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Archive Reports 2007/8 - Segunda B Division


League fixtures for CF Mazarron for the 2007/8 season.

CF Mazarron score is always first, whether home or away.

26/08 Ceuta L   0-3 13/01 Mazarron L  1-3
02/09 Mazarron D  0-0 20/01 Linares L  1-2
09/09 Puertollano W 1-0 27/02 Mazarron L  1-3
16/09 Mazarron W 2-1 03/02 Ecija D  1-1
23/09 Melilla D  0-0 10/02 Mazarron

L   0-2

30/09 Mazarron W 2-0 17/02 Cartagena L   0-2
07/10 Aguilas L  3-5 24/02 Mazarron L   0-3
14/10 Mazarron L  0-3 02/03 Merida L   2-4
21/10 CD Alcala D 1-1 09/03 Mazarron D  0-0
28/10 Mazarron W 4-2 16/03 Algeciras W 2-1
04/11 Real Jaen L  0-1 23/03 Mazarron L  0-1
11/11 Mazarron W 3-0 30/03 Talavera CF L  1-2
18/11 Lucena D  1-1 06/04 Mazarron W 1-0
25/11 Mazarron W 1-0 13/04 Granada L   0-1
02/12 Lorca D  0-0 20/04 Mazarron W 2-1
09/12 Mazarron L  0-1 27/04 Baza D  0-0
16/12 Mazarron W 2-0 04/05 Marbella L  2-3
23/12 R. Portuense L   0-3 11/05 Mazarron D  1-1
06/01 Mazarron W 2-1 18/05 Real Betis B L   3-0

Scorers: Carrasco 9, Alex  7,  Alvaro 6, Juanjo 3, Diego Ribera 3,  Perona 2, Gamiz 2, Brais 2, Xabi Sanchez 1,  Carmona 1, Santi Silvar 1

Copa Federacion: Alex 3, Saura 3, Carrasco 2, Alvaro 2, Nestor 1,

The entire squad was presented before the pre-season match with Real Murcia B. Click on the thumbnails for a large picture. My thanks to Nacho Ruiz for taking and providing all the squad photos.



Squad Numbers 2007/8

ani Hedrera
Santi Silvar
abi Sanchez
orge Gonzales
sier Butron



League Table after 38 matches, 18.05.08

        Home Games   Away Games   Overall      
  Team Gms W D L GF GA W D L GF GA W D L Sc G Diff. Pts.
1 Ecija Balompie 38 13 4 2 30 10 8 5 6 24 19 21 9 8 54 25 72
2 CD Linares 38 12 3 4 36 17 8 4 7 25 25 20 7 11 61 19 67
3 AD Ceuta 38 12 4 3 29 15 6 8 5 19 15 18 12 8 48 18 66
4 Merida UD 38 11 4 4 33 16 8 3 8 26 31 19 7 12 59 12 64
5 Granada CF 38 10 7 2 29 15 6 8 5 23 21 16 15 7 52 16 63
6 UD Melilla 38 8 8 3 26 14 7 5 7 21 21 15 13 10 47 12 58
7 Aguilas CF 38 10 4 5 28 19 6 6 7 22 19 16 10 12 50 12 58
8 FC Cartagena 38 8 6 5 27 19 7 6 6 15 14 15 12 11 42 9 57
9 Real Jaen CF 38 10 5 4 19 11 6 3 10 11 16 16 8 14 30 3 56
10 Lucena CF 38 9 5 5 26 15 4 8 7 14 19 13 13 12 40 6 52
11 Lorca DCF 38 8 6 5 21 18 5 4 10 17 22 13 10 15 38 -2 49
12 Real Betis Balompie B 38 8 4 7 22 15 6 3 10 17 26 14 7 17 39 -2 49
13 UD Puertollano 38 6 7 6 18 17 6 4 9 18 23 12 11 15 36 -4 47
14 RC Portuense 38 7 9 3 21 15 4 4 11 13 31 11 13 14 34 -12 46
15 UD Marbella 38 8 5 6 17 19 4 5 10 12 23 12 10 16 29 -13 46
16 CD Baza 38 6 7 6 19 20 3 9 7 17 24 9 16 13 36 -8 43
17 Mazarron CF 38 9 3 7 22 22 2 6 11 15 33 11 9 18 37 -18 42
18 CD Alcala 38 6 4 9 17 21 4 7 8 15 22 10 11 17 32 -11 41
19 Talavera CF 38 5 6 8 22 26 3 5 11 15 36 8 11 19 37 -25 35
20 Algeciras CF 38 3 6 10 17 27 1 4 14 13 35 4 10 24 30 -32 22

