Julius Caesar, Puti (Munir), Dani Marín, Fernando (Alcon), Alberto and Ruben

MMoM: Cuenca


Mazarrón win pulsating encounter.

Costa Calida CF  2, Mazarrón CF  4, 21.11.09

This was as good a game as the one the previous week had been poor. Both sides created chances as the play went from one end to the other and during the first half at least, the referee allowed the game to flow reasonably well. Mazarrón welcomed Julio back from suspension and his presence had a dramatic effect on the team.

The visitors had the better of the opening exchanges and in the very first minute, Alberto had to be at full stretch to save a shot from his namesake, the Mazarrón striker. The first attack from the home side saw a long clearance from Alberto picked up by Ocaňa on the left. His cross to Adrian was headed wide of Raul’s goal. Alberto then saved a shot from Alcon and a header from Alberto went over the bar, before a superb ball from Adrian to Ocaňa split the Mazarrón defence and the latter’s shot across goal came back into play off the far post. Inspired by this, after 28mins, Costa Calida took the lead. A throw on the left caught the defence napping and Joaquin beat two defenders before firing across goal into the far side of the net. The lead only lasted 5mins though as Cuenca rose to head home a free kick from Fernando on the left. 2mins later, the visitors were in the lead. Another Fernando free kick was aimed at Cuenca, but this time it skidded off the head of defender Pablo to the unmarked Toli on the right. He coolly hooked his volley into the goal from 15ms out. The game opened out even more then and Mazarron nearly added another on the stroke of half time. In a move straight from the training ground, Ruben’s corner was played out to Dani on the edge of the area and his shot rattled the bar before being scrambled clear.

To the delight of the crowd, the tempo was maintained in the second half. Joaquin headed wide of the Mazarrón goal when well placed and then the visitors extended their lead on 54mins. Ruben’s short corner to Munir was returned and his cross was met firmly by the head of Dani, who was virtually unchallenged 10ms from goal. 10mins later, Alberto found Munir out on the right with a pin point pass and after advancing a few meters, his centre into the path of Alcon was swept majestically into the home side’s net. Thereafter the game was spoilt by some eccentric refereeing as eight Mazarrón players found their way into his book, in a match in which there were very few bad tackles. Just before the end, Joaquin threaded his way through the visitor’s defence, nobody willing to risk a tackle, before sliding the ball under the advancing Raul to lead to a nervy last few minutes, but the result had never been in doubt for some time.

This was the biggest defeat inflicted on Costa Calida this season and followed their defeat of top team Jumilla in their previous match. Hopefully Mazarrón will be able to build on this result. The match this weekend should be at home to Lorca, provided that the pitch is ready to be played on.

Mazarrón: Raul, Cuenca, Dani, Toli, Carrillo, Julio (Juan), Ruben (Poyatos), Fernando, Puti (Munir), Alberto, Alcón,

MMoM: Dani



Mazarrón Capitulate at Cartagena.

Cartagena FC  4, Mazarrón CF  1, 14.11.09

Mazarrón suffered their biggest defeat of the season in Cartagena and after a reasonably spirited first half, they totally capitulated in the second half as the home side ran in easy winners. With both mid-field play makers missing, Julio through suspension and Sergio through having found employment out of the area, there was a total lack of constructive play in that department and the forwards were starved of opportunities. The only occasions that they presented any threat to the goal was through set pieces but good deliveries here were almost as rare as hen’s teeth as well.

In the early exchanges, home defender Dani Ros had a header punched clear by Gines and the Alberto made a poor finish, shooting well wide when in a good position. In the 8th minute Cartagena took the lead. Alex Marin picked up a loose ball on the edge of the area and Gines could only punch his shot skywards. Pichi was the first to react as it came down and he was unchallenged as he headed into the empty net. Cuenca then headed a Ruben free kick wide of the target and then another free kick from the same player was headed on by Manolo but it was going well wide until it was almost deflected by a defender into the net. Another free kick by Ruben was then tipped over by Antonio and in the 38th minute, the visitors equalized. Dani Marin had limped off and been replaced by Fernando and it was his free kick on the right that was glanced in by the head of Cuenca. On the stroke of half time Mazarrón could have take an unlikely lead when the Ruben and Cuenca combination led to a blocked header and Alcon shot the rebound 2ms wide.

The home side took control after the break. After 50mins a corner on the right went harmlessly over both defenders and attackers but Leo returned it to Alex Marin who drove in off the post from 12ms. 12mins later Adrian powered a shot in from the left, Gines was again unable to hold it and Alex Marin was on hand to head in. By now the home side was full of confidence and Manolo was sent off after 76mins as the pressure increased and he was deemed to be the last defender when he fouled Alex Marin 23ms from goal. The busy Leo took the resulting free kick and fired it beyond the wall and in off the far post. The one bright spot for Mazarrón came after 82mins. Alcon, fed up with an almost complete lack of service by now, picked up the ball in his own half and beat three defenders before shooting half a metre wide from 18ms out. Substitute Victor nearly made it five with a minute left, but Gines just tipped his free kick over the bar.

The next match is in Murcia at the ground of Costa Calida, who beat top team Jumilla away this weekend so another stern test is certain.  

Mazarrón: Gines, Cuenca, Manolo, Toli, Carrillo, Ruben, Dani (Fernando), Puti (Dito), Alberto (Abdell), Alcón, Munir

MMoM: Toli

A Very Poor Affair at Calasparra.

Calasparra CF  0, Mazarrón CF  0, 08.11.09

Just when Mazarrón appeared to be making big strides in the right direction, this match constituted a massive leap in the wrong direction. If injuries were the problem for three of the best players being left on the bench then it does not bode well for the long campaign to come. If there were other reasons, then the situation is probably worse. Whichever way, Mazarrón had their goalkeeper to thank for this point against a side that had not gained a single point from their previous five matches.

The first half started at a whirlwind pace as the home side had two chances in the opening minute. Jose shot wildly wide of the goal from the edge of the area and then Lozano’s shot from the left hand side was well saved by Gines by his right post. At the other end, Julio lifted a ball over the defence into the path of Puti but the winger wanted too much time and Cristian saved his shot comfortably. Jose was again in the action as he met Viti’s cross but his looping header just skimmed the rear of the crossbar and there was still only four minutes on the clock. Two minutes later Alcón, defending deep in his own half, lost the ball and Jose set up a chance for Viti but he blazed over the bar, as he did many times last season in a Mazarrón shirt. In the tenth minute, Farola sent a free kick wide of the Mazarrón goal, but thereafter in the first half of the game degenerated into a very poor affair. Alcón lobbed over the bar from a head down by Manolo following a free kick on the left by Julio and just before half time Ruben tried a speculative free kick from 35ms but Cristian saved by his right post.

The early exchanges in the second half went Calasparra’s way and Jose came close twice from crosses by Viti, but both times Gines was able to make good saves from his headers. When Sergio replaced Ruben in the 50th min the visitors immediately began to look more constructive in mid-field but there was still a distinct lack of penetration. Halfway through the second half the floodlights failed and for a time it looked as if we could be spared further misery, but the problem was eventually sorted out. Viti continued to be a thorn in the Mazarrón side, first setting up Gavy for a shot that went well wide and then the same combination created an excellent chance for Jose, but Gines rushed out of his goal and saved at his feet. With five mins left, Sergio and Fernando were making good

progress down the right for Mazarrón but Juan gave the ball away and Julio Alberto found Jose with a long diagonal ball but his wild shot went well over the bar. There was still time for Viti to draw a save from Gines, but fortunately the referee played little added time.

Mazarrón will need to get back to basics again for the visit to FC Cartagena this weekend.

Mazarrón: Gines, Cuenca, Dani, Manolo, Juan, Julio, Ruben (Sergio), Puti, Alberto (Julian), Alcón, Munir (Fernando).

MMoM: Gines


Mazarrón rise to Party Atmosphere.

FB Abarán  1, Mazarrón CF  3, 01.11.09

Mazarrón went to Abarán to play the first match on their new grass pitch and for most of the match gave to home side a lesson in how to play on the surface. There was a party atmosphere from the start, as the spectators were treated to the spectacle of a bagpipe and drum band both before the kick off and at half time, and the locals were in festive spirit, handing around doughnuts and cakes from their own party supplies.

Welcoming back Fernando after a three match absence, Mazarrón dominated most of the first half and took the lead after only 2mins. Cristian cleared a Puti cross for a corner and Sergio’s kick was headed on by Cuenca to Dani, taking up his usual position behind the defence. He had plenty of time to pick his spot, shooting into the far corner of the goal to give Luiche no chance. In the early stages of the game, Puti was having the freedom of the park on the right with Marin unable to cope with his pace. This was recognized by Julio who repeatedly found his winger with pinpoint passes from midfield. The tactic was most successful after 15mins when Puti latched onto one ball, not far into the Abarán half and ran straight for goal. He shrugged off Marin’s tackle just outside the area and shot in coolly from only 12ms out. The same combination should have made it three 3mins later, but, with Luiche way off his line, Puti’s lob just beat the crossbar as well as the keeper. As half time drew closer, Abarán created their first chances but they were mostly from long range. Juanjo’s free kick beat the wall but was easily caught by Gines and then he punched clear a speculative 40m shot from the lively Juan. Andres came nearest, but his shot from outside the area was tipped around the post for an unfruitful corner.  

The second half was more open. Alcón and Ruben had replaced Alberto and Julian and Alcón’s extra directness immediately caused the home defence problems. He nearly scored after 56mins, making ground down the left before cutting in and shooting across the goal, just clipping the outside of the post. A minute later the game was effectively put out of the reach of Albarán when the huge Pepe, totally unable to deal with Fernando who was now playing on the right, bungled him over to earn a straight red card. The best move of the whole match came after 68mins. Sergio, in the centre circle, played a penetrating ball inside the full back Marin which Fernando picked up in his stride. His first time cross found Alcón, with a defender in close proximity and one or the other swept the ball into the net. Alcón deserved the benefit of any doubt for the distance he made down the middle! Abarán got a consolation goal just before the end, that sent the locals home a little happier. An horrific ball out of defence by Manolo went straight to Juan, who passed wide to substitute Paco and this time, the shot eluded Gines and went into the far corner.

This result moved Mazarrón out of the bottom three and made it 3 matches undefeated for the new coach Keni. The third of five consecutive away matches is at Calasparra this coming weekend.

Mazarrón: Gines, Cuenca, Dani (Munir), Manolo, Carrillo, Julio, Julian (Ruben), Sergio, Puti Alberto (Alcón), Fernando.

MMoM: Sergio


Mazarrón gain great draw.

Yeclano Dep  2, Mazarrón CF  2, 25.10.09

For the second consecutive away game Mazarrón went to the team leading the table but this time they gained a very creditable draw in a pulsating match that was by far the best game of football we have seen this season. The ground at Yecla is covered on two sides and this, along with two sets of noisy supporters created a great atmosphere and both teams rose to the occasion.

Most of the early pressure came from the home side, with Tonéte shooting wide after breaking in the very first minute, but Mazarrón nearly took a shock lead 3mins later. Julian played a ball inside the defender for Puti to run onto, and his shot beat Vicente, but was cleared off the line at the far post by skipper Pedro. Biri, who ran rings around Mazarrón last year, then had a shot saved after Gines had punched his initial cross out of the danger area, before Pablo Box shot wildly over the bar when well placed. Biri came close again with a 28m free kick that fizzed over the top corner of the goal and it seemed inevitable that all this pressure would yield a dividend before long. It came after 15mins. Manolo was forced into a foul on the huge Juan Carlos 26ms out. Pablo Box fired in the kick only to see Gines tip the ball onto the bar but Juan Carlos was first to react, heading in past the grounded keeper. Tonéte then had a gentle header saved by Gines following a corner on the right. After 35mins, from their first and only corner of the game, Mazarrón equalized. Julian’s kick went over the danger area and was part cleared by Jota, but only as far as Ruben. He passed back to Julio, whose cross was met by Dani and his looping header gave Vicente no chance. Ruben then had a free kick saved before Biri brought a great save from Gines at the other end. Biri was then substituted and went straight to the dressing room, obviously displeased with the decision.  

The first half hour of the second period was much more even. Mazarrón brought on Owono and Sergio and looked much more threatening. After 4mins a long ball found Owono who made room for himself before shooting, but Vicente scrambled a save to his left, then Puti was put in the clear by Sergio, but his shot was poor and went for a throw in! Mazarrón had the upper hand at this time and Owono and Sergio both came close again, Vicente pulling off another good save from the former. With 10mins of playing time remaining, Mazarrón took the lead. Sergio’s free kick on the right again found Dani and again he headed in cleanly, much to the delight of players and fans. Yeclano then through everything into attack and it only took then 2mins to get back on level terms when a header by Rumbo hit the post and Raul was on hand to put the ball in. The rest of the time consisted of frantic attacking by the home side, but Mazarrón held out despite Jose Ramon hitting the bar with a shot and Raul heading well wide when in a good position. This result should give the team much more confidence for the future.

Mazarrón: Gines, Cuenca, Dani, Manolo, Carrillo, Ruben (Owono), Julio, Mounir, Julian (Sergio), Puti (Boudir), Alcon .

MMoM: Dani


Much more positive from Mazarrón.

Mazarrón CF  1, Lumbreras  1, 18.10.09.

Following the debacle of the previous week, the Mazarrón Committee grasped the nettle and sacked the coach. This match was totally different with the home side dominant from the start, playing some good football with the ball passed to feet and the aerial bombardment almost eliminated. The only problem was that despite the fact that they made numerous chances, it took a penalty for them to get on the scoresheet. Fourteen corners produced nothing.

In the first half, the action came thick and fast, with Alcón at the heart of most of the good things that Mazarrón were doing. The only thing that was lacking was a goal. The first real opportunity came when Alcón got to the bye line, pulled the ball back to Mounir and Puti, with the ball behind him, saw an overhead kick go wide of the goal. Alcón then came close with a free kick that bent around the wall but not quite enough to make the goal. Juan then headed Alcón’s cross straight at the keeper and Puti latched on to a poor back pass from Samir but blasted well wide of the target. With only their second real attack of the match, Lolo drew a foul from Dani, 4 ms outside the penalty area. He took the free kick himself and saw it curl into the top corner, with Gines rooted to ground, making no attempt at the save. Mazarrón nearly equalized straightaway. Alcón went up for a cross with the keeper, the ball came back to Julian whose goal-bound header was cleared off the line. Alcón and Julian (twice) came close but anything on target was being saved by David in the visitor’s goal.

Mazarrón brought on Owono and debutante Boudir for the second half to add some muscle to the attack, but the pattern remained much the same. Puti was getting himself into some good positions on the right, but his final ball into the area was woefully inaccurate more often than not, and the most effective route of attack was down the left with Carrillo and Alcón combining well. After 70mins, Lumbreras could have doubled their lead. Their second corner of the match was headed clear by Owono but only as far as Roki, whose powerful shot towards the far post was superbly saved by Gines. 2mins later Mazarrón gained a penalty. It followed an excellent move involving Ruben, Carrillo and Alcón, that saw the latter powering into the penalty area only to be brought down by Lumbreas’ Carrillo. It was his last action as he left the pitch injured after a prolonged period of treatment but Alcón remained cool, sending David the wrong way with his pile driver from the spot. Thereafter, the Lumbreras goal was under constant siege, but try as they would, Mazarrón were unable to force the winner that their play so deserved.

There were lost of encouraging signs in the match  and it should not be long before the team gets on track if they continue to play proper football, although this weekend’s trip to new table-toppers Yecla will be a stern test.

Mazarrón: Gines, Dani, Carrillo, Manolo, Julio, Juan(Ruben), Julian, Puti, Sergio(Boudir), Mounir(Owono), Alcón.

MMoM: Alcón


Problems Mounting for Mazarrón.

Mazarrón CF  0, Pinatar CF  2, 11.10.09.

This match was dreadful; by far the worst performance I have seen from a Mazarrón side in the five years I have been watching them. The appalling state of the pitch played a part, as it made football on the deck very difficult to play, but there is still no excuse for the way that the team capitulated almost entirely during the last half an hour. The body language of the players and the coach during this period led one to believe that they had little mutual faith and this problem will need to be addressed if the season isn’t to be a total disaster.

The Mazarrón squad is so thin that, without two of the best players in Julio and Fernando, the team was only able to name four substitutes. When the results of numerous yellow cards starts to kick in soon there will be even more problems. In fairness, Pinatar, in fifth place in the league, were little better, although when it counted, they had players with sufficient skills to take advantage of defence lapses, whereas Mazarrón didn’t. The home side did have a promising move after 6mins, when Owono and Alcon broke down the left, but the cross was well behind the advancing Puti and came to nothing. Raul, in the Mazarrón goal was then called upon the make two good saves. The first was from a cross field pass by Guerrero to Nacho who powered a shot, and the second when Lujan held up a long ball, pushed it a little wider to Martin and the keeper saved again. After 23mins, the visitors took the lead. Guerrero won a ball on the left when surrounded by three Mazarrón defenders. He made straight for the penalty area, beating another two defenders on the way and shot firmly past Raul into the far side of the goal. The home side had their best opportunity 10mins before half time. Substitute Mounir ran into the penalty area on the left and crossed for Owono to put the ball into the net, but Mounir had already run the ball behind the bye line.

In the second half Mazarrón got worse, failing to make anything like a scoring opportunity during the entire 45mins. Pinatar extended their lead after just 10mins when Nacho beat four defenders along the front of the penalty area, before squaring for Omar to shoot under the advancing Raul. It should have been three 15mins before the end when Mounir played a nothing ball towards his own goal and Martin nipped in before chipping over Raul, but just beyond the far post. By this time Mazarrón were totally disheartened and substitute Muñoz could have sealed it, picking up a loose ball only to see Raul beat the ball out from under his crossbar just before the end.

A second consecutive home match this coming weekend against Lumbreras will be crucial if Mazarrón are to get their season underway!

Mazarrón: Raul, Cuenca, Carrillo, Toli, Manolo, Puti, Owongo, Ruben, Sergio, Dani, Alcon.

MMoM: Raul

Table-Toppers beat Mazarrón.

Jumilla CF  2, Mazarrón CF  1, 04.10.09

Mazarrón went to table-toppers Jumilla and despite the narrow margin on the scoreboard, were well beaten by a side that will surely be in the mix at the end of the season. In front of about 1500 spectators and to the accompaniment of a ten piece band, the home side dominated for all but the opening stages of the first half, and the last few minutes, as the visitors pressed for an equalizer.

Jumilla had three former players from Mazarrón in their side and it was Mara who went close in the second minute after Jaime had played him in and he beat off two tackles before shooting just over the bar. Mazarrón then had two opportunities but Alcon’s cross was too high for the diminutive Fernando and then Sergio’s free kick was too long and comfortably punched out by Manolo. As the game progressed, Jumilla gradually increased the pressure and it came as no surprise when they opened the scoring after 20mins. Lobera, who was having the freedom of the park on the right, made a break and crossed for Jaime, who appeared to be off-side. His effort hit the post and Mara was first to react, side footing past the grounded Raul. Mazarrón had a couple of chances, Fernando’s cross eluding Alcon and then a lovely out-swinging free kick from Sergio that was headed clear, before Jumilla extended their lead in the 39thminute. This came from a superb 25m shot by Andres, who picked up a loose ball on the left and made straight for goal before unleashing his shot, giving Raul no chance as it crashed into the top corner.

Mazarrón had an early chance in the second half as a Sergio free-kick was headed on by Alberto, but Juan shot well wide, before the home side piled on more pressure and it looked as if the visitors would totally capitulate. However, Raul saved well from an Andres header and then he tipped a 25m pile driver from Menchon over the bar. The score looked certain the go to three as Cuenca played Raul into trouble on the edge of the area, but Lobera’s lob just beat the far top corner of the goal. At the other end however, Sergio took a free-kick that was easily cleared but it went straight to Fernando who drove from a distance and Manolo made a fine save, pushing the ball over for a corner. With three minutes left, Mazarrón gave themselves a chance. Alberto won a free-kick outside the area, Fernando passed short to Alcon whose deflected shot was parried by the keeper and Alberto was on hand to score an easy goal. Thereafter, the home side defended the late pressure for a well deserved victory.

Mazarrón are at home to Pinatar this coming weekend.

Mazarrón: Raul, Dani, Carrillo (Ruben), Toli, Cuenca, Julio (Mounir), Juan, Sergio (Manolo), Fernando, Alberto, Alcon.

MMoM: Sergio

And Again!

Beniel  2, Mazarrón CF  1, 23.09.09

Oh that football matches were only 85 minutes in length. If that were the case, Mazarrón would be 8th in the league now and six points better off than they are at 18th now. At Beniel they again conceded a late goal, making it four out of the five matches played for this to have happened.

The match started at tremendous pace with the visitors having all the early pressure with Fernando, Owono and Alcon all working well, before Fernando won a corner in the second minute. He took it himself and Dani rose majestically to produce a glancing header that David was unable to get near. Beniel were unable to get into the Mazarrón defensive third for the first five minutes of the game and  at the other end, Juan made a chance for Owono, but his shot was saved and then the same player made a telling pass down the right for Alcon, whose cross was headed firmly by Owono, but this was also saved by the keeper. As the half continued, Beniel started to apply pressure, but any good moves were snuffed out before there was any serious danger to the Mazarrón goal, with Toli having another excellent game at the heart of the defence. During this period, the visitors seemed to revert to the high ball to Owono again, as in previous matches but, although he won more than his share this time, the lack of support was a crucial factor. As the half closed, Owono had another shot saved after Sergio had made a break that beat the off side trap and Toli came close with a header from a corner.

The first few minutes of the second half  started like the first, and Fernando was particularly unfortunate to see a venomous shot from a tight angle deflected for a throw in. Then, with 30mins still to play, the Beniel captain Gabi was sent off for a second yellow card and the game turned. Beniel started to apply considerable pressure and Mazarrón were unable to cope again, and neither was the referee. Booking followed booking, with 12 players booked and a trainer from each side sent from the dugouts. After 68 mins, Beniel had a free kick a long way out, the defence couldn’t deal with the ball and Samu had time and space to fire in the equalizer. From there in, Mazarrón tried to hold on to a point, a tactic that hasn’t served them well so far this season and didn’t again in this match. With only 4mins left, Gabi, a powerful striker of the ball, took a free-kick near the half way line. Substitute Larosa headed down and Abel completed a simple tap in to leave the visiting fans totally deflated. There was still time however, for Manolo to get himself needlessly sent off and this already thin squad is going to be considerably stretched in the coming weeks.

Mazarrón: Gines, Fernando, Carrillo, Toli, Manolo, Julio, Juan (Julian), Dani, Sergio (Ruben), Owono, Alcon.

MMoM: Toli

Mazarrón concede late again.

Mazarrón CF  2, Plus Ultra  2, 20.09.09.

The first half of the match was dire, played on a surface that is in desperate need of its autumn refurbishment. Indeed, neither side created anything like a chance until just past the half hour. In the absence of Puti, Alcon was pushed out wide on the right and Owono was given the role of lone striker and ball holder, and in the earlier periods he was unable to do either. He seemed unable to judge the flight of the ball through the air and barely won a header in the first 30mins.

The first activity of any note came after 31mins. Cuenca was booked for a foul on Gines out near the touchline in front of the Amigos, somewhat harshly considering some of the tackles Snr Gomez had allowed to pass without even a whistle. Abel played the free kick into the danger zone and the ball was edged wide, amid claims for a penalty from the visitors, that gained no response from the official. 3mins later Mazarrón made their first chance. Julio swung a long ball out to Carrillo on the left and after cutting back he hit a sweet cross right footed onto the head of Owono, but the chance ballooned over the bar. At the other end, Canceles did the hard work out on the left but then pulled his cross back into a huge empty space, to be cleared easily. After 44mins, Cuenca and Andres went for a 50/50 ball, got tangled up with each other and Snr. Gomez booked Cuenca again and sent him off.

The second half saw a total transformation in both sides. Mazarrón went in front after 52mins. Owono collected a long ball and smoothly played it wide to Fernando. He went straight for goal and slipped the ball under the advancing keeper to open the scoring. Alcon had a header cleared before substitute Omar shot into the side net for the visitors. After 69mins, Mazarrón conceded an awful equalizer. Robles picked up a loose ball on the edge of the area and Gines totally misjudged his shot. As he dived, he suddenly withdraw his arm, expecting the ball to be going wide, but it hit the inside of the post and went in. 2mins later, the home side restored the lead. Fernando took a free kick on the left and with the entire defence expecting it to go long, they stood and watched as Owono collected the short ball and put it in off the far post. The game looked won when Mazarrón conceded another late goal. Julio gave away a freekick 22ms out. Abel pushed the ball sideways to Omar, whose crisp shot was saved but not held by Gines. The visitor`s Gines was first to react, chipping over the prone keeper.

This coming weekend, Mazarrón are again at home, entertaining At. Pulpileño.

Mazarrón: Gines, Cuenca, Carrillo, Toli, Manolo, Julio, Owongo (Ruben), Sergio (Poyatos), Dani, Fernando, Alcon.

MMoM: Fernando

A First Win

I arrived at the ground at 3.30pm an after having a quick look at the pitch it was obvious that this game was not going ahead. At that time both corners on the main stand side of the pitch were under water as was large areas of the ground.
At 4pm the ref and 3rd officials, one being the female ref we had last year, had an inspection with officials from both teams in attendance,as they walked back to the dressing rooms Keni, Mazarrons director of football, looked up amazed and said the game was on.
In the following hour the rain continued to pour and as the sides ran out there was little grass to see. It later turned out that both teams wished to postpone the game but the ref, Mr Nicolas Espejo said as he could roll the ball so the game was on, obviously wanted his fee. We wondered how long before the game was abandoned, but once started the players were determined to do thier best in the appalling condition more suited to water polo than football.
Raul had replaced Gines in goal after the latters performances in the previous 2 games had led a lot to be desired and he didn't let us down.
Pascual, Mazarrons manager, employed his usual long ball game but in the circumstances it was a good decision as it was almost impossible for players to string two passes together.
The ref made allowance for the conditions in the first half with many tackles which would have led to yellow card in other games, going unpunished as the players struggled to keep thier feet. Although some tackles were hard the condition led to many being cushioned by the mud and surface water.
The first quarter of an hour players tried to acclimatise themselves to the conditions and the run, or lack of run, of the ball but this all changed in the 15 minute. 
As it was in the 15th minute Julius Caesar got hold of the ball at the edge of the area which had stuck in the water, he hit it so hard that it aquaplaned across the playing surface like skimming stones on a lake thus giving Juan Fran, the Pulpi keep no chance as it rifled into the back of the net.
Mazarron 1 Pulpi 0
The few fan attending, about 40 expats and 20 or so Spainish went wild, after all we were playing the team that beat runaway leads Jumilla on Wednesday.
In the 34th minute, Alberto just outside the goal area lashed in a shot but was somehow it was kept out by the Pulpi defence only for the ball to fall to Fernado who returned the ball with venom but again the ball was stopped on the line and worked away by the grateful Pulpi defence, Either shot deserved to be a second goal.
In the 40th minute a long clearance by Pulpi saw the ball stick in the mud just outside of Mazarrons penalty area, it would have, in normal circumstances, run through for and easy collecting by Raul but with a Pulpi forward bearing down Raul bravely ran out and cleared the ball into touch but took the full weight of the attacking players boot on the shin which resulted in Raul being replaced by Gines. Raul left the pitch very emotional, were they tears or the rain. He had played well up to that point.
Half time Mazarron 1 Pulpi 0
In the second half rain pour in torrents and the game followed the same pattern with long balls dominating the game.
There were only two plays of real note in the second half one when Alcon latched onto a through ball and neatly slotted the ball home but the lines woman flag Alberto for off side although a good 5 seconds before he had raised both hand above his head indicating that  he knew he was offside but was not interfering with play, but the goal did not stand. This was possibly the only bad decision by her all after noon, a very competent  official.
In the 86 minute Carrillos shot hit the crossbar and that was the end of any meaningful play although to add to the Mazarron supporters and I am sure all the players were shock and amazement the ref added 5 minutes of extra time from somewhere, obviously liked the rain
The other things to note was Muonir replaced the very effective Fernando. Mounir returning from injury put himself about and in one tackle took three Pulpi players out, I put it down the the conditions, and Gines had a very confident game in goal easily dealing with anything that came his way.
The ref finaly blew the whistle after going crazy with his yellow cards in the second half After returning the players applause of the fans we all trotted of home to bale out our villas whilst singing "Winning in the rain"
Final score Mazarron 1 Pulpi 0

 Raul (Gines m. 40), Cuenca, Andreu, Dani Marín, Toly, Julio Cesar, Sanchez (Poyatos m. 66), Fernando (Mounir m. 77), Carrillo, Alberto and Alcon.

Many thanks to Steve for this report.

Everything except Goals!

Puente Tocinos CF  1, Mazarrón CF  0, 13.09.09

This is beginning to look as if it could be a long season for Mazarrón. They dominated this game but were unable to score and this has the makings of a massive problem. In midfield they had control, chances they had many, corners they dominated eight to one but still they couldn’t score. Puente Tocinos, playing their first season in the Tercera, had a team that was full of height and they adopted a packed defensive strategy that the visitors tried to counter too often by playing high balls into the middle.

In the early stages, most of the good attacking play came down the visitors right flank, with Puti being the one to get the scoring opportunities, but an early shot hit the keeper after good work by Sergio and Owono and another shot later on went harmlessly wide after a quick free kick taken by Julio caught the defence napping. One of the best chances of the half fell to the home side when the rangey Ronchas made a chance but his fellow striker shot wide from the penalty spot with only the keeper to beat. As the half progressed, Alcon and Carrillo started to apply more pressure down the left and one move in particular could have produced a goal when Alcon pulled the ball back for Julio on the edge of the area but the keeper made a fine save from his powerful shot. In the final 5 mins, two good chances fell to Owono. In the first, Juan supplied the ball to Puti and his cross was headed goal-wards by the striker, only to be saved and shortly afterwards Owono made himself a chance but his shot lacked power and was comfortably saved.

Early in the second half, Alcon and Owono set up Sergio with the best chance so far, but he was unable to get any power behind his shot and it was saved comfortably. In the following few minutes, the match was decided. One of the Tocinos midfielders was sent off for what appeared to be a retaliatory shove after a gentle challenge in the Mazarrón penalty area and then they took the lead when the Mazarrón defence was caught short handed for an attack down the left. A long ball picked out the winger and he squared the ball and the striker´s shot was deflected past Gines. The remainder of the game was almost incessant pressure from the visitors. Alcon shot into the side netting, Owono had a long effort saved and Toli headed over from a good cross by Sergio. The play became more and more frantic as Mazarrón  shot from all around the area but those that were on target were either saved or hit the keeper and others went either just wide or just over. At the final whistle, the home fans were overjoyed for winning a game that never looked to be there and the visiting fans left highly frustrated again.

Mazarrón: Gines, Cuenca (Fernando), Carrillo, Toli, Juan, Julio (Julian), Puti, Dani, Sergio (Ruben), Owono, Alcon.

Mazarrón Rue Missed Chances!

Mazarrón CF  2, Fortuna CF  3, 06.09.09.

Mazarrón somehow managed to contrive to lose a match that they were in control of for 80% of the time, in the most unfortunate of ways, in the very last minute of normal time. This, after being two goals up in first seven minutes!

Mazarrón got a dream start in the first minute of the game. Sergio played a superb ball out to Juan on the right wing, who cut into the penalty area almost unchallenged and fired a lot shot into the far side of the goal. Two minutes later Julio Cesar played a similar ball to Puti on the right but his shot was narrowly wide of the goal. After seven minutes the lead was doubled. Alcon dispossessed José on the left and made it to the bye line, before pulling the ball back to Fernando who swept the ball under the advancing Alberto for an easy second. At his stage it looked as though the home side was going to have a hatful, but how wrong could we have been. Mazarrón continued to apply most of the pressure and an excellent opportunity was missed in the 22nd minute when Ruben found Puti with room on the right. His cross was cut out by Alberto diving at full stretch with both Alcon and Fernando waiting unmarked in the middle. For the last 15mins of the first half, the match was turned on its head as the visitors pulled back 2 goals. The first came following a mistake by Raul, who looked very unsure of himself throughout. He threw a short ball out to Cuenca, but Adolfo was onto him in a flash. He disposed the Mazarrón captain, crossed to Fran who had an easy tap in on the far side. Two minutes later it could so easily have been level. Fulgericio had the ball on the edge of the area with nearly all the defence out of position but fortunately he wanted too much time and Juan made a timely block with Raul nowhere. This spell of pressure was rewarded though in the 43rd min. Again Adolfo started the trouble. His pass to Fulgericio was moved further to the left and Juanjo had an easy job, stroking the ball under Raul.


For the second half, Mazarrón replaced Ruben with Owongo, another striker and played with two men up. The extra striker gave them more balance and again they applied most of the pressure. After 61mins, Carrillo and Owongo combined to present Puti with an open goal, only for him to side foot the ball wide. Puti nearly made amends after 68mins, but his cross was deflected away from both Alcon and Owongo in the middle. Then Sergio and Alcon made a chance for Owongo, but his shot was well saved by Alberto. Alcon had a shot saved before Owongo broke down the right, but he was too quick and there was nobody to receive his cross. As the clock went to ninety mins. a long cross from Sergio found Owongo 2ms from the line. Inexplicably, the ball went skywards as he ended up in the back of the net. When the ball came down, a huge hoof out of defence found Fran and Manolo challenging. Fran won the ball, turned and slotted the ball under the advancing Raul for the visitors to steal the unlikely victory.

Mazarrón: Raul, Cuenca, Carrillo, Manolo, Julio, Puti (Julian), Ruben (Owongo), Sergio, Juan, Fernando (Dani), Alcon.

MMoM: Sergio


A Draw for Openers

Santomera CF  1, Mazarrón CF  1, 30.08.09

For a long time this summer, the future of the football club was in serious doubt. The previous sponsors had left the club, unable to continue due to the financial situation amongst developers in Spain. They also left nearly 50k euros of debt, including unpaid players salaries. However, a number of local business men have stepped into the void and Los Amigos have been asked to take a bigger part in the running of our club and a recent development has been that Tony Connelly has accepted a position of Vice President, and both Mick Madgewick and Steve Spencer have joined the Club Committee as full voting members. Los Amigos have provided the money for the home and away strips and will continue fund-raising throughout the season.

On the field, to say many of the players have only been together for less than a month, the quality of football was very good, particularly in the first half. Julio Cesar, playing just in front of the back four, and Sergio Sanchez, playing just behind the strikers, are going to be play-makers to be reckoned with in this league. However, despite the excellent build up work, neither side had much penetration against well drilled defences and it was not until the fortieth minute that there was a serious attempt on goal. It came for the home side, as Parri squared from the right wing but Ruben’s shot was easily held by Gines. Within a minute, Mazarrón took the lead. The massed Santomera defence looked to be holding the attack at bay, until Sergio cleverly lifted a ball over the top of their line. Alcon timed his run perfectly and lashed the ball into the net from just inside the penalty area.

At the beginning of the second half, the visitors remained in control. Alcon had a header go wide at the near post from a cross from Julio, and then Ruben sent the same player clear with a clever through ball but he shot just over when a square ball to the unmarked substitute Mounir looked a better option. Thereafter, most of the pressure came from Santomera but they were unable to make a clear goal chance until the 89th min. They won a soft corner on the right that was easily dealt with by a defensive header. The ball was played back down the left wing to Cristian whose deep cross found Mara who shot in the equalizer. In the 5th min of added time, Mazarrón had a chance to seal the game. Mounir released Carrillo on the left and his cross was met by Alcon sliding in, but his effort was cleared off the line. In the end, a draw seemed like a fair result overall, but I am sure there will be better to come from Mazarrón when fitness levels improve.

Mazarrón: Gines, Cuenca, Carrillo, Toli, Manolo, Julio, Puti, Fernado (Mounir), Ruben (Dani), Sergio, Alcon.