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Archive Reports 2008/9 - Tercera Division

The fixtures for the season were:

1 31/08 Mazarrón W 1-0 20 18/01 Cieza D 1-1
2 07/09 Jumilla L  0-4 21 25/01 Mazarrón D 1-1
3 14/09 Mazarrón D 3-3 22 01/02 Santomera L  1-3
4 21/09 Beniel L 1-0 23 08/02 Mazarrón W 1-0
5 28/09 Mazarrón W 1-0 24 15/02 La Uniόn D  0-0
6 05/10 Pinatar L  1-3 25 22/02 Mazarrón W 2-1
7 12/10 Mazarrón W 2-0 26 01/03 Caravaca D  0-0
8 19/10 Plus Ultra D  2-2 27 08/03 Mazarrón W 2-0
9 26/10 Muleño W 4-0 28 15/03 Mazarrón W 5-1
10 02/11 Mazarrón L  0-2 29 19/03 Moratalla L  1-2
11 09/11 Lumbreras W 5-0 30 22/03 Mazarrón D 1-1
12 16/11 Mazarrón D  1-1 31 29/03 Murcia Deportivo D 1-1
13 23/11 At. Pulpileño L  0-1 32 05/04 Mazarrón W 6-0
14 30/11 Mazarrón W 4-2 33 12/04 Yeclano L  0-3
15 07/12 Ciudad Lorca W 4-3 34 19/04 Mazarrón W 11-0
16 14/12 Mazarrón W 3-1 35 26/04 Lorca B W 2-1
17 21/12 Calasparra D  1-1 36 03/05 Mazarrón W 3-2
18 04/01 Mazarrón W 4-0 37 10/05 Bala Azul L  1-2
19 11/01 Pozo Estrecho W 1-0 38 17/05 Mazarrón W 5-3

Goal scorers:  Juanmi 21, Luki 12, Quintana 8, Kike 8, Cuenca 7,  Viti Gomez 7, Pablo 4, Rocamora 4, Del Baño 3,  Javi 3,  Deaza 2,  Emilio 1, Cantero 1,.

Players and Officials


Match Appearances for the first half of the season:

*Match Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Javi Soto * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Paco                     (*)             (*)  
Mora (*) *     (*)     (*) (*) (*) * * * * *        
Juanjo * * (*) * * * * * * * * * * * (*) * * * *
Del Baño *   * * * * * * * * *         * * * *
Milito *   * *                              
Cuenca * * * * * * * * (*) * * * * * *     * *
Cantero   (*) * * * * * * * *   (*)   * * (*) *   *
Deaza * (*) * (*)   (*) * * * (*)     (*) (*) * * * *  
Rocamora * *   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Viti Gomez * * *   * * (*) (*) * * * * *   * * (*)   (*)
Javi * * * (*) (*) (*) * * * * * * * (*) (*) * * * *
Emilio (*) * * * * *         (*) * * * (*) * * * *
Kike   * (*) * * * * * * * * * * * * (*) (*) * *
Quintana * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Luki                     (*) (*) * * * * * * *
Juanmi * * * * * * * * * * * * (*) * * * * (*)  
Julian (*) (*) (*) (*)                              
Munir         (*) (*) (*)   (*) (*)   (*) (*) (*)   (*) (*) (*) (*)
*Match Number 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
Javi Soto * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   *   *  
Paco       (*)         (*)       (*) (*) *   * * *
Mora                 (*)                    
Juanjo *   * * * * * * * *   * * *   * * * *
Del Baño * * * * * * * *   * * * * * * * * * *
Cuenca * * *       * * * * * * * * * * *   *
Cantero * * * *       (*) (*) (*) * *   *   * * * *
Deaza   * * * * *   * * *   *   * * *     (*)
Rocamora * * (*) * * * *   * * *   * * * * * * *
Viti Gomez * * * * * * * * * (*) * * * * * * * * *
Javi (*) * * * * *   * * *     (*) (*) * * * * *
Emilio *   * * * * * *   *   * * * *        
Kike *     * * * *   * * * (*) *            
Quintana (*)       (*) (*) * *                      
Luki * * * *           (*) * * *   * * * * *
Juanmi * * *   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Munir   * (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) *   *   (*) (*) * (*) * * *
Ivan Lopez (*) (*)                                  
Pablo       * * * * * * * * * * *         (*)
Guerrero       (*)   (*)                          

League Table(18.05.09)

        Home Games     Away Games       Overall      
  Team Gms W D L GF GA W D L GF GA W D L Sc G Diff. Pts.
1 Caravaca 38 16 2 1 67 4 11 3 4 47 20 27 5 5 114 90 86
2 Moratalla 38 13 5 1 42 14 11 3 4 38 17 24 8 5 80 49 80
3 La Uniόn 38 15 4 0 47 11 7 7 4 26 17 22 11 4 73 45 77
4 Yeclano 38 13 3 2 42 14 10 5 4 38 22 23 8 6 80 44 77
5 Pinatar 38 14 2 3 49 18 6 7 5 26 19 20 9 8 75 38 69
6 Mazarrón CF 38 14 4 1 56 18 5 6 7 24 26 19 10 8 80 36 67
7 Jumilla 38 8 9 1 34 14 8 5 6 28 19 16 14 7 62 29 62
8 Cieza 38 11 6 1 51 18 5 7 7 25 26 16 13 8 76 32 61
9 Beniel 39 6 5 7 12 14 8 6 5 25 18 14 11 12 37 5 53
10 Santomera 38 10 5 3 26 17 3 5 11 25 46 13 10 14 51 -12 49
11  At. Pulpileño 38 8 4 7 29 17 5 3 10 17 37 13 7 17 46 -8 46
12 Lorca B 38 4 6 8 27 32 5 9 5 21 20 9 15 13 48 -4 42
13 Murcia Deportivo 38 7 4 8 22 29 4 5 9 19 27 11 9 17 41 -15 42
14 Calasparra 38 6 6 6 20 21 3 7 9 22 37 9 13 15 42 -16 40
15 Plus Ultra 38 5 7 7 23 25 5 3 10 20 37 10 10 17 43 -19 40
16 Bala Azul 38 5 4 9 25 33 6 0 13 25 52 11 4 22 50 -35 37
18 Lumbreras 38 4 5 10 24 45 3 1 14 15 44 7 6 24 39 -50 27
17 Pozo Estrecho 38 3 2 13 13 37 4 4 11 24 50 7 6 24 37 -50 27
19 Muleño 38 4 7 8 21 36 0 4 14 12 47 4 11 22 33 -50 23
20 Ciudad Lorca 38 3 1 14 23 60 1 1 17 9 85 4 2 31 32 -113 14
Playoffs Relegated

League Position, week by week

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
5                                     M M                                    
6                                   M     M           M                 M M M
7                                               M   M   M     M   M M M      
8 M                   M         M M         M M   M       M M   M            
9                 M     M M M M                                              
10         M                                                                  
11                   M                                                        
12     M       M M                                                            
13   M       M                                                                
14       M                                                                    
    Upward Move                                                                  
    Downward Move                                                                
    No Change                                                                    

Mazarrón Win Last Match in Style

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 5  CD Pozo Estrecho 3, 17.05.09

This result cemented Mazarrón´s sixth place in the league, and unfortunately for the visitors, it condemned them to relegation. Absentees from the previous week were back and so Mazarrón had the rare luxury of four substitutes. It was also good to see Pablo return as a sub for the final match. Before the match, Juanmi was presented with the Los Amigos ´Player of the Season´ trophy, just reward for his 21 goals.

Mazarrón had the lead within 5mins of the start. Del Baño, who has had a tremendous season in the heart of the defence, played the ball to Viti on the right. He comfortably beat Godoy before squaring for Luki   to calmly side foot in. The home side had the better of the subsequent play, with Luki and Viti prominent, until Pozo scored an unlikely equalizer after 30mins. A poor back pass by Munir played Paco into trouble and he had to resort to fouling Lamy. Cuco sent Paco the wrong way from the spot and things were all square again. This status was short-lived however, as the home side scored on the stroke of half time. Javi´s free kick on the right was headed down by Del Baño to Rocamora. He found Viti on the right, who again evaded Godoy´s tackle before crossing to Cuenca. His first header hit the keeper and went into the air and he was first to react when it came down again.

The second half was very entertaining as Pozo pushed forward to try to gain the win they needed. Within 2mins of the restart, Mazarrón broke from halfway. Deaza sent Javi away down the left before making ground for the return. It went just over his head, but Viti was waiting behind. He controlled with his first touch and fired in with his second. Pozo came back though, and just over the hour, they scored again. A long ball out of defence looked to have found Lamy off side, but he rode his luck, looping the ball over Paco before running around to head it in. Luki then caught the defence napping, robbing Salva just outside the area and then rounding Bartolo to slot the ball into the empty net. There was still time for the visitors to come back, and they did it through Jose Antonio. He picked up a loose ball inside the Mazarrón half. As he ran in, his first shot was blocked by Paco, but he made no mistake with the rebound. Deep into injury time, Pablo, on for the last couple of mins, steered the ball out to Viti, whose cross-come-shot came out off the bar to Luki who coolly completed his hat trick.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the club during the close season, but at least all the fixtures were fulfilled this year and at the end, the players showed their appreciation of the support they have had this season

Mazarrón:  Paco, Munir, Del Baño, Cuenca, Juanjo, Viti, Cantero, Rocamora, Javi(Pablo), Luki, Juanmi(Deaza).



Mazarrón Lose Local Derby

CD Bala Azul 2 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1, 10.05.09

The happenings at the start of the match do not bode well for the future of Mazarrón Football Club. It appears that at least two more players have left the club which meant that the reserve goal keeper Paco was called up to play as a striker and there were no named reserves. As the whistle was blown to start the play, all the Mazarrón players sat down on the ground in protest, presumably at not having been paid by the owners of the club. The home players kicked the ball around amongst themselves for about 30secs, as a act of solidarity.

As the game proper got started, Bala Azul were the first ones to settle down and Soto had to be sharp to save a shot from Agustin, before Juanmi hit a shot on the volley from 16ms that went just wide. In the 20th min, Raul, in the home goal was fortunate to stay on the pitch when he bolted out to flatten Paco on the edge of his area when he was the final line of defence. Perhaps he didn´t know that he was a goalie as well!Juanmi´s curling free kick was punched over the bar by Raul. Bala Azul took the lead in the 30th min. Munir, again playing as a makeshift right back, gave the ball away in midfield. Mada´s run caught out both Del Baño and Soto as he fired into the empty goal from just inside the area. Four mins. later, Del Baño showed that he was up for the challenge, starting a move in his own half and the galloping into the penalty area to head Viti´s cross over the bar.

In the second half, Mazarrón had more of the play and played the more cultured football, but despite how hard Paco tried, a striker he isn´t. Bala Azul were trying to hit the visitors on the break and on 60mins they made it work. Hato, who had an excellent game throughout, played the ball over the top and Arturo timed his run perfectly to fire past Soto. 10mins later a superb move by Mazarrón pulled a goal back. Munir started the move on the half way line. Cantero fed the ball to Viti and his ball through found Juanmi, who rounded the keeper and side footed in from a tight angle. Before the end, Rocamora shuddered the bar with a header from a corner and in added time he headed another just over, but it was not to be and the home side avenged their earlier defeat despite having Emilio sent off just before the end.

Mazarrón are due to host Pozo Estrecho this coming weekend, but Soto´s action of throwing his shirt to the crowd at the end, casts doubt on whether it will go ahead or not.