Mazarrón relegated.

Real Betis B 3, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 18.05.08

It would have taken many results to go the right way for Mazarrón to have avoided the drop, but in the end they failed to gain the win that was the most important. After just one season in the higher flight, they will play next year in the Murcia regional Division of the Tecera. The bright side is that the fans will be able to go to every match as the travelling will be much less.

Mazarrón started this game brightly and for the first half an hour they looked the most likely to score the opener.  Diego Ribera fashioned a chance for Carrasco but he needed too much time and the defence cleared, and shortly afterwards Ortega rose high on the penalty spot and produced a header that hit the post. At the other end, Alex Ortiz was unlucky with a shot that went just over the bar. The crucial moment of the game came after 35mins. Carreńo attacked the Mazarrón defence down the left and as he entered the penalty area he went down and a penalty was awarded. Zamora scored to the right of Reguero and this immediately had a calming effect on the home side. Shortly after that, Rodri had a shot from outside the area saved and then at the other end, Carrasco forced Rene into a fine save from a header.

If the visitors had thoughts of regrouping and taking the game back from Betis, their dreams were shattered in the first minute after the interval, when Diego Seguro scored after some fine work by Ortiz and Parra, who had only just taken the field as a substitute. As the collective spirit of the Mazarrón side declined, Carreńo missed a golden opportunity to seal the game when through on Reguero, but the keeper made a fine save to delay the inevitable. The final goal did not come until the 80th min, with Betis now in almost total control. Rodri was the main architect but his attempt was saved, only for Carlos Valverde to pounce on the loose ball to fire in from close range. Cańamero was sent off for the home side before the end for a second bookable offence, but by then the game was safe and it made no difference.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF: Reguero, Llamas, Dani Hedrera (Jorge Gonzales), Ortega , Gavilan, Xabi Sanchez, Carrasco, Gamiz (Alvaro), Alex Colorado, Diego Ribera, Juanjo(Alexandre).

 Appearances: Ist half of season   * Started, (*) Substitute

Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
1. Reguero * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
2. Llamas *     * * *   * * *   * * * * *   * *
3. Carmona * * * * *           (*) (*) * * * * (*) *  
4. D. Hedrera *   * * * * *   * * * * * * * * * *  
5. Santi Silvar   *   (*) (*) * * * * *       * * * * *  
6. Ortega * * * * * *   * (*)   * * *   (*) * *   *
7. Brais   *       (*) (*)       (*) (*) (*) (*)   (*) * * (*)
8. Xabi Sanchez * * * * *           (*) (*) (*)         (*) *
9. Juanjo   (*) * * * * * * * * * * *     * (*) * *
10. Carrasco * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   * * *
11. Rafa Rivera     (*)     (*) (*)           (*)     (*)   (*)  
12. Gamiz * * * * * * * *   * * * * * *       *
14. Jorge Gonzales (*) (*) (*) (*)     * * * (*)       (*) (*)   * * *
15. Zubillaga                                   (*) (*)
16. Alvaro *   * * * * * * * * * *   * * * * * *
17. Saura               (*)           (*) (*) (*)     (*)
18. Asier Butron (*)               (*) (*)                  
19. Omar   * *       *   (*)   *                
20. Alex * *   (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) * * * * * * * * *    
21. Gavilan * (*) (*)   (*) * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
22. Pison                                      
23. Perona   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   *
Appearances: 2nd half of season                                      
Player 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
1. Reguero * * * * * *   *           * * * * * *
2. Llamas * * * * * * *   * * * * * * * * * * *
3. Carmona (*) * * * *   * * * * *   * * * * *    
4. D. Hedrera   * * * * * * * * * *   * * *       *
5. Santi Silvar *   * * * * *   (*) * *   * *   * * *  
6. Ortega * *       *   * *     * * * * * * * *
7. Brais (*)             (*) * * * (*) (*)       (*)    
8. Xabi Sanchez   * * * *     * * * *   * * * * * * *
9. Juanjo (*) * * (*) (*)   (*) * * * * * *   * (*) * * *
10. Carrasco *   *             (*)   * * * * * (*) * *
11. Diego Ribera       * * * * * * *   * * (*) * * * * *
12. Gamiz * *   * * * *               * (*) * * *
14. Jorge Gonzales *             *       *     (*) * * (*) (*)
15. Zubillaga                                      
16. Alvaro *   * * * * * (*) (*)     * * (*) (*) * * (*) (*)
17. Saura   (*) (*)                 (*)              
18. Nestor     * (*)   * * *     * * (*)            
19. Omar   (*)       *                          
20. Alex * * * * * (*) * (*) * * * *   * (*) (*)   (*) *
21. Gavilan * * (*)                             * *
22. Alexandre       * * (*) (*) * * *   (*)   * *     * (*)
23. Perona * *       * * * (*) (*) *   (*) *     (*)    
24 Txoperena       (*) (*) (*) (*)     (*)   *   (*)   *      
25 Escalona             *   * * * * *            

Position of Mazarron in the league, week by week, in the second half of the season

  19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
8 M                                      
10   M                                    
11     M                                  
12       M M                              
14           M                            
15             M                   M      
16                     M         M        
17               M M     M           M M M
18                   M     M M M          
    Upward Move                              
    Downward Move                            
    No Change                                

Mazarrón Fail to Maintain Early Pressure

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF  1, RC Portuense  1, 11.05.08

Neither side in this encounter could afford to drop points, but with their last match away from home, Mazarrón needed to win more than their visitors. In the end, the result could have gone either way and the fate of both the teams will not be sealed until this coming weekend, but it will now be very difficult for Mazarrón to maintain their Segunda B status.

The game started at a cracking pace and with only 30 secs on the clock, a Portuense attack was broken up and Alexandre surged down the right wing, crossing to Juanjo, but the striker needed too much time to settle himself and his effort was saved. After 4mins, it was Alexandre again, cutting in from the right and crossing a low ball, that was handled by Sanbruno. Carrasco stepped up and scored easily from the penalty spot, sending Wilfred the wrong way. The home side dominated the first 30mins of the game, with Alexandre, taking up from where he had left off against Lorca, causing massive problems to the defenders, and Ribera and Juanjo striving to convert the chances that were being made, but without further success. Towards the end of the half, Portuense began to assert themselves more. Sergio Narvaez, in particular, was unfortunate with two chances. A well-placed header was saved by Reguero and then he had a free kick deflected 2ms wide of the goal. Just before half time though, the visitors had a fortunate break. Alexandre again attacked down the right but this time he pulled the ball back to Gamiz, whose cross over the defence found Ribero and he headed superbly into goal. Unfortunately, either he or Carrasco had strayed off side and the ‘goal’ was disallowed.

At the start of the second half, it was the home defenders who began to look edgy. Narvaez was booked for diving in the 52min, but he had the last laugh 10mins later. A huge punt up field bounced towards the Mazarrón penalty area and Santi lost his footing trying to challenge Paulino. Reguero made a charge out of his goal, as he is prone to do, and Paulino calmly released Narvaez to his right, who made no mistake in slotting the ball into the undefended net. Portuense were now rampant and 2mins later, a powerful free kick from just outside the area by Zurdo was saved low by Reguero. He was unable to hold the ball and in the process of trying to gather it in, he fouled substitute Palacios. Paulino’s spot kick rattled the underside of the bar and stayed out. The visitors were on top until Mazarrón’s  late surge, but some appalling time wasting destroyed any flow in the play and Portuense held out for the draw they wanted.

Mazarron now have to win at Real Betis, and other results must go their way, if they are to stay up, or even get the play off place. A tall order indeed!

Mazarrón: Reguero, Llamas, Ortega, Santi Silvar (Gonzales), Gavilan, Xabi Sanchez, Gamix (Alex), Juanjo (Alvaro), Alexandre, Carrasco, Diego Ribera

Mazarrón just miss out.

UD Marbella 3, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2, 04.05.08

Approximately 70 supports from the Los Amigos de Mazarrón made the long trip to Marbella and the first surprise they had was to see Carl Cort, ex of Newcastle, Wolves and Leicester, on the opposition’s team sheet. Fortunately, he is only a shadow of his former self, despite his massive physical presence, and was taken off early in the second half.

The first half of the game was notable almost entirely for a series of ‘home town’ refereeing decisions, one of the worst of which resulted in a penalty when Carmona was adjudged to have held Cort before he made a dreadful attempt to score. However, Carlos Rivera dispatched the spot kick for Marbella to go a goal up. To be fair though, the visitors were never at the races for the whole of the first period.

The tempo picked up in the second half and Mazarrón started to get into the game a little, although substitute Vergara looked by far the biggest threat for the home side. Ribera came close with a free kick after Juanjo had been held back and substitute Carrasco was beginning to make a few things happen for the visitors before another penalty was awarded, and this time there was no doubt, as Gonzales hacked down Nando. Lopez scored with ease, with Reguero going the wrong way for the second time. Vergara had a couple of good runs at the Mazarrón defence before the game burst into life with barely 10 mins of playing time left. Mazarrón’s third substitute, Perona, was fouled on the left and Ribera’s free kick was headed in by Perona himself for only his second goal of the season. As the visitors pressed for an equalizer, Vergara broke again and his shot rebounded off the post and across goal for Jabuti to tap in, with the defenders screaming at the referee for an off side ruling to no avail. Back came Mazarrón, and with 2mins of actual time remaining, the Ribera-Perona free kick routine worked again, as Perona touched in at the near post with the defence floundering. Deep into 5mins of added time, Carrasco almost clinched a vital point as he headed a superb cross from Brais against the under side of the bar, but it just wasn’t to be.

The match on Sunday at home to Portuense, one point ahead in the league, now takes on even more massive importance and a win is vital if Mazarrón are to avoid relegation back to Tercera.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF: Reguero, Llamas, Ortega , Santi Silvar, Carmona (Brais), Jorge Gonzales, Juanjo, Xabi Sanchez, Alvaro (Carrasco),  Gamiz (Perona), Diego Ribera (Juanjo).

Mazarrón and Baza in Stalemate.

CD Baza  0, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 27.04.08

With both these teams struggling to get clear of the relegation zone, this was never going to be a pretty encounter and so it proved. The game was totally dominated by the two defences and Santi Silvar had a solid game for the visitors after being dropped last week. He never allowed the high scoring Belencoso to get a look in, and Baza looked devoid of attacking options with him stifled, at least, until the last few minutes of the encounter. At the other end, the Mazarrón forwards had a mistake-ridden afternoon and rarely looked like breaking the deadlock.

Baza had the first scoring opportunity when a clever corner by Martins was played back to the un-marked full back Pereira, but he weakly scooped the ball into the grateful arms of Reguero, re-instated now as the regular keeper. At the other end, Ribera floated a free kick over the mass of defenders to Ortega, who had broken free of the melee and he headed back in but Alvaro was unable to finish off. The only other flurry of excitement in the first half occurred when Ribera had a shot deflected over the bar, and then within a minute, Alvaro shot wide when Ribera created an opportunity for him from 12ms. Txoperena was taken to hospital with a damaged wrist and was replaced by Alex after 32mins.

Most of the second half chances fell to Mazarrón but Alvaro, in particular, could not find his scoring touch. One shot went wide and he unusually had two heading chances, but one went wide and the other went over. At the other end, Duran had a shot saved by Reguero and Pereira cleverly tried to lob the keeper following a free kick, but it floated harmlessly over the bar. Most of the home side’s chances were being created by Jurado, who had proved to be a tricky play-maker in the first encounter between the sides as well. As the game seemed to be heading for a quiet draw, Perez, for the home side, suddenly turned and shot from the edge of the penalty area. Fortunately, with Reguero beaten, the shot hit the outside of the post and went out. Then, in added time, Reguero tipped a shot from the same player over the bar, after a left side free kick had been played square to him.

This coming weekend, Mazarrón are away at Marbella in another crucial relegation battle, and many of their British supporters are making a weekend of it on the Costa Del Sol. Meanwhile, the team is now one place clear of the relegation play-off place.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF: Reguero, Llamas, Ortega , Santi Silvar, Carmona, Jorge Gonzales, Txoperena (Alex Colorado), Xabi Sanchez, Alvaro (Gamiz), Carrasco,  Diego Ribera (Juanjo).

Carrasco gives Mazarrón a lifeline

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF  2, Lorca Dep. 1, 20.04.08

It is no co-incidence that since Carrasco returned to full fitness, Mazarrón’s  season has got back on track and there is hope now that they may avoid relegation, although with 3 of the remaining 4 matches away from home it is not going to be easy. On this occasion, Carrasco was Captain, due to the inexplicable dropping of Santi Silvar, who did not even feature on the bench. The match was played in blustery conditions that made it difficult for both teams.

The game couldn’t have had a worse start. After only five minutes, Xabi Sanchez made a dreadful pass to Dani Hedrera that gave the defender no chance of controlling the ball. In nipped the huge striker Manel and he gave Reguero no chance, firing in from 15ms. To their collective credit, the home side were not phased by this, and, playing into the wind, they began to play some delightful approach work, particularly down the right, where Alexandre was having his best game yet, since his January move from Lorca. However, the finishing touch was not there, and in the 33rd min. following a Mazarrón corner, Chando broke from defence and Alexandre badly mis-timed his tackle, still in the Lorca half, and was sent off. He left the field a totally distraught figure. Mazarrón were not deflected by this either, and in the next ten mins. they had two fair shouts for penalties denied, first when Ribera appeared to be pushed over and then when Llamas nearly had his head removed with a high challenge. After 44mins, they got their reward. A long ball into the penalty area was headed on by Juanjo to Carrasco, who shot comfortably past Jauregi.

Alex came on at half time, but it took the home side a long while to adjust to playing with the wind behind them. Alex made a chance for Carrasco with a good run down the left but the shot from long range was wide, and then they had a lucky break when a goal-bound shot from Busto hit Manel and bounced harmlessly away. Oscar Rico had a shot deflected narrowly wide for Lorca before substitute Alvaro was denied when his  shot was well saved within 15secs of entering the fray. Alvaro it was again who played Llamas clear, but his cross was woeful. However, the ball eventually came to Carmona way out on the left. He lifted a speculative lob into the goal mouth and as Carrasco challenged the keeper, he got a touch into the net to give Mazarrón the lead. The ten men survived one or two scares before the end but kept Lorca out for a valuable win.

The next match is another relegation battle at Baza, currently 1pt ahead of Mazarrón.

Mazarrón: Reguero, Llamas, Ortega, Dani Hedrera, Carmona, Xabi Sanchez, Gamix (Alex), Juanjo (Alvaro), Alexandre, Carrasco, Diego Ribera (Gonzales)

Mazarrón Denied by the Woodwork.

Granada CF 1, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 13.04.08

Mazarrón produced a spirited second half display that should have earned them at least a point, but as happens when you are down, they came away with nothing to show from the match. The team looked to have been selected to earn a point, with Ortega again playing just in front of the back four and Perona, with only one goal to his name this season, playing as a lone striker.

In the early play, Granada were by far the better team, as the visitors looked understandably nervous and took a long time to settle .  As early as the 7th min, Xabi Sanchez made a clumsy tackle 25ms out, and with the free kick, Ocańa floated the ball over the defenders and Ruiz ran through unchecked to head just wide. Israel and Ocańa squandered further chances before Mazarrón had their first real chance, Campo saving well low down from a shot by Alexandre. As half time approached, and with Mazarrón coming more into the game, Perona headed an Alexandre cross over the bar before Granada took the lead. Xabi Sanchez lost the ball on the half-way line and with the defence missing, Israel ran on and shot goal-wards. Reguero saved the shot with his fingertips, pushing the ball up and Vicente was the first to react, heading past Reguero’s outstretched hand into the empty goal.

The second half was a different matter, as Mazarrón looked the better team. From their first corner of the game Dani Hedrera headed narrowly over the bar and a few minutes later Ortega crossed to Perona, who headed back into the path of Alex, who rattled the bar from 23ms. The same player then saw a shot go over the bar before Dani played a lovely ball inside the full back for Llamas to cross and win a corner that was headed just over by Perona. With 15mins to go, Carmona crossed a diagonal ball to Carrasco, and he set up a chance for substitute Ribera, but his shot hit the outside of the post. Vicente had a great chance to seal the game for Granada after 80mins but his great shot was met with an even better save by Reguero. Back came the visitors as Carrasco headed an Alexandre cross wide, but the equalizer never materialized.

With two of their relegation rivals gaining wins, Mazarrón are now in deeper trouble and will need all the support they can get for the home match against fellow strugglers Lorca on Sunday.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF: Reguero, Llamas, Dani Hedrera , Santi Silvar, Carmona (Alvaro), Ortega (Txoperena), Alexandre, Xabi Sanchez, Alex Colorado, Carrasco, y Perona (Diego Ribera)


Mazarrón display passion to win.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1,  Lucena CF 0, 06.04.08

Mazarrón played with pride and passion to obtain a crucial victory in their battle to remain in Segunda B.  Sporting a new strip, and with each player having the number 7 on their sleeve, signifying the number of games they have left in order to avoid relegation, this was a much more encouraging display. It can be no coincidence that an improvement in form has come with the return of Carrasco. He in the driving force from which the other players gain inspiration.

There were few chances until the 15th minute when Carmona played a diagonal ball from the left that was headed on by Juanjo to Alvaro. He beat his man and passed square for Carrasco to shoot from the edge of the area but unfortunately it was straight at Garcia in the visitors’ goal. Lucena then came more into the game with their small forwards giving the big central defenders Dani Hedrera and Santi Silvar a torrid few minutes with their ground play. The deadlock was broken in the 29th minute. The ever-busy Llamas disposed Arguello on the right touchline and fed the ball forward to Alvaro. He made ground before crossing to Diego Ribera on the edge of the goal area. Although he didn’t seem to get a perfect connection, it was sufficient to beat the keeper to give the home side the lead. Lucena were then restricted to long range efforts before half time that were comfortably defended.

Mazarron started the second period confidently but without adding to their lead and the extra striker that the visitors had added was not paying dividends. Ribera almost caught the defence out with a 45m free kick the keeper touched over and Alvaro set up Llamas for a strike that went well wide. The game had been well disciplined until Ortega was booked in the 56th min and this was followed by a further 5 in the next 15mins, as well as the somewhat harsh sending off of Juanjo for a challenge on Guille with 20mins still to play. Alvaro bottled a good shooting opportunity when set up well by Ribera and Ribera had a good shout for a penalty turned down when a cross appeared to be handled by a defender, but thereafter the pressure for an equalizer came from the visitors, but without any success. Mazarrón weathered the final storm for a vital 3pts. Five teams are now covered by just 1pt, above the apparently already doomed bottom two teams.

Mazarrón:  Escalona, Llamas, Dani Hedrera, Ortega (Brais), Santi