Mazarrón: Soto, Munir, Del Baño, Rocamora, Juanjo, Viti, Cantero , Javi, Luki, Juanmi, Paco


Mazarrón’s Late Late Show    
Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 3, Calasparra FC  2,  01.05.09    
    Pics by PascU MendeZ
Mazarrón lined up with Munir at right back with Juanjo switching to the left. Del Baño and Cuenca were the central defenders and Rocamora was pushed up into midfield. This selection could have been made to work as long as Munir didn’t find himself having to make a tackle in the penalty area!   Cantero tussles for the ball
Cuenca celbrates the winner as a Calasparra player appeals for a yellow card!   As it happens, Munir’s first tackle was just outside the area, for which he was yellow carded in only the 4th minute. Paco punched the resulting free kick over the bar for a corner. Iozano took the kick and placed it perfectly onto the head of David who obliged with a simple goal. It took a long time for the defence to get over this start, but Juanmi should have squared things up when he side footed Viti’s cross against the far post trying to be too clinical about his finish. The only other good chances in the first half were when Juanmi squared a free kick to Javi who shot just wide, and a little later Javi returned the service but Juanmi’s shot was blocked by a packed defence. Calasparra didn’t manage another chance on target, although Atienza shot over when well placed and Iozano belted a free kick out of the ground from a good position.
Mazarrón were much more purposeful in the second half. In the first minute Cuenca headed a Javi free kick a metre wide, and shortly after this, Juanmi had a free kick saved at full stretch by Ivan, who was the busier of the two keepers by a long margin. Luki managed to place a shot just over the bar and then Iniesta had a good chance at the other end when a Del Baño headed clearance went up in the air and fell to him just outside the area, but his placed side foot was just over. As the half progressed, Mazarrón exerted more pressure as Rocamora began to take control of the centre of the park, but it was looking as if Ivan was going to save everything that was on target. With only 12mins left, the home side got the break they needed. Rocamora ‘s pass to Viti on the right was inch perfect and his cross found Juanmi in the centre. He needed too much time however and was being shepherded out of the danger area when he was inexplicably fouled. He easily converted the spot kick himself. The best move of the game then led to Mazarrón taking the lead in the 84th min. Juanmi beat two defenders on the left hand side before releasing Juanjo on the overlap. His cross found Viti in space, whose diving header gave Ivan no chance. Just when it looked as if the game was won going into added time, Iozano took a corner on the left. The ball was headed on to David behind the defence and he pulled it back for substitute Palote to side foot in. However, straight from the kick off, Juanmi was pointlessly blocked and Javi’s free kick was perfect for Cuenca to glance in the winner.   Ivan punches clear of Rocamora

Mazarrón’s Great Escape

Lorca Dep. CF B  1 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2, 26.04.09

For the first three quarters of this game, played in almost continuous light rain, Lorca B was the better side as Mazarrón struggled to get any sort of rhythm into their game, but they were made to pay a harsh price for their failure to convert good approach play into goals when they were on top.  In the end it was the visitors who took the spoils, greatly encouraged by the travelling support who outnumbered the home fans by about 3 to 1.

Trujillo and Labella both missed good chances in the opening quarter of an hour, before they combined well, with the former making good ground down the right before crossing for his strike partner to score with a crisp shot into the top corner, giving Soto no chance of a save. Fifteen minutes later Mazarrón were fortunate to stay in the game as Berni pulled a ball back on the left to Carrillo. His cross was met by Heredia breaking through the defensive line, who shot past Soto, only to be given off side, somewhat harshly. It looked to be more of a case of the forward being too quick for the linesman. The only real chance that Mazarrón had during the first half came just before the break when Luky bore in from the right and crossed to Juanmi close to Choche’s goal.  The keeper failed to take control under pressure from Juanmi and as the ball rolled out to Viti in a great position, he shot wildly over the bar from barely 6 metres out.

The opening period of the second half was again controlled by the home side, but they couldn’t convert their supremacy into goals and were made to pay after 67 mins. Javi took a free kick on the right and Juanmi got up higher than anyone else to glance a header past Choche, much to the delight and relief of players and supporters alike. Mazarrón then raised their game and Javi should have made it two after he broke from mid field, only to see his attempted lob sail over the bar. Labella twice and Trujillo both had good chances that they failed to convert and with only five minutes left, substitute Munir won a free kick on the right, in a similar position to the one that led to the first goal. Javi found Juanmi again, but this time he was beyond the defenders near the far post. He headed down and back to Rocamora who steered the ball home through Choche’s legs for an unlikely lead. It was down to both keepers to have the final say. Some great play by Juanmi made a chance for Javi but his shot from distance was well saved by Choche, before Soto earned his bread, pushing a dipping free kick from Trujillo over the bar at full stretch.

Mazarrón host Calasparra this coming weekend.

Mazarrón:  Soto, Juanjo , Del Baño, Rocamora, Cuenca, Viti, Cantero , Deaza , Javi, Luki(Munir), Juanmi


Ciudad Lorca no match for Rampant Mazarrón
Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 11, Ciudad de Lorca CF  0,  18.04.09
Photos by PascU MendeZ,    
Mazarrón made it 17 goals in their last two home games in one of the biggest mis-matches I have seen at a football match since I was at school. In doing so they made light work of only having one semi-fit substitute in a seriously depleted squad. In the first half, the only time the Lorca defence looked comfortable was when they were returning the ball to the centre spot for another kick off!   Juanmi places his shot
Paco's penalty save  

In the 4th min, after Viti had already missed a golden opportunity to open the scoring, a Lorca free kick went straight to Emilio, who slotted the ball through the centre for Juanmi to run onto and score the first of his four goals. 2mins later, a Lorca corner was cleared at the near post to Juanmi in midfield. He passed to Deaza who made it 2-0 from the edge of the penalty area. Viti then missed a chance to cross to un-marked team mates and had his shot saved, before Javi crossed from the left, Luki chested goalwards but it was cleared off the line to Deaza who scored from long range again. Deaza then turned provider for Juanmi to side foot in and immediately after this, Viti’s shot was saved for a corner that Deaza placed onto Del Baño’s head for number five, with the game still only seventeen mins old. The team from Lorca then had a couple of chances of their own. Alves shot a free kick over the bar from 30ms and then Munir fouled Lass near the goal line but Paco, making a rare start in goal, saved the penalty from Motos, low to his left. Munir made amends 3mins later, placing a beautiful ball inside the full back for Viti to cross and Luki to side-foot in. Juanmi then shot over the bar from another Viti cross before scoring with a shot on the run after javi had done well. The first half scoring was rounded off when Munir played Luki in and he made it 8-0 with another shot on the run.


The second half was an anticlimax after the earlier 45mins. Motos was unlucky not to get his side going with a shot that crashed into the bar, Paco saving the follow up from Savio and throughout the second half, Alduldi and Alves looked more assured in the heart of Lorca defence. After 57mins, Deaza flighted a superb free kick from the left and Rocamora headed in, with another three home players well placed if he had missed it. The pace of the game subsided somewhat after this, although the home side went close, through Juanmi twice and a Del Baño header that was just over before, as the game entered its final 10mins, Juanmi turned and shot just over and then an Emilio header hit the bar from a Luki cross. With 5mins left, Viti ripped the defence open again on the right and Juanmi had plenty of time to pick his spot. Luki completed the scoring with a shot from the edge of the area that gave the dejected Narciso no chance.   Luki scores one of his goals

Mazarrón: Paco, Munir, Del Baño, Cuenca, Juanjo, Viti, Cantero, Rocamora, Javi, Luki, Juanmi.


Mazarrón well beaten in Yecla.

Yeclano Dep.  3 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 12.04.09

Only one week after achieving their best win of the season, Mazarrón suffered their worst defeat since the second match, way back last September. Yeclano dominated from the very start and in Biri, they had the most influential player I have seen all season, as he orchestrated nearly every move the home side produced. However, it has to be said that the referee also played an important role, sending off two Mazarrón players, to the amazement of fans of both sides.

The home side started with a strong breeze in their favour and the tactic seemed to be to try to put the ball onto the head of the huge Juan Carlos at every opportunity, and it was a very effective tactic to adopt, nearly paying dividend as early as the third minute, when he headed a cross from Jota narrowly over Soto’s bar. Pablo had an early chance for Mazarrón, but his shot on the turn from the edge of the area went over, but this was a rare incursion into the Yeclano danger zone. After 22mins, the game was put beyond the visitors reach. The referee had been having a quietly effective game until then, but as Cantero rose to challenge Tomas near the halfway line, he was adjudged to have had his elbow too high and was given a straight red card. From the resulting free kick, Del Baño was first to the ball but his header failed to clear and Juan Carlos was on hand to head into the net. Pablo was playing a lone striker role for Mazarrón and he did have a couple of half chances before he was injured in a collision with keeper Vicente and had to be replaced four minutes later. Juanmi took over the attacking responsibilities, but he never had the stomach for it and Mazarrón ceased to be any threat thereafter.

The second half became the Biri show. After 10mins, Juanjo was late into a tackle on him and was sent off for a second yellow. The pressure really stepped up then and Paco, on for the injured Soto, had a busy time between the sticks. Valdeolivas sent a bullet header from a corner just wide and then, as Biri crossed the Juan Carlos, the forward fell over under the slightest of pressure from Cuenca and Pablo Box sent Paco the wrong way from the spot kick. With Juanjo gone, Biri had a free range on the left and set up chance after chance for the home strikers, but it was not until just before the end that he gave Jota the chance to cross and substitute Crivi powered in at the far post, giving Paco no chance. 2mins into added time, Cuenca went on a rampaging run through the Yeclano defence to set up Munir, but he wanted far too much time and the visitor’s best chance to score of the entire match was wasted.

Mazarrón host bottom team Ciudad Lorca this coming weekend.

Mazarrón:  Soto(Paco), Juanjo , Del Baño, Rocamora, Cuenca, Viti, Cantero , Deaza , Emilio, Pablo(Javi), Juanmi(Munir)


Mazarrón Thrash Pulpileño

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 6, AT Pulpileño  0,  05.04.09    
Fotos PascU MendeZ    
Mazarrón inflicted their biggest defeat of the season on visitors Pulpileño and in doing so scored six for the first time in this campaign. It was suitable revenge for the match last November when Mazarrón had all the play but failed to score in a 1-0 defeat, and the intent was obvious as they lined up in a 4-2-4 formation.   Del Bano challenges Mena
Viti Gomez on a roll   The only chance that the visitors had in the first half was in the first minute when good work by Romario played Alavaro in behind the defence but Pedro headed the cross wide of an almost open goal from 4ms. Thereafter, Mazarrón took control although it took them 14mins to take the lead. A free kick by Emilio was headed down to Pablo by Juanmi in the penalty area. Pablo’s shot was palmed away by Mena but only into the path of Viti, who buried the chance easily. 90secs later the lead was doubled. A long free kick by Soto was controlled just outside the area by Kike, and his shot was only half stopped by the arms of Mena and it bounced into the net. Pulpileño had no idea how to cope with the rampant Pablo and Juanmi and the latter had a good shout for a penalty turned down, although he does tend to go down too easily. Juanmi then made a chance for Pablo but his 20m shot was saved by Mena. As the half progressed, Luki started to get in on the fun and it was he who was fouled by Meca after 37mins and Juanmi comfortably dispatched the spot kick to give the home side a commanding half time lead.
The second half started in the same fashion, but from the restart, Pablo was never in control of Juanmi’s knock down and his shot went well over. Paco, who had replaced keeper Soto at half time, then blocked a shot by David, but this was a rare incursion by the visitors. After 51mins Viti, having an excellent game on the right, crossed to Pablo, who headed into the path of Juanmi. His shot hit the underside of the crossbar and bounced out to Luki who headed into a gaping space in the goal. Pulpileño had a couple of long range chances but back came the home side through Luki. His first cross was blocked but his second found Juanmi who shot into the top corner for the fifth, with still more than 30mins to play. The home side remained totally in control, but only managed one more, just before the end. Munir set Pablo away and his great cross was met by Juanmi at pace who duly completed his second hat trick in three weeks. The only disappointment was that Pablo, who had worked tirelessly throughout, didn’t get onto the scoresheet. A sterner test awaits this coming weekend with a trip to top four side Yecla.   Kike goes in hard

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto(Paco), Juanjo ,Del Baño, Rocamora, Cuenca, Viti Gomez(Munir), Kike(Javi), Emilio, Luki, Juanmi, Pablo


Mazarrón miss out.

Murcia Deportivo  1 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1, 28.03.09

Mazarrón went to Murcia with only one outfield substitute again and found the blustery conditions with occasional light rain, difficult to master on the artificial surface at the superb municipal sporting complex.

The first half was woefully short of good football and chances were few and far between, but the home side engineered better ones. After 18mins, Marin took a free kick for the home side out on the left and the wind added to the curl and Soto did well to touch the ball onto the crossbar and out for a corner.  Just before the end of the half, Murcia could have taken the lead as Mario cut in from the left, beating three defenders before unleashing a great shot that rattled the far post before being dealt with by the visiting defence. In between these efforts, Mazarrón had but one good chance when Viti and Juanmi combined well down the right and the latter crossed to Pablo, but his stooping header went wide from only 3ms out when he should have done much better.

Thankfully the quality improved after the break. Del Baño blocked a header from Quadavin on his goal line early on before Luki managed a turn and shot on the edge of the area that was just wide of Alberto’s goal. After 57mins, Cuenca made a rare mistake when he was robbed of possession 30ms out and Quadavin’s shot across Soto was superbly saved, but he was not to be denied 6mins later when Cuenca slipped this time and he made no mistake shooting along the ground under the diving keeper. Pablo was proving a handful for the home defence, but his final touch always seemed to let him down. Then two stupid sendings off followed one after the other. Mazarrón’s Deaza was first for back chatting the referee and gaining two yellows, before equality was restored when Samuel kicked the ball away and gained his second yellow. With 10mins remaining, Juanjo and Kike made a chance for Pablo from the left, but as he turned to shoot he was dragged over in the area and Kike coolly dispatched the spot kick. Right at the death, 3mins into added time, Pablo had a golden opportunity to win the game. He rounded Alberto but instead of rolling the ball into the empty net, he tried to burst the net and shot over.

Mazarrón host AT Pulpileño this coming weekend at the Estadio Municipial.

Mazarrón:  Soto, Juanjo , Cuenca, Del Baño, Viti, Cantero , Deaza , Emilio, Pablo, Juanmi (Kike), Luki


Nine Men of Mazarrón Struggle to Draw.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1, Lumbreras  1,  22.03.09

Photos by PascU MendeZ


Bottom of the table Lumbreras came to Mazarrón and it all went wrong almost from the beginning. The home side are now down to the bear bones of a squad, their only fit substitute being the reserve goal keeper and when things needed freshening up, there was nobody available to fulfill the role.

The first half began promisingly enough with some good penetrative approach play against a fairly static defence that had been leaking nearly three goals a game, but the final finish was strangely lacking. Pablo came close on a couple of occasions but generally as the half wore on and the mid field started giving the ball away as if it was infectious in some way, it began to look as if neither side would score until Del Baño had a bullet header just over the bar from a Kike free kick. The game was also being spoilt by a lot of diving around by players on both sides and the referee made some bizarre decisions that were to get even worse after the break.


  Del Bano heads goalwards, but just over
Acrobatics from Pablo   The second half started much better for the home side until Munir was sent off for a second booking, the result of a stupid shirt pull after 53 minutes. This had the effect of spurring the team on and Kike came fairly close with two long range efforts, one that went over and one that went just wide. The best opportunity came after 68mins, when Kike played a superb diagonal ball to Viti Gomez on the right. He beat the full back and squared towards Juanmi and Pablo, but unfortunately Juanmi shot a metre wide when in a great position to open the scoring. With Mazarrón doing all the attacking, Lumbreras turned the game on its head 2mins later. A long punt out by Alonso was headed on by Maxi to Dani, who shot into the corner from just inside the penalty area. It only took 4mins for the equalizer. Juanmi, who had been trying to pass 3 players at a time all afternoon, delivered a quick through ball to Viti who fired across Alonso into the net. Even the sending off of Rocamora, again for two yellows, did not stop the advance now and Kike had a tremendous drive well saved from 25ms as Lumbreras desperately defended against nine men in red, but a winner was not to be.  

The fixtures for the rest of the season have all been brought forward by one week, so the next home game is on the weekend of the fifth of April.

Mazarrón: Soto, Viti, Del Baño, Rocamora, Cuenca, Munir, Cantero, Kike, Juanmi, Pablo, Luki.

Stroll in the Sunshine for Mazarrón.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 5, Muleño  1,  15.03.09

After the first 20mins of the match, there was only ever going to be one winner and the home side duly took control to cruise to an impressive win. Twelve corners to one and only one booking against six (including one red card) says it all. The Mazarrón players came out wearing tee shirts wishing Quintana a speedy recovery from his serious cruciate ligament injury acquired in the previous match.

Mazarrón made a whirlwind start, but had to wait until the 8th minute for Munir’s glancing header to pass just over the bar, but it was the visitors who scored the first goal. After 17mins, Oli played a ball over the top of the defence and as Cuenta slipped, Carlos ran on alone. His shot was blocked but not held by Soto and he was able to tap the rebound into the empty net. This seemed to shock the home side and for a while it was them that looked like the visiting team, attacking on the break with only Pablo up, but this all changed after 27mins. Cobarro, in goal, seemed content to punch everything that came near him, and he punched a Javi corner away, only for Juanmi to win a free kick out on the left. Javi flighted his cross perfectly for the in-rushing Cuenca to beat the static defence to head the equalizer. This marked the turning of the tide as Mazarrón attacked in numbers. Pablo and Deaza had shots saved and Kike headed a Deaza cross just wide before Munir, having his best game for the club from a rare start, released Viti down the right. The move looked to have lost its shape as he pulled the ball back to Kike, but his lobbed centre found Pablo beyond the far post and he made no mistake, shooting in from 4ms.

The second half had barely got underway before Kike and Pablo combined well on the right. Kike’s cross was handled in the area and Juanmi made it three, low to Cobarro’s right from the penalty spot. 5mins later, Oli fouled Kike and Deaza’s pin point free kick was headed down by Pablo into the path of Juanmi ,who passed two defenders before coolly slotting home his second. It looked as if a cricket score was on the cards at this stage, but despite having all the play the home side only managed one more goal as the tempo of the game decreased markedly. It came after Javi had made good ground passed two defenders on the left. His cross, however, was dreadful but it found Juanjo way out on the right. Without hesitation, he banged the ball back in, Juanmi got on the end of it and he control was tremendous as he pulled it down before completing his hat trick to complete the rout. Before the end, Fran, who had only been on the pitch for 12mins, was sent off for a second booking as Muleño played out time very slowly.

Forthcoming fixtures have been moved around. Sunday’s match at Moratalla has been brought forward to Thursday, and the game on Sunday will be at home again against AT Pulpileño.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto(Paco), Juanjo ,Rocamora, Cuenca(Mora), Javi, Munir, Deaza(Cantero), Viti Gomez, Kike, Juanmi, Pablo

Mazarrón gain Comfortable Win

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2, Plus Ultra CF 01,  08.03.09


Mazarrón had this game sewn up well before half time, playing some superb passing football and leaving the opposition in almost complete disarray, but the second half was not nearly as convincing as Plus Ultra introduced a little height to their attack and made a decent game of it.  

Viti Gomez, who went on to have his best game for some time, had a stinging shot hit the keeper in the opening minute and seven mins later he collected a great through ball from Juanjo and crossed into the danger zone, but neither Quintana nor Pablo could get onto the end of it. Immediately after this, the referee got in the way of a pass in the middle of the pitch and the ball fell to Deaza. His pass found Pablo, who steered the ball out to Juanmi on the left, before racing into the middle to side foot the return into the net to comfortably beat Buyo and open the scoring. The Juanjo-Viti combination then produced a chance for Quintana but his glancing header passed just beyond the far post. As the game approached the end of the first quarter, a 1-0 lead was scant reward for the superb passing football from the home side but this was immediately rectified when Cuenca’s glancing header from a Deaza free kick nestled into the far corner of the goal. Up to this point, the only attempt that the visitors had had was shot by Abel that was several metres over the bar from 20ms out. The best move of the half, during which Mazarrón had at least 12 consecutive passes, culminated in Quintana heading Javi’s cross just over the bar. Javi then took a short corner to Juanmi before crossing the return for Del Baño to side foot a volley into the appreciative arms of Buyo.


  Deaza breaks clear
Juanmi defends his ball

Fotos: PascU MendeZ


The game went off the boil in the second half as Carpe and Afrane joined the Plus Ultra attack, and they looked a much better side for it, despite a series of Mazarrón attacks that resulted in Del Baño heading into the goal, only for the effort to be disallowed for someone else’s foul on the keeper. The better chances continued to fall to Mazarrón and Plus Ultra had to survive three in quick succession. Firstly, Viti on the right crossed for Pablo to head goalwards, but without power and Buyo saved comfortably, then Viti broke again and this time, with five Mazarrón attackers in the penalty area, he couldn’t get his cross past the first defender. The third attempt in three minutes saw Deaza trying to lob the keeper from fully 40ms but Buyo scurried back onto his line to save. Carpe had a couple of chances for the visitors but the first, a header, was wide and Soto was able to comfortably catch the second, a shot from a tight angle. On the stroke of time, Munir and Pablo broke free of the defence. Munir didn’t take responsibility and squared to Pablo, who inexplicably shot wide from only 6ms out.

This coming weekend, Mazarrón entertain Muleño at the Estadio Municipal.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo ,Del Baño, Cuenca, Javi, Emilio, Deaza, Viti Gomez (Cantero), Quintana (Munir), Juanmi, Pablo

Mazarrón gain valuable point.

Caravaca CF  0, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF  0, 01.03.09

Mazarrón went to table-toppers Caravaca with only 13 fit players, and two of those were goal keepers, and to come away with a point was a very creditable performance. This match completed a series of three matches against teams above them in the league, and a haul of five points from the three games was probably better then could have been expected.

The first half had few moments of excitement, but it was Mazarrón who came closest to scoring, with Pablo being at the centre of most of the good moves. Juanmi had a free kick fly over the bar after he himself had ‘earned’ it with a tumble just outside the area and then Gervasio went closer at the other end after Petu was fouled. Kike was next to have a good chance when Pablo laid off a long pass from Emilio, but his shot hit the keeper, who claimed the ball at the second attempt. Pablo himself then shot tamely after good work by Viti and Quintana, before he saw another diagonal shot go just wide with Cabaco well beaten. Just as half time approached, an excellent surging run from Quintana set Viti free on the right, but he stumbled badly with Pablo waiting in the centre and the chance was missed. The best opportunity of the half though fell to Parches, whose glancing header from a free kick nearly put the home side in front.

In the second half, both sides upped the tempo and although Mazarrón had more opportunities to score, Caravaca were the ones who made the best ones.  Petu blasted into the side netting when well placed in the opening seconds and the Quintana had his shot saved after Cuenca had made a good run. Back came Caravaca and, as Cuenca slipped, their Emilio was able to cross for De La Rosa to shoot, but Soto made and excellent save to keep the visitors in it. As the half wore on, the home side became more and more dangerous as Gervasio had a series of in-swinging free kicks that the Mazarrón defenders did well to keep out. Indeed, it was the visitors who nearly stole the points when a long punt by Soto was headed on to Viti by Pablo. The striker then made ground for the return and as he over ran the return slightly, he managed to turn and get in an audacious back heel that was only a metre wide of the mark. Deep into added time, Soto pulled off a great save from an Olivares header, before Kike was needlessly sent off for a second yellow card for trying to delay a free kick.

Mazarron are at home this coming weekend, against Plus Ultra.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Del Baño, Rocamora , Cuenca, Viti Gomez, Kike, Quintana (Munir) , Emilio, Juanmi , Pablo


Mazarrón leave it late!  
Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2, Pinatar CF 1,  21.02.09  
With only three points between the teams at the start of play, this should have been a cagey encounter, but as things worked out, the home side should have had the game sewn up well before their 88th minute winner.  Mazarrón again had Quintana on the bench as he is not yet fully fit and Pablo had the main striking role, as well as that of holding the ball up and bringing his team mates into play at every opportunity. Javi in control
Kike breaks from defence In the first half, Pinatar barely had an attack of any note and they failed to win a corner throughout the entire match. After six minutes, Javi provided one of many pin-point crosses that found Pablo well placed, but his powerful header was just wide of the mark and a minute later, Pablo was first to a long punt by Soto and his header released Kike down the left. Kike made ground before pulling the ball back to Juanmi, but his shot after some elaborate juggling was also narrowly off target. This pattern was repeated through the opening half. Pablo again came close with an out-stretched leg after Javi and Juanmi had made the opening down the left, but this time he had no power behind his effort and Paco saved well. Pablo headed another Javi cross over the bar before Kike picked up a loose ball following a Mazarrón corner. His shot from a tight angle bounced back into play off the far post to add to the frustration. With 10 mins of the half to go, the visitors had two attacks, but Juanjo made a timely tackle on Martin to thwart the first and then a free kick from 25ms was comfortably dealt with by the home defence.
The pattern was much the same at the start of the second half. Juanmi shot wide after making a break from midfield and then Del Baño headed centimeters over the bar from another superb Javi free kick. After an hour of play, Mazarrón took the lead that their dominance had deserved. A shot by Kike was blocked in the middle of the defence and the ball ended up with Juanmi on the left. He pulled it back Javi whose cross appeared to find Pablo about 3ms off side in the middle of the area. He brought the ball back, rounding Cristian in a full circle before firing past Paco low into the corner. The linesman allowed the goal to stand, indicating that Richar had been playing Pablo onside, but not many in the ground thought he was right. Pinatar’s disappointment was illustrated by a reckless tackle by Cano on Emilio in the middle of the park, shortly afterwards, for which he received a straight red card. This event was the forerunner to the best period that Pinatar had in the game. Del Baño was on hand to clear a deflected shot off the line and 5mins later, Berto hit a speculative shot from just outside the penalty that hit some rough ground and bounced over the outstretched arms of Soto for the equalizer. With only 7mins now remaining, Mazarrón went on the attack again. Quintana had a good chance cleared following a corner and then, with only 2mins of actual time left, Pablo played a great ball inside the fullback to Juanmi. He pulled it back to Deaza who unleashed a tremendous shot into the far corner to claim the points. Pablo celebrates as Cano appeals unsuccessfully

This coming weekend, Mazarrón have a trip to Caravaca, followed by two consecutive home matches.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo (Quintana), Del Baño, Rocamora, Javi, Emilio, Deaza, Viti Gomez, Kike (Munir), Juanmi, Pablo (Guerrero).

Fotos PascU MendeZ

Mazarrón hang on for a point.

CD La Union  0, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF  0, 15.02.09

Mazarrón went into the first of three difficult matches Luki out with a hamstring pull and Quintana only fit enough to take a place on the bench. La Union won the toss and elected to play with the stiff breeze mostly behind them and generally they looked the more likely to score in a fairly even first half.

The home side made their intentions clear when Cliki fired in a shot from just outside the area after only 2mins, but it went harmlessly by Soto’s right hand post.3 mins later, Juanmi and Pablo had a nice interchange before the former hit a shot that passed just over the bar from about 20ms out. These were, in fact the nearest either side came to scoring for more than half an hour, as the defences became more and more into control. Ex Mazarrón defenders Santi Silver and Carmona dealt with most of the attempts that the visitors were able to mount and Del Baño and Rocamora, with Emilio having one of his better games just in front of them, did likewise for Mazarrón. From a free kick 35ms out, after 32mins, Carmona deflected the ball with his head but fortunately Soto was alert enough to punch the ball clear. The overall impression from this half however, was that Mazarrón played too many balls in the air that were held up by the wind, and the La Union players were half a yard quicker to nearly every 50/50 ball.

La Union made two substitutions at the beginning of the second half and they had an immediate effect. Within 2mins, the ball was in the back of the Mazarrón net, but it had been headed from an off side position, much to the disappointment of the very vocal home supporters.  10mins later they should have taken the lead. Felix and Alberto created the chance and it was Felix’s cross to Cliki that was headed against the post, only to bounce back into the grateful arms of keeper Soto. At his stage the home side was well on top and it seemed only a matter of time before they pressed home the advantage, but somehow they failed to do so. Carmona had a powerful shot from distance pass just wide of the post and Del Baño had to head over his own bar to clear the danger after Soto had fumbled a punch out from another shot by Felix. As the home side became more and more frustrated it was Mazarrón who could have stolen the points right at the end. Firstly, with only 2mins left to play, beautiful work by Javi and Juanmi down the left resulted in the latter mis-guiding his shot but the ball pasted just in front of Pablo’s out-stretched leg with the goal gaping before him, then Quintana, who came on for the last 15mins, had what looked like a very good shout for handball in the area turned down by Snr Navarro in the final move of the game. It would have taken a brave man to award that in front of such hostile home support at that stage of the game.

This coming weekend, Mazarrón play host to Pinatar with the game being played on Saturday due to the fiestas taking place in the Town on Sunday.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo (Munir), Del Baño, Rocamora , Javi, Viti Gomez, Kike (Quintana), Emilio, Deaza, Juanmi , Pablo.

Mazarron return to winning ways after stumble

Santomera  3  Mazarron CF  1,  01.02.09

Mazarron CF 1   CD Beniel 0, 08.02.09.

In both these matches, Mazarron got off to a whirlwind start. At Santomera, it took only 6 mins for them to take the lead after Cuenca had had a good header saved by Alex. The goal was scored by Luki who latched onto a ball over the top from Javi to last the ball past the keeper. After 15mins, the home side were level after only their first attack. Soto failed to clear the corner, his punch going only as far as old Mazarron favourite Olave, who had a clear header into the goal. As the half proceeded, Mazarron had more chances to seal the game, with Luki going close again and Viti Gomez striking firmly against the post after a delightful ball from Juanmi.

Things went wrong in the second half however, as tempers became more frayed. After an hour, Cuenca stretched for a ball and went down with a torn hamstring and will be out for several weeks and Javi and Juanmi were both booked unnecessarily. Luki had a couple of good chances to put the visitors back in front but one was saved and the other went over the bar, before Romeo, who had looked well out his depth for Santomera, was sent off for a second booking. Javi then said something to the linesman and was sent off before Rubio gave the home side the lead from close range. Five minutes into added time Santomera sealed the game when Emilio up ended Antonio in the area and the substituted converted the penalty himself

At the start of the second match, it became apparent that some of the bizarre refereeing at Santomera had continued after the game. The referee`s report said that he had sent off Juanmi, not Javi, so Juanmi was suspended for this game. Mazarron fielded debutante Pablo, and what an eventful debut he had. He was booked after only six minutes and then scored the only goal to get the home side back on the winning track.

The match started at a tremendous pace, with Mazarron bombarding the Beniel goal area from the off. After 6 mins. Pablo had the ball in the net for the first time, but in his enthusiasm to impress he handled Deaza´s free kick and was booked for his pains. The attacks continued and after 11 mins, Kike´s cross was headed down by Pablo and Viti Gomez saw his shot deflected wide for Mazarron´s fifth corner of the game. Deaza took the kick again and found Pablo who coolly headed past the keeper Rojo from 3 ms out. It was 23 mins before Beniel had a real chance to score, such was Mazarron`s domination at this stage. When they did, Soto punched clear a free kick from Gusi, Deaza picked up the ball outside the area and a wonderfully flowing move involving Luki and Pablo, saw Viti Gomez carry the ball a little too far to deny himself a decent shooting angle. Luki should have sealed the game 2 mins later but he lifted the ball over both the keeper and the bar after more good work by Pablo and Viti. Luki also came close just before half time. Deaza floated a free kick on the left into the area and again Pablo won the header as he had many times before. He headed across the goal to Luki but he was just to far beyond the far post to squeeze the ball in.

In the second half, Pablo tired noticeably and the visitors came more into the game, without creating any clear cut scoring chances. The home side`s attacks were less penetrative, but again Viti could have put the game beyond reach when he was put clear down the right by Kike. He shot first time but unfortunately his volley curled away from the target and rebounded out off the far post.

Mazarrón extend unbeaten run!

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1 Jumilla CF 1,  25.01.09

Mazarrón have now gone for eight matches without defeat, a run that extends back to early November, although this match could have gone either way. The biggest man on the pitch was the referee and he made sure that he was the main talking point throughout, with some bizarre decisions. Funnily enough, the visitors had by far the better of them in the first half, but in the second, the pendulum swung the other way, with Mazarrón benefitting until the end, when Jumilla were able to waste a considerable amount of time without penalty. The home side regained some respect, after the drubbing they got at Jumilla earlier in the season.


The early exchanges were fairly indecisive, as Jabe went close for Jumilla, shooting just wide after Joseto had made a chance beating both Javi and Rocamora down the right side and Munir, making his first start of the season with Quintana nursing a strain and Kike dropped, being unlucky after an exchange with Javi gave him a shooting chance that appeared to be blocked with a hand in the area. The same player then slipped his marker and played Juanmi into a good position to cross, but Deaza, back after a two match suspension, shot straight at Guardia. Juanmi then had a shot saved and Luki shot wide when well positioned. Jumilla came more into the game as the half wore on, aided by Snr. Marin and his whistle. Jabe had a weak header comfortably saved by Soto and with just six minutes to go before half time, Jumilla took a deserved lead. Three successive corners, during a spell of intense pressure, eventually bore fruit. Campillo crossed the third from the right with considerable pace on the ball and Martin headed in, and although Soto got his hands to it, he could only palm it into his own net. A minute later, Joseto beat the off side trap somewhat fortuitously, only to see his shot comfortably saved by Soto.

In the second half, everything changed. Munir was replaced by recent signing Lopez, the sun went in, a wind started to blow strongly into the faces of the Mazarrón players, and it looked as Jumilla would extend their lead, but Joseto blasted his shot wide


after good work by Jabe down the left wing. A Mazarrón free kick around half way was then stroked over the top by Deaza, Juanmi ran onto it and after taking one touch to steady himself, he volleyed past Guardia in considerable style from 15ms for the equalizer. With the adrenalin still flowing freely, he was booked for a reckless tackle on Javi Bernal. This could have been a disaster for Mazarrón, as he was booked again 10mins later for talking back, after winning a free kick, but fortunately Snr. Marin did not notice his earlier misdemeanor. Javi took the kick and Jumilla were relieved that it was one of their boots that connected only a metre from the line. As the wind got stronger, Jumilla were prepared to shoot from greater distances, but Soto and his defenders were up to whatever came their way. Jabe came the closest, weaving his way past the defenders before shooting only a metre wide from a distance out, before Juanmi could have won the game for Mazarrón with 15mins left on the clock. He took a free kick from 28ms out and it was on target for the top corner when Guardia reached it with an outstretched hand. The visitors got away with some appalling time wasting tactics before the end, but in the end, 1-1 was a fair result for all concerned.

This coming weekend Mazarrón go to Santomera.


Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Del Baño, Rocamora, Cuenca, Javi, Cantero , Deaza, Viti Gomez, Munir(Lopez) , Juanmi, Luki,.

Mazarrón are unbeaten in seven, just!

C.D. Cieza 1 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1, 18.01.09

The match kicked off under blue skies with the sun setting behind the local hills.  After only 2 minutes play, Luki made a run down the left and crossed the ball which was handled by a defender just outside the area.  Kike's spot kick was saved by Castillo in the Cieza goal.  There followed a series of attacks by Cieza but all were foiled by Mazarron's defence.  A free kick was caught by Soto and a shot by Manoli went wide.  In the 15th minute, Luki fouled Manoli just outside the penalty area for which he received a yellow card.  Emilio was also booked, presumably for saying the wrong thing.  The resulting free kick was cleared.  There followed a period of sustained attacking by Mazarron down the right involving Kike and Viti Gomez.  But the final passes could not find a Mazarron player.  Cieza began attacking and in 21st minute  hoisted a free kick over the bar.  A long clearance by Castillo managed to evade the Mazarron defence but Soto made a good save.  A series of corners by Mazarron finally ended when Castillo caught the ball.  Mazarron continued to press but without causing Castillo any problems.  Cieza were dangerous when they broke with Dani Abellan and Manoli prominent.  The half finished goalless, with Mazarron looking a bit lacklustre.

The second half started much as the first had finished.  A corner by Kike was turned over the bar and the second corner from Kike, headed goal-wards by Del Bano, was saved by Castillo low down by the post.  Shortly afterwards an attack down the right by Cieza ended with a shot high over the bar.  In the 53rd minute, Emilio received a second yellow for a tackle on Alfonso and was sent off.  Two minutes later Cieza broke down the left and Alfonso scored to give Cieza the lead. 

Cieza 1  Mazarron 0

Viti Gomez was replaced by Javi.  Soon after, Valentin came on for Guillermo and was involved in a clash of heads with Juanjo.  After treatment to both players play resumed.  A long range shot by Del Bano went wide.  In the 72ndminute Luki and Cantero made way for Quintana and the new signing Ivan Lopez.  Mazarron were showing a bit zip now and a free kick following a foul on Del Bano by Miguel, was cleared.  Then a shot by Quintana from a pass by Ivan Lopez was well saved by Castillo.  Play was end to end now, a Cieza corner being scrambled clear, then a shot from Valentin being saved by Soto.  Well into added time Javi blasted a free kick over the bar.  However, a long kick out by Soto in the 95th minute, was latched onto by Quintana who sailed past the two defenders and shot past Castillo for the equalizer.

Cieza 1  Mazarron 1

That was practically the last kick of the game.  But the good feeling for the Mazarron supporters was ruined by the sight of the Mazarron players being spat on by the Cieza hooligans, with both the Local Policia and Guardia Civil only a few metres away.  Further  hooliganism followed when the Mazarron supporters were leaving and the coach came under a barrage of stones from the youths of Cieza.  Spanish football does not need this sort of behaviour.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Cuenca, Del Baño, Cantero  (Ivan Lopez), Emilio,  Kike, Luki (Quintana), Juanmi,  Rocamora, Viti Gomez (Javi).

Mazarrón's unbeaten run continues against Pozo Estrecho

Pozo Estrecho 0 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1, 11.01.09

This match was played at Torre Pacheco because the pitch at Pozo Estrecho was being re-seeded.  The weather was fine but cold, with a steady breeze blowing down the pitch from behind Mazarron's goal in the first half.  The game started at a fast pace with no advantage to either side.  However, after 5 minutes, Alex  was down the left and put in a fine cross which found Javi whose shot was just wide.  Shortly afterwards Luki had a run down the left channel and ended with a fierce shot at goal.  Bartolo, the Pozo keeper, beat the ball out only into the path of Quintana, who unleashed a thunderbolt at goal.  Bartolo was again up to it and parried the ball to a defender.  Mazarron continued to press.  Cantero was brought down 10m outside their area, the ref waved play on, Quintana put the ball in the net but the linesman had flagged for offside.  The spot kick was hit well over the bar by Kike.  A free kick by Javi went straight in the net but was ruled out because it was an indirect free kick.  Mazarron's lack of good fortune continued when a good cross from Javi on the left was headed just wide by Quintana.  A rare attack by Pozo Estrecho was ended by Soto bravely saving at Cuco's feet.  The half ended with a couple more free kicks and a corner for Mazarron, none of which bore fruit.

2 minutes into the second half Pozo had a free kick which was well causght by Soto.  A shot from Kike from a cross by Luki was parried behind for a corner by Bartolo, who saved again soon after from a cracking shot by Javi.  There followed a period of scrappy play by both sides with passes going astray or being intercepted.  A number of bookings resulted from some pretty awful challenges, with Pozo collecting 4 and Mazarron 1.  Quintana was substituted by Viti Gomez in the 73rd minute.  Attacks by Viti down the right resulted in a number of corners but not goals.  In the final 10 minutes of the match, Mazarron had a number of free kicks which they were unable to convert.  Meanwhile Soto had made a good save from a shot by Verti.  In the 6th minute of overtime, Viti received the ball, ran into the area and cooly shot under the advancing Bartolo to give Mazarron the win the had earned.  That was the last kick of the match.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Cuenca, Del Baño, Cantero, Emilio,  Javi, Luki, Kike (Munir), Quintana (Viti Gomez), Rocamora.

2009 in with a bang for Mazarrón!

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 4, CD Bala Azul  0,  04.01.09

Mazarrón started 2009 with a bang and at the same time stretched their unbeaten run to 5 matches, at the expense of their local rivals from Puerto, Bala Azul. In the process, they have scored 16 goals, making it 36 for the season so far, which is only bettered by top side Caravaca, and Yecla. The club is now in sixth place in the league, it’s highest placing so far this season.

It took only 5mins to open the scoring, although this should have been only 2mins, when Luki, through on the keeper shot against his legs, with Quintana perfectly placed to his left to receive a pass. Luki did much better though when he was released by Javi’s superb pass and this time he made no mistake from 8ms out. 2mins later the score was doubled. Cuenca passed to Quintana down the left, but the striker’s shot from a tight angle was deflected for a corner by Raul. Deaza placed the corner right on to the head of Del Baño, who didn’t believe his luck to have so much space only a couple of metres out. The only threats that the visitors made during the opening spell came from free kicks. Emilio shot the first wide of the goal and the second one, taken by Sergio, was helped on it’s way towards the far post, where Mazarrón’s Emilio cleared off the line. Bala Azul looked totally incapable of defending corners and after 27mins, it was Del Baño again who was on the end of Deaza’s kick, but this time his header rattled the cross bar and went over. Soto made a comfortable save from another Sergio free kick before Luki should have made it three when put through by Quintana, but his shot was deflected for another corner. It mattered not, because Javi tantalized the defence with his kick that found Emilio on the far post and all he had to do was bungle the ball over the line. The home side finished the half totally dominant, as a header from Rocamora was just over the top, with Javi the provider again.

Emilio and Del Baño celebrate the third goal.

There was no relief for Bala Azul at the beginning of the second half. Luki provided a great ball from the left into the path of Emilio, whose volley from 12ms was saved by Raul and then, after only 5mins, Deaza, again controlling the mid field, picked up a lose ball on the half way line. He ghosted past two defenders before playing the ball into the path of Kike. One touch to control the ball and then a tremendous volley from 20ms that Raul could only get his finger tips to, made it 4-0.  Luki’s shot on 57mins was deflected for a corner, but this time it was unusually unproductive. Despite the match being so one-sided, it had been played in excellent spirit by both teams until one of the visiting officials spoke out of turn to a linesman and was given his marching orders. This somehow seemed to change the atmosphere. Mazarrón decided to play keep ball rather than go all out for more goals and the crowd joined in the occasion with the customary ‘Olés’. This all became too much for Chicki, who made a very late tackle on Soto that the referee did not see, and a huge fracas broke out on the edge of the pitch. Many punches were thrown and eventually, Deaza was dismissed, along with Sergio and Emilio for the visitors. The linesman then pointed out the original infringement, and Chicki joined them in the dressing room. Raul made a good save from Luki, with an outstretched leg just before the end, but the heart had gone out of the match by this stage and Mazarrón finished very comfortable winners.

Two away matches, at Pozo Estrech and Cieza now follow, as the second half of the season gets underway.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto(Paco), Juanjo, Del Baño, Rocamora, Cuenca, Javi(Juanmi), Emilio, Deaza, Kike(Munir), Quintana, Luki .

Mazarrón nearly take all the points.

Calasparra FC  1, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF  1, 20.12.08

Mazarrón went into this match in a fine run of form, but their progress up the table was halted by a young and tenacious Calasparra side who were the leagues draw specialists at the start, and remained so at the end. Cuenca didn’t make the trip due to a high temperature, and Kike was again on the bench having been unable to train properly all week due to a foot injury.

The visitors were caught cold, in every sense of the expression, as temperatures plunged after sunset and the home side scored with barely more than a minute on the clock. The defence looked panicky as Calasparra attacked from the outset and an early corner was conceded on the left. Angel rose alone in the centre to deflect the cross into the far side of the net, giving Soto no chance of a save. Mazarrón came back and after five minutes, a corner by Juanmi was punched clear by Navarro, an old favourite at Mazarrón who was given a fine welcome by the traveling supporters, from under his own bar as Quintana closed in. Another header by Angel went just wide of the goal before Mazarrón came close again. This time, Deaza flighted a free kick into the penalty area that was headed on by Rocamora to Quintana, but his glancing header was scrambled clear, off the goal line. The game then quietened down into a regular pattern before a free kick by Javi, from fully 30ms, flew just over the bar, although Navarro did seem to have it covered. This marked the beginning of a spell of visiting pressure, as Luki and Juanmi changed sides in order to try to prize open the defence. The policy paid off when, in the 36 min, Javi put a corner into the danger zone and Cantero, who had been having a poor game up to this time, managed to bungle the ball over the line for a precious, if somewhat ugly, goal. The score remain level to half time.

The second half was also well balanced, with chances for both teams to take all the points, but neither quite got it right. Mazarrón were first, when Quintana pulled the ball back to Juanmi to try a chip from just inside the area, but it went the wrong side of the far post. This was followed by two chances for Calasparra in quick succession. Pedro saw his volleyed shot go just wide of the post before a free kick from the same player was headed wide by Lozano. The game ebbed and flowed until, in the 69th minute, Pedro latched on to another loose ball around the edge of the area. With plenty of time, he picked his spot on the far side of goal and unleashed his shot that was superbly punched out of the danger area by a diving Soto. With 15mins to go, Kike replaced the tiring Luki and this gave Mazarrón new impetus. A free kick on the right hand side was headed out by a defender to Kike, whose gentle lob sailed over the bar and then Deaza had a great run into the penalty area, but he was skillfully shepherded wide by the advancing goal keeper when he should really have done better. As time was getting very short, assisted by some very slow home team substitutions, Kike nearly sealed the points for Mazarrón, but his shot from a tight angle hit the underside of the bar, with Navarro well beaten, and somehow stayed out of the goal.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Del Baño, Rocamora , Javi, Cantero (Viti Gomez), Luki  (Kike), Emilio, Deaza, Juanmi , Quintana (Munir).

Mazarrón make it three in a row!

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 3,  Lorca Dep. B 1,  14.12.08

With both Mora and Cuenca suspended for this match, Del Baño slotted back into the heart of the defence after his four match lay-off with a groin strain, and he had a fine match. Kike was left on the bench as Deaza was given another run out after his success he previous week.

Mazarrón had a fright after only three minutes when both Rocamora and Javi went for the same ball and play was stopped for some time while Javi was treated for a head injury. He was able to continue, but was replaced early in the second half. Luki and Deaza were again combining well and it was from a pass from the latter that Luki shot just wide after 7mins. Deaza then put a free kick wide from a distance before from another, he found Del Baño, whose header was also just wide of the mark from close in. Lorca’s first threat came after a quarter of an hour, when Fritea’s free kick was comfortably saved by Soto. Javi and Emilio were the next providers as Juanmi volleyed a metre wide from the edge of the area. As the pressure from Mazarrón continued to build, Lorca’s Juanjo was booked for a crude tackle on Luki and their whole defence was looking nervous as keeper Torres was having a very shaky time between the sticks. The breakthrough came just before half time. Deaza and Luki again did the spadework, before Quintana’s shot was fumbled past the post by Torres for a corner. Deaza’s first corner was put out by the near post, but his follow up found Del Baño on the far post who headed in unopposed.
The game was put beyond doubt in the first few minutes of the second half. Juanmi picked up a loose ball on the edge of the area and shot beautifully into the far side of the net, this time giving Torres no chance. On 51mins, as Luki made ground down the left, Juanjo slipped, giving him all the time he needed to cross clinically across the goal area where both Viti Gomez and Quintana were waiting, and it was the former who steered the ball into the gaping net. Lorca looked totally dejected at this stage, but the home side failed to press home the advantage and in fact the visitors pulled a goal back with 30mins still to go. Kiki was going nowhere on the left side of the penalty area when he went down dramatically under the hardly any pressure from Viti Gomez. La Vella converted the spot kick to give his side some hope, and for a while they did play better, but their final undoing was more to do with indiscipline. In a bizarre passage, Juan Daniel was substituted and his show of petulance earned him a second yellow card and he was sent off from the dugout. Play then became very scrappy and with ten mins left, Carrillo was dismissed with a straight red for a bad tackle on substitute Kike. Another ugly incident off the ball just before the end involved Quintana and substitute Baños after Quintana had been fouled on the right and as Quintana was substituted, Baños left the field with a bloodied nose. The referee called a halt to proceedings before anyone else got into trouble and Mazarrón have consolidated their place just below the leading pack.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Del Baño, Rocamora, Javi (Kike), Emilio, Deaza, Viti Gomez, Quintana (Munir) , Juanmi, Luki (Cantero).


Superb away win for Mazarrón.

Ciudad Lorca  3 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 4, 06.12.08

The fact that the opposition was again reduced to nine men for the third time in the last four matches, is an indication of the pressure that Mazarrón are putting on teams, but unfortunately it doesn’t always get the desired result. On this occasion it did. Del Baño was still unfit and Juanjo hadn’t trained all week, so Viti Gomez was given the right back berth.

In the first half, nearly all the threatening play came down the left for the visitors, Cuenca, Juanmi and Luki combining particularly well, but it was the home side that took a surprise lead after 13mins. A corner by Dani was missed by all the defenders and Alex was on hand to bundle over the line for not the prettiest of goals. Numerous off side decisions against Quintana and Juanmi were frustrating Mazarrón but eventually, Rocamora was able to lift a ball over the defence for Juanmi to run onto and he coolly lobbed over Niki to register the equalizer after 34mins. With Mazarrón now in almost total control, it came as a shock when Cantero was adjudged to have handled the ball on the corner of the penalty area and Israel sent Soto the wrong way to restore the lead. On the stroke of half time, Kike was fouled out on the right hand side. Deaza floated in a beautiful free kick and Quintana had a free header from 6ms, but inexplicably it went 2ms wide of the post.

In the second half, Deaza, relishing the fact the he was given a start for the first time in some weeks,  took almost complete control of the midfield as Mazarrón applied steady pressure. They were level again within 5mins of the restart. Luki found Juanmi again down the left and this time Quintana made no mistake with his cross, heading assuredly past Niki. Four mins later, Mazarrón took the lead for the first time in the match. Deaza and Luki exchanged passes on the left before the former threaded a beautiful ball inside the fullback and Luki scored from the tightest of angles as Niki was in two minds about trying to cover the presence of Kike in the middle, so exposed was he by his absent defenders. Just as it looked as if Mazarrón would soon be out of sight, a Lorca free kick on the right was headed on to Cheles, who took great delight blasting past Soto. This galvanized the visitors even further. Luki shot just wide from another great pass by Deaza and with a quarter of the match remaining, Juanmi crossed into a crowded area and Quintana’s shot was blocked on the line. The ball rebounded to Cuenca who shot in easily to restore the lead. Quintana then turned provider as he gave the ball to Juanmi on the edge of the area. His shot on the turn was narrowly wide of the target however. Israel was then sent off for a second yellow card. He had been booked previously for his constant back chatting to the officials and it looked a fairly innocuous tackle that saw him go. Quintana and Juanmi both came close again before Alex was dismissed with a straight red for a scything tackle on Deaza, who continued to torment his opponents right until the end.

In the end, it was a far more convincing victory than the score-line suggests. This coming weekend, Mazarrón entertain Lorca B, most probably at lunchtime on Sunday

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Viti Gomez(Javi), Mora, Rocamora , Cuenca, Cantero, Luki (Emilio), Kike, Deaza, Juanmi (Juanjo), Quintana.

Mazarrón win with late blitz.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 4,  Yeclano Deportivo 2,  30.11.08

With Del Baño still injured, Mazarrón continued with Mora and Rocamora in central defence and had Luki and Juanmi playing down the left. It was their combination that eventually proved to be the undoing of the visiting team from Yecla.

The early exchanges were played out in mid-field with neither side finding much penetration, although Quintana did have a couple of chances, one shot straight at the keeper and another shot wide when under considerable pressure. As the half wore on, it was the visitors who looked most likely to break the deadlock. Pablo Box shot wide from the edge of the area after good work by Viri and Raul and then Martinez came up from defence to head just over from a superbly placed corner by Viri. Then Mazarrón had a stroke of luck to get the scoreboard moving. Soto cleared long out of his area and Luki and Martinez were chasing it down when Fran inexplicably came careering out of his penalty area to try to make a clearance. The ball skewed off his boot, hit Luki, who chased it into the area and fired into the empty goal despite the close attention of Martinez. Before the end of the half, Viri had a shot well saved by Soto and Quintana tried to add to Fran’s embarrassment with an attempt lob from 40ms out that went over the bar.

At the start of the second half, Mazarrón were shaken by two goals in the first 10mins. Firstly, a penalty was awarded when Jose Garcia was the meat in a Mora and Rocamora sandwich.  Pablo Box sent Soto the wrong way. Six minutes later, Tonete sprung the offside trap down the left and then beat Juanjo, before slotting the ball past Soto. The home side was looking anything but convincing at this stage as the visiting forwards were combining well and looking to increase the lead further, when trainer Paco made two changes, bringing on Deaza and Javi, for Emilio and Mora. This seemed to do the trick. Juanjo’s cross was headed down by Juanmi to Quintana, but he was offside as he shot home, and then Luki and Juanmi combined superbly down the left before Juanmi’s curling shot brought a great save from Fran. The corner was taken by Luki, headed on by Cuenca and helped into the net by defender Jota for the equalizer. Three minutes later, Juanmi crossed from the left and Rocamora headed on to Quintana all on his own 6ms away from the far post, and he dosen’t miss chances like that. The burst of three goals in 10mins was completed when Juanmi and Luki again rampaged down the left. Luki’s cross was behind the advancing Quintana, but Kike made no mistake following up behind him to make it four. The only other half chance was 2mins into added time when Juanjo and Quintana made a play down the right wing. Quintana pulled the ball back to Deaza, but his shot was easy for Fran to deal with.

It was good the see Mazarrón get a haul of goals at home and maybe there will be a better crowd for the last home match before Christmas on the weekend of the 14th of December.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Mora (Javi), Rocamora, Cuenca , Cantero , Emilio(Deaza), Kike, Quintana, Juanmi (Munir)  , Luki.


More frustration for Mazarrón.

At Pulpileño  1 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 23.11.08

For the second consecutive week Mazarrón failed to break down a side that was eventually reduced to nine men, following eight booking of the home side and their management. The fact that the visitors did not have a single player cautioned was testament to the pressure that was applied, but many teams have applied such pressure and it is a poor reflection that the visitors could not convert one of their many chances, particularly in the first half.  Del Baño was back, albeit on the bench, and Luki was given a debut in the starting line up, replacing joint top scorer Juanmi.

Mazarrón should have had the game sawn up by half time as Pulpileño were restricted to long range efforts only, usually from set pieces. Kike was by far the most profligate of the attackers, missing several opportunities before being substituted towards the end. In the second minute, he blasted a free kick over the bar from 25ms and that set his pattern for the afternoon. Quintana made a break into the area shortly later, beating three defenders on the way, but his shot from a tight angle was deflected for a corner. At last, after 11mins, Pulpileño got near to the Mazarrón goal. A weak header by Forroga was caught by Soto, cleared up-field to Liki, but his tumble and appeal in the penalty area  were ignored by the referee. Kike then fired over another free-kick, this time from 30ms, before he did get one on target from the same distance from broken play, that was spectacularly saved by David. All the pressure now was from Mazarrón. Quintana was just beaten to a long ball by David and Juanjo and Viti Gomez combined well to make another chance for Kike, but that went the same way as most of the others. The left sided play of Quintana proved too much for Meca to cope with and he was sent off in the 33rd min for a second yellow card. Mazarrón then had two good chances in a minute, Kike glancing a header over and Mora just failed to get enough onto a Javi free-kick, steering the ball wide. Pulpileño then took a shock lead. It came from a free-kick on the edge of the area after Javi had blatantly pushed Salas off the ball. Romario took it, Emilio, on the end of the wall tried to kick the low shot clear but he only succeeded in deflecting it past Soto, who had been well positioned to deal with the shot in the first instance. There was still time for Quintana to head over a Kike cross before half time.

There were far fewer chances in the second half, as the visitors were playing into an ever more troublesome setting sun. Jose David had a good turn and shot saved by Soto as Pulpileño, despite being a man down, were more positive on the break as the game went on. Mazarrón on the other hand, became increasingly shot shy as seven players crowded behind the ball. Juanmi replaced Rocamora to try to reinforce the attack, and he and Quintana between them made a good chance for Viti to blast high and wide, but the introduction of Alvarez for the home side had greater effect. He was everywhere, and his running denied Mazarrón the opportunity to relax at the back. Indeed, he almost caught Soto out from fully 45ms, but his effort was a metre over the bar. Even after Forroga had been sent off, again for two yellows, the visitors never really looked like penetrating the packed defence and the frustration grew right until the end of five minutes over time, to the delight of the home fans. This coming weekend, Mazarrón entertain Yeclano.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo , Mora, Rocamora (Juanmi), Cuenca, Emilio, Luki, Javi (Munir), Kike (Deaza), Quintana, Viti Gomez.


Mazarrón draw drab encounter.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1,  Murcia Deportivo  1,  16.11.08

It was difficult to believe that this was nearly the same side that scored five goals the previous week, away from home. Centre back Del Baño, who had gone off with a groin strain the previous week, was absent, and the subsequent shake-up in the defence had a dramatic effect on the performance. In stead of dropping Rocamora back to fill the gap, Paco moved Cuenta into the middle and played Javi at left back, which proved to have serious consequences.

The first half was dire, with only two serious attempts on goal, one at either end. The first was after 20mins, when Mazarrón were awarded a free kick following a foul on Emilio just outside the area. Juanmi curled the kick towards the top corner, but Alberto made an excellent save, pushing the ball over the top for a corner, that came to nothing. The other came from another set piece, this time on the left hand side, 5ms outside the penalty area. Quiles flighted a superb cross that was met firmly by the head of Prave. Soto made a great reflex save, palming the ball over the bar.

The second half was much more exciting. Straight from the kick off, the Murcia side attacked down the right. Javi lost his footing when challenging, which left Pichi in the clear to make his cross. As he drew the defenders, his cross found Edu who duly made the tap in. It could have been two 3 mins later, when Dioni danced around Soto and shot towards the goal, but Mora was on hand sliding across the line to keep it out. Shortly after that, Paco made the long overdue change at the back, as Javi was replaced by Cantero and Rocamora dropped back into the central defenders spot. The team immediately looked more comfortable and began to play with a little more confidence. Quintana shot wide when played through by Juanmi, and this seemed to be a sign to the visitors that they should try to hold on to what they had. Josemi was shown a second yellow card for time wasting at a corner with nearly half an hour still to play and Paco brought on Luky to make his home debut. He made an immediate impact, as Kike forged strongly down the right wing. His low cross was stepped over by Juanmi and Luky chose his spot, shooting back across the keeper into the far corner for the equalizer. Luky then crossed from the right to Viti Gomez, who strongly held off defenders and passed back for Emilio to shoot, but it was deflected just wide of the goal. The visitors still hadn’t learnt their lesson as, with 15mins still to go, Pichi was sent off for a second bookable offence, wasting time again before taking a free kick. Mazarrón really piled forward now, but to no avail as it was not to be their afternoon. Luky had a decent shout for a penalty ignored and Juanmi curled another free kick over the corner of the bar and post, but in reality, the remaining nine men from Murcia held out comfortably. This coming weekend, Mazarrón go to Pulpi, to play At. Pulpeño.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo (Luky), Mora, Cuenca , Javi (Cantero), Rocamora, Emilio (Munir), Kike, Quintana, Juanmi , Viti Gomez.

Stunning away win for Mazarrón.

CD Lumbreras  0 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 5, 09.11.08

Mazarrón made it nine goals in their last 2 away games with a stunning display of attacking football at Puerto Lumbreras on Sunday. With Mora back in the middle of the defence after a spell injured, Rocamora was moved forward to add some physicality to the midfield. The home side were never in the game as Mazarrón attacked right from the start with Cuenca providing the ammunition for Kike in the opening seconds, but the shot sailed over the bar.

However, it took a seriously fluky goal to get the goal fest underway. With the clock showing five minutes, Javi and Juanmi exchanged passes down the left wing before the latter crossed into the danger zone. Angel gave the ball a huge boot away, which, most of the time would have been sufficient to clear the danger, but the ball hit the back of Javi, who was taking avoiding action 14ms out, and rebounded into the net from only just inside the penalty area. Eusebio went close with a header for the home side, from an Alvaro free kick on the right, before Mazarrón scored again after 11 mins. Kike collected a loose ball on the halfway line before threading it down the right wing inside the full back for Viti to run onto. He made 20ms before crossing perfectly just out of the reach of the stretching David, for Juanmi to tap in. With Mazarrón attacking at will, Quintana had a shot that was straight at the keeper and Kike robbed Angel on the edge of the area when there appeared to be no danger, before shooting narrowly over the bar. The home side had only their second opportunity of the game after 34mins courtesy of a poor clearance by Soto, but Joacquim shot tamely and the moment was missed. Quintana’s glancing header from a Juanmi cross went just over the bar before David made a fine save from another shot by Juanmi as Mazarrón finished the half with a flourish.

The pattern remained the same in the second half. After 51mins, Javi had a free kick from fully 40ms out. He drove the ball goal wards, and Quintana got up well to glance the ball past the keeper with his head, to end his recent uncharacteristic goal drought. Seven minutes later there was almost another. Quintana laid the ball off for Kike, whose fierce shot was punched just wide of his post by keeper David. He was much more confident two mins later though when he made a tremendous save from a bullet-like header by Quintana from Kike’s cross, after great work by Javi on the left. For the rest of the game there was only one side in it and the only question was how many Mazarrón would score. Substitute Emilio had a 40m run from mid field before crossing too close to David, and Quintana shot a metre wide from 10ms out before two more goals in three minutes. Debutante substitute Luky broke down the left before passing inside to Kike, who seemed to have taken too long on the ball, but his pass found Juanmi, who controlled the ball with his first touch before driving in with his second. It was Juanmi who then turned provider, playing an exquisite ball into the path of Viti, whose shot all along the ground comfortably beat David from 12ms. There will be sterner tests ahead, but the away fans went home very happy with this display. Another struggling side, Murcia Deportivo, provide the opposition at Mazarrón this weekend.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto (Paco), Juanjo , Del Baño (Emilio), Mora, Cuenca, Rocamora (Luky), Javi, Kike, Quintana, Juanmi , Viti Gomez


Mazarrón fail to unlock Moratalla.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0,  Moratalla CF 2,  02.11.08

Moratalla came to Mazarrón with a record of only having conceded seven goals in nine matches and it soon became evident that their four big men across the back were going to take some penetrating, and by the end of the match, Mazarrón had rarely come close. The flow of the game was not helped by an over-officious referee, who ended up sending three players off and booking a further eight.

The home side started brightly enough, with Juanmi and Javi being particularly effective from the left. Juanmi it was who had the first attempt at goal, but his curling shot from the edge of the area lacked power and passed wide of the post, but Gines had it comfortably covered anyway. Moratalla’s first serious attempt came after 13mins, when Rosa made a good break down the right. His cross got to Ato, but a fairly poor shot hit one of his own players and went harmlessly out. Mazarrón then had their best chance of the whole game. Cuenca, who seems to improve with every match, found Javi down the left near the bye-line. A pin point cross found the diving head of Juanmi, but he got a little bit too much under it and the ball went half a metre over the bar. Soto then kept Mazarrón in the game as he made a fine stop from an indirect free kick only 12ms from the goal that took a deflection from the wall. Just before the half hour, Moratalla took the lead. Gomez failed to deal with a throw in and a fierce shot by Herrero was pushed around the post by Soto. From the corner, with all the defenders marking the big men in the middle, Rosa found Piñol on the edge of the area and his hooked volley was deflected past the hapless Soto. Immediately after the restart, Saura saw straight red for an over the top tackled that felled Juanmi unnecessarily in the middle of the park. Kike had a volley over the bar and both Quintana and Del Baño had weak headers that went wide but Mazarrón failed to make the extra man count before half time.

During the second half, the well organized Moratalla defence reduced Mazarrón mainly to long range attempts, with captain Alvaro particularly impressive as anything that came into his vicinity was dispatched unceremoniously out of the ground.  The visitors extended their lead with twenty minutes left on the clock. As Mazarrón pressed forward in numbers, ‘keeper Gines punted the ball up-field . Ato controlled the ball well before releasing substitute Miguel on the left and his cross was met with a glancing header by Muñoz, giving Soto no chance. Rocamora was then pushed up for Mazarrón and Munir replaced Javi as a more direct approach was employed, but despite a good header by Cuenca, and a shot from Quintana that was well saved, there was little sign that the defenders would yield a goal. In the frantic closing minutes, Herrero was sent off for a second yellow card and the exuberant Munir was booked twice and sent off as he made late attempts to reach the ball before Gines. The first of these caused a three minute stoppage before Gines leapt up and got on with the game as if nothing had happened. Mazarrón remained frustrated and Moratalla finished worthy winners although their reputation was somewhat tarnished by the end.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Cuenca , Del Baño, Rocamora, Cantero (Mora), Kike, Quintana, Juanmi , Viti Gomez (Deaza), Javi (Munir) .


Emphatic victory away for Mazarrón.

Muleño CF 0 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 4, 26.10.08

Last week Mazarrón gained their first point away from home since the end of April and on Sunday they capped this with an emphatic defeat of bottom side Muleño to record their first victory away from home since the middle of March. Despite some overly officious refereeing, which saw ten bookings and a very late sending off, it was a thoroughly entertaining encounter but there was only ever going to be one winner as the home side looked decidedly second best for the majority of the game. The controversy started as early as the 8th min. after Rocamora had been told to leave the field for treatment to a blood injury.  It looked as if he had been waved back onto the field, only to be booked immediately for returning without having been invited and this set the tone for the rest of the game as innocuous-looking challenges were penalized with yellow cards.

There were few chances at either end in the first twenty minutes and Soto, in the Mazarrón goal, was the first to be called upon to make a proper save, as he turned a fierce free kick from 25ms over his bar. The keeper was lucky to get away with a fumble from the corner, and then from the retake, the visitors broke rapidly as Soto kicked to Quintana who passed on to Kike before Juanmi put his shot over the bar. As the pressure on the home defence built, Fran made a crucial clearing header before a wonderful move saw the opening goal. Javi, on the half way line on the left, swung a long diagonal ball over to Viti Gomez on the right wing. He advanced rapidly, drawing the only two defenders, before squaring the ball to Juanmi who made no mistake with the tap in. Ten mins. later, Deaza was felled in the penalty area as he was skipping around Juanfran and Quintana drilled the spot kick low to the right of Caballero.

The second half saw the visitors continue to pile on the pressure although the final pass was often not quite there, much to the relief of the home supporters. In the 53rd min. Kike and Quintana exchanged some rapid passes before the former was felled 8ms outside the area. He took the kick himself and was only just over the corner of the bar and post with a beautifully flighted shot. Quintana was the next to have a go. Javi played a nice through ball to him and as he saw the keeper off his line, his lob just hit the back of a defender, who knew very little about it. It was ironic that the third goal came as the result of a thwarted Muleño attack. A free kick on the left was punched fully 35ms clear by Soto and it fell perfectly onto the path of Kike. He made ground quickly straight down the middle where there were only two defenders. He had Quintana to his right and Javi in a better position to his left. His pass went that way and Javi finished exquisitely from 18ms across the keeper into the far side of the goal. The pacey Munir was introduced with 15mins left, but his enthusiasm led to him finding himself off side more often than not. On one such occasion, Viti broke down the right and passed inside to Kike. Munir had darted into an off side position, recognized by Kike so the striker shot himself beyond the hapless keeper to complete the rout. The defenders had no answer to the speed of Munir and in added time, Juanfran was sent off for felling him and he advanced towards the penalty area. Moratalla at home will be a sterner test this coming weekend.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo , Del Baño, Rocamora (Mora),  Cantero , Javi, Deaza, Kike, Quintana (Munir), Juanmi (Cuenca),  Viti Gomez.


Mazarrón gain away point at last.

Plus Ultra  2 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2, 19.10.08

Mazarrón gained their first point away from home since the end of April, but the performance was only a shadow of that the previous week when the thoroughly beat runaway leaders Caravaca. Playing on a dirt pitch, to the south of Murcia City, this was a game of often very mediocre football, punctuated with some really good goals, when both sides found it difficult to control the exaggerated bounce of the football.

The visitors were the first to make an impression, and Plus Ultra soon resorted to fouling their more illustrious opponents as Juanmi in particular came in for some rough treatment, although it was usually clumsy play rather than malicious. In the second minute Juanmi made an opening for Kike but he shot well over, but it only took Mazarrón five more mins to gain the opening goal. A free kick on the left was delivered perfectly into the danger zone by Javi, and Cuenca rose above the defence to head in his first goal of the season. Kike then had another chance but his attempted lob went straight into the arms of Alberto, before the home side equalized in the 14th min. Llanit had an excellent shot deflected for a corner by Soto, and the kick from Andres was inexplicably put out for another corner by Deaza, when he appeared to have plenty of time to clear up field. Andres made no mistake the second time, Parri heading in his perfect cross. Chances were few and far between for the rest of the half, but the best move involved Deaza, Juanmi and Kike down the right, creating an opening for Quintana, but he shot well over the bar, before Kike had a rasping shot blocked following a corner by Javi.

The opening stages of the second half were more even, and the home side nearly gained the lead when a mistake by Del Baño let Canales in, but Soto saved superbly, pushing the ball onto the right post. At the other end, Cuenca weaved his way down the left before being up-ended. The resultant free kick from Deaza somehow found Quintana in space, but he uncharacteristically failed to score when through on the keeper. As Mazarrón piled on more pressure, Javi seemed to have a good shout for a penalty turned down before Plus Ultra broke to the other end. Canales latched onto a loose ball in the area and steered the ball past Soto to give his team the lead. Three mins later, a Juanmi free kick from 25ms was saved by Alberto and from a resulting throw in, Kike gained a few metres before curling a shot across the goal into the top corner, giving the keeper no chance from about 22ms. There were few further chances, but it looked as if Canales had sealed a win for the Ultras after Soto made a dreadful hash of a freekick on the left. As the ball bounced around the area, the striker latched onto it and slid it into the net, but Soto’s embarrassment was saved by an offside flag.

Mazarrón play the second of two consecutive away matches at bottom of the table Muleño this coming weekend.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo , Cuenca, Del Baño, Rocamora, Cantero , Deaza (Mora),  Kike, Quintana, Juanmi,  Javi (Viti Gomez).

Thanks to Hedley for this report.

Mazarron beat league leaders in style

Mazarron “San Antonio” CF   2       Caravaca CF   0, 10.10.08

The high winds that had caused damage to the cover on the central stand, caused the match against Caravaca to be postponed for 40 minutes.  The Mazarron team fielded two changes from the side that played at Pinatar, with Javi and Deaza replacing Emilio and Viti Gomez, who was a substitute.  Quintana was captain.

When the game did start Caravaca went on the attack from the whistle.  Surprisingly, the Mazarron defence was solid with well timed tackles and interceptions.  The first shot came from Emilio of Caravaca and was well saved by Javi Soto.  This spurred a Mazarron attack down the right with the resulting shot being hit just wide.  The game ebbed and flowed with Mazarron mid-fielders making it difficult for Caravaca to get any attacks going.  However, in the 18thminute, Mazarron put together an attack down the left which resulted in a cross from Cuenca which was met firmly by the head of  Alex Rocamora and left Cabaco clutching air. 

Mazarron 1 – Caravaca 0. 

Mazarron now had the bit between the teeth and continued attacking on both flanks, with very little by way of response from Caravaca.  There was good work down the right involving Kike and Quintana which ended with a cross from Kike to Quintana.  Quintana's header was saved by Cabaco.  There followed a period of sporadic attacks by both sides but the resulting shots and headers were usually high and did not trouble either goalie.  This stalemate waseventually broken by Mazarron after 31 minutes when Quintana attacked down the middle.  He was forced wide by San Jose in the Caravaca defence but managed to put a superb cross in which was met by Kike who hammered it past Cabaco. 

Mazarron 2 – Caravaca 0. 

Mazarron continued playing with confidence, producing the best performance of the season so far.  Half time came with Mazarron continuing to press forward.

The second half started with Caravaca attacking with more determination but still the defence and midfield reduced Caravaca to a handful of long range efforts, which Javi Soto dealt with comfortably.  Mazarron made a few breaks down the flanks but none resulting in strikes on goal.  There followed a series of substitutions in the middle of which Caravaca nearly conceded another goal when a poor back pass was chased down by Kike and Quintana, but Cabaco just beat them to the ball.  In the 86th minute Petu, the Caravaca centre forward, was sent off for a second yellow.  A highly entertaining game (if you were a Mazarron supporter) finished with Caravaca penned in their own half. 

Mazarron showed their supporters that they can play good football with skill and determination.  The defenders played well in support of each and there seems to be the beginning of an understanding between Del Bano and Alex Rocamora.  The midfield tackled furiously occasionally earning the referee's admonishments, but they stopped Caravaca setting up any concerted attack.  With more good balls coming from the defence and midfield, the forwards were able to apply good pressure on the opposition's goal.

Mazarron: Javi Soto, Juanjo, Cuenca, Del Bano, Cantero, Quintana, Kike (Viti Gomez), Juanmi (Munir), Javi, Alex Rocamora, Deaza.


Mazarrón go down at Pinatar.

Pinatar CF 3 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1, 05.10.08

Last year, when there was plenty of money around, Grupo San Antonio sponsored both Mazarrón and Pinatar, the logic being that Pinatar could be some sort of feeder club for their ‘more illustrious’ neighbours.  Mazarrón, of course, got the lion’s share of the money and the Pinatar club were no doubt resentful of this situation. That could explain the way that the home side came roaring out of the blocks for this needle match. They took the lead as early as the third minute, although there has to be doubt about whether Martin, breaking down the right, was off side when the ball was delivered. It was not given, and the tall striker finished clinically from just inside the penalty area, to the left of the advancing Soto. This set the tone for the opening period as the visitors again had problems getting to grips with the bounce on the artificial surface. Jose Manuel had a gentle header easily saved following a free lick and then, with just 10mins on the clock, Soto kept Mazarrón in the game with a point blank reaction save from a header by Lujan, following more good work from Nacho on the left. Mazarrón then applied a little pressure of their own as firstly Quintana shot weakly at the keeper from a good position on the left and shortly afterwards, the same player turned the ball wide of the near post following a good corner by Juanmi. Gomez then shot over the bar during open play and Cuenca headed over following another corner. As Mazarrón continued to press, they were nearly caught out by another long ball out of defence to Martin. He turned Del Baño on the left before Soto saved his powerful shot. The ball rebounded to Martin, who beat the keeper this time, but Del Baño was back on the line to clear the ball. 10 mins before half time, the visitors had a good shout for a penalty denied when Quintana was flattened by the keeper when going for a Gomez cross.

The beginning of the second half was uneventful until Quintana was fouled 6ms outside the area and Juanmi’s direct shot was well saved by Ramiro low to his left. One of the best moves of the game followed, as Kike slipped the ball inside left back Richard to Gomez. With both Juanmi and Quintana in the centre, he crossed to the former whose shot was saved, much to the frustration of Quintana, who was unmarked further over. Pinatar extended their lead after 72mins, when Gonzalo latched onto a lose ball and buried his shot from 16ms giving Soto no chance. The visitors pulled a goal back in the next minute when Dani was adjudged to have handled a shot by Juanmi and Quintana made no mistake from the penalty spot. As Mazarrón pressed for an equalizer, Dani broke way and nearly extended the lead again, but Soto pushed the ball over. Del Baño was then pushed up to add to the attack. His cross to Quintana was headed wide, and the he nearly got to a cross from Juanmi with his head. The ball bounced once before Gomez blasted his volley over the bar when in a great position to score. With the very last action of the game, Martin was fouled in the penalty area by Emilio and Martin dispatched the spot kick for his second of the match.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo (Javi), Cuenca, Del Baño, Cantero  (Deaza), Emilio,  Kike (Munir), Quintana, Juanmi,  Rocamora, Viti Gomez.


Mazarrón conclude traumatic week with a win.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1,  CD La Union 0,  28.09.08

The financial problems that have dogged Mazarrón for the last couple of weeks seem to have been solved, hopefully in the long term, and most of the playing squad is still intact, and there seemed to be a sense of relief amongst the players, as they won an entertaining encounter with La Union. The visitors had three ex-Mazarrón players in their team and there was a warm welcome for Santi Silver in particular, as he had been a popular captain for some time.

The first half of the game was an absorbing encounter and it was amazing that at half time, neither side had scored, although there had been several near misses and one or two excellent saves. In the very first minute, Juanmi and Kike, at last being used in a forward role, manufactured a heading opportunity for Del Baño but unfortunately he was just unable to take advantage. Almost straightaway, La Union were awarded a free kick that Cuesta took short to Carmona, who returned the ball but Cuesta’s shot was just over the bar. These opening exchanges seemed to set the pattern for the remainder of the half. After 7 mins, Jorge, the visitor’s keeper, was nearly caught out by a long ball from the Mazarrón defence. He came well outside his area to head the ball away, but only managed to find Kike, whose measured shot from a good 40ms out on the right was only just over the empty goal. Quintana then had a shot saved after a good shout for a penalty was turned down and then Juanmi nearly fooled Jorge with an in-swinging corner that the keeper did well to push over his bar. The traffic was far from one way though and Alberto, working well on the right, created a chance for Nico but his shot was about a metre wide of the goal after beating Soto.  Neither side was able to gain the upper hand as the half wore on. Kike had a free kick pushed over the bar and Quintana shot just wide before both sides left the field to warm applause with all square and still everything to play for.

Both sides must have been told to tighten the game up at half time as there were not nearly as many clear cut chances after the break. Del Baño hit a speculative shot narrowly wide and then Juanmi, causing the visitor’s right side defence all sorts of problems, set up a great opportunity for Quintana, but as he was about to fire, Santi Silvar stepped in to take the ball off his foot. Kike had a chance after Piru had lost his footing to leave Gomez clear on the right. His cross was met firmly by the Mazarrón striker, having his best game so far this season, but Jorge pulled off a great save low to his right. At the other end, a pin point cross from Alberto found Saura in space in the middle, but his header was pushed over the bar by Soto, who was also playing with more confidence. Mazarron then had the opportunity to take a lead. Quintana chased a long ball into the area and he and Jorge collided heavily. The referee gave a penalty, which Quintana himself buried decisively into the goal. Relieved to have got their noses in front, the home side played out the rest of the match and took a good three points after a traumatic week.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Cuenca , Del Baño, Cantero (Javi), Emilio, Kike (Mora), Quintana, Juanmi  (Munir), Viti Gomez, Rocamora.


Mazarrón beaten in dull encounter

CD Beniel 1 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 21.09.09

Things are going from bad to worse for Mazarrón CF. On top of the drastic reduction in the budget for this year, it now appears that the Town Hall are not in a position to pay their share of the costs until early in the New Year! This means that the club has very little cash flow and the players haven’t yet been paid. They have now played 4 matches, and if they play another and then things go seriously wrong, they would not be able to sign for another club in Murcia until the transfer window in January. This means that the paid players on the books are unlikely to turn out on Sunday unless things are resolved in a meeting with the Sports Councilor later today, as I write on Monday. If the Council continues to renege, then there is every possibility that the main sponsors could walk away as well. Watch this space!

The match against Beniel was a poor affair and it was more of the same, with respect to Mazarrón having the lion’s share of the play, but losing to a last minute, very harsh, penalty. In a largely uneventful first half, Quintana came close a couple of times, shooting across the goal and wide from a tight angle on one occasion, and then having a good shot saved low down after he had been released down the left channel by a superb ball from Cuenca. The best move of the half came just before the break. Another great ball from Cuenca on the right found Juanmi out on the left wing. He carried the ball forward before crossing into the goal mouth. Quintana headed on to Rocamora on the right, who pulled the ball back to an unmarked Kike in the middle, but he blazed his shot high over the bar, missing a golden opportunity.

The home side created a few chances in the second half, the best of which was a long diagonal ball from the right that Javi Soto did well to save as he slid out of his area on the plastic surface. At this time, Beniel were in the ascendancy for a short while, and Cuenca did well to shepherd substitute Guille away from the goal after Pedro Antonio had given him a good chance on goal. As the game went into its last quarter, the visitors started to regain the upper hand, mainly due to the introduction of the fresh legs of Javi and Julian. Julian combined well with Rocamora to give a chance to a chance for Junami but his cross was fractionally too high for Quintana. The same player shot straight at the keeper after some more good work by Rocamora before Beniel got the ball in the net with their first proper shot on goal in the 88th minute. Omar was the delighted player, but unfortunately for him he was a bout 5ms off side. One minute later, it was Omar again, cutting in from the right, who kicked the ball straight at Milito and the referee, from a distance of about 30ms, awarded the penalty that was converted by Fran Hidalgo.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Cuenca, Milito, Del Baño (Javi), Emilio, Cantero (Deaza), Kike (Julian), Quintana, Juanmi,  Rocamora,

Mazarrón dominate, but only draw.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 3,  Santomera CF 3,  14.09.08

It is the corner count of 12 for Mazarrón against 0 for Santomera that tells the story of this match, but with the home defence playing as it is at the moment, is looks as if the forwards will have to score at least 4 goals if they are to win matches.  Fortunately it looks as if Juanmi and Quintana are beginning to get a good understanding, so goals should come. Mazarrón attacked from the start. A long ball from keeper Soto was well controlled by Quintana but his shot was saved in the 2nd min, and shortly afterwards, Alex saved a shot from Juanmi and then tipped the follow up from Quintana over the bar. However, with their very first attack, Santomera took the lead. Soto made a poor punch out from a free kick and the ball went straight to the head of old Mazarrón favourite Olabe, and he made no mistake from 10ms.

The home side continued to dominate. A free kick by Javi was superbly headed past the keeper by Del Baño but it was disallowed for off side, and then, almost straight afterwards, Juanmi lifted a ball over the defence down the left for Quintana to run on to. He easily beat Olabe for pace, cut in and pulled the ball back to Juanmi, advancing at speed, who fired in low for the equalizer. Mazarrón came close with another header by Del Baño and a shot from Quintana, before Santomera took advantage of two more defensive howlers to take the lead. Cantero lost the ball on the edge of the area, Soto saved the shot from Regueras, only to push the ball into the path of Carboneras, who couldn’t miss from 8ms. Captain Viti Gomez had the ball in the net 10mins before half time but it was also disallowed for off side, and Emilio went close with a header that skimmed the bar.

Seven mins into the second half, Santomera extended their lead. Regueras was out on the right with little support, so he calmly beat two defenders before shooting past Soto from an acute angle, and it looked all over for the home side, but they had different ideas. A shot from Javi was tipped over the bar and then on 65mins, from a free kick on the left edge of the area, Juanmi beat the keeper high to his left. From then until the end of the game, the pressure was all from Mazarrón.  With Quintana, Juanmi and Javi firing on all cylinders, the visitors’ defence came under relentless pressure. Substitute Alcaina buckled and was sent off for a raised elbow in a tackle and then Kike was moved forward to support the attack. The reward came almost straightway. Juanmi crossed from the left to Emilio, who headed down to Kike who gleefully fired in the equalizer from around the penalty spot. Mazarrón continued to pour forward and Moreño saw yellow for the second time, but the 9 men visitors somehow managed to hold out, despite the referee rightfully adding more then five minutes to the play for time wasting. If only there hadn’t been the earlier defensive blunders……

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Cuenca (Kike), Milito, Del Baño, Cantero (Julian), Emilio, Quintana, Juanmi , Viti Gomez, Javi (Juanjo), Deaza .



Mazarrón well beaten.

Jumilla  4 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 07.09.09

Following the somewhat fortuitous win at home last week, Mazarrón produced their worst display for a long time, going down by four goals at Jumilla. With Del Baño suspended after being sent off in the first match, Kike was drafted into the back line but unfortunately he was unable to make any impact in a defence that was lacking in confidence and at times was downright naïve.

Both sides made a poor start and there was no pattern to either side as the ball was lost or given away repeatedly by both of them with equal gusto. Then, after 11 mins, Javi made an opening for Rocamora but his shot was just over the bar. Jumilla launched an attack down the right from the goal kick and Javi Bernal didn’t believe his luck when both Juanjo and keeper Soto came to challenge him on the right of the penalty area. He coolly squared for Campillo to tap into an empty goal. This was the start of an eventful afternoon for the striker. Mazarron presented little threat for the rest of the half, apart from an effort from Emilio that went wide and an even wider shot from Kike. Then, 4mins before half time, Jumilla were awarded a free kick on the right. Campillo fired the ball to the edge of the area, Juanjo made a terrible hash of his clearance attempt, leaving Javi Bernal on his own behind the defensive wall and he made no mistake in beating Soto.

At the beginning of the second half, with Dieza and Julian on for Juanjo and Mora, the visitors had their best spell, but Quintana failed to get hold of his shot following a short corner and Julian missed another chance after good work by Quintana and Gomez. Some of the refereeing decisions became more and more bizarre, culminating in a second booking for Campillo that didn’t result in a sending off. He was substituted 3mins later before the referee had a chance to realize his mistake. As Mazarrón began to fade again, Jumilla sealed the match with a superb goal by Toli, 15mins from the end. A free-kick on the right was met firmly by the big defender who planted his header well beyond the reach of Soto. Quintana did engineer a chance for Gomez but his miss was very poor, before Jumilla scored again on 90mins. It was another free-kick, touched to Nando who powered his shot past Soto. There will be sterner tests than this to come, but unless there is a drastic defensive improvement, there are going to be further struggles ahead.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Kike, Juanjo (Deaza), Cuenca, Quintana, Juanmi,  Viti Gomez, Emilio (Cantero), Javi , Mora(Julian) , Rocamora,


Mazarrón get winning start

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1,  C D Cieza 0, 31.08.08

The  new look Mazarrón team got of to a winning start on Sunday, with a 1-0 defeat of CD Cieza, but it was a far from straight forward victory. After an early goal, the home side had to work hard to maintain their lead, but came through in the end. Before the match, Bill and Tony, President and Chairman of Los Amigos de Mazarrón, presented the President of the club, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, with a cheque for 2.000 euros, the result of fund raising efforts over recent months.

Dani clears the danger from a Mazarron corner

Mazarrón welcomed back the prolific scorer from their promotion season, Quintana, and he had an immediate impact, slotting the ball under the advancing Castillo in the 7th min after a beautiful diagonal pass from Javi had released him on the right hand side. Quintana doesn’t miss chances like that very often and hopefully there will be many more in the coming months. This, however, only came after the home side had had a mild fright when Illan, from fully 35ms, had spotted Javi Soto off his line and drifted a speculative shot just wide of the far upright. As the game progressed, Cieza looked the most likely to add to the score-line and in the 17th min, Alfonso hooked the ball wide from a position 12ms out after the Mazarrón defence had only just scrambled clear a corner from the left. There was another let off for Mazarrón in the 23rd min when Cieza had what appeared to be a good shout for a penalty turned down, and in the following melee, Illan was booked for protesting too vehemently. Breakaways for the home side were now few and far between and Cieza came close again when Alfonso was played be cleverly by Illan, only to see his shot tipped over the bar by the increasingly confident Javi Soto. There was still time for more drama. Just before half time, a header from the visitor’s Ismael was saved by Soto, only for the referee to award a penalty. The decision was over ruled however, as the lineman had been flagging for offside against Ismael.

In the first minute of the second half, there was more excitement as Alfonso was brought by clumsily by Del Baño and the referee award a spot kick again, this time over ruling his lineman. Up stepped Illan but Soto pulled off a wonderful save low down to his right. Good scoring opportunities were sparse after that and the home side probably had the best of those on offer. Quintana just failed to connect with a pass from substitute Julian and another substitute Emilio spotted Castillo off his line for a free kick out on the left, but his clever shot went just over the bar. After two players had been dismissed for second yellow cards (Dani for Cieza and Del Baño for Mazarrón) in separate incidents, Cuco missed a great chance to square the score for Cieza, and then Soto again saved well from Miguel in added time. Once the Mazarrón players get to know each other, there is potential there to have a reasonable side.

Mazarrón:  Javi Soto, Juanjo, Cuenca, Milito, Del Baño, Quintana, Juanmi (Julian), Viti Gomez, Javi (Mora), Rocamora, Deaza (Emilio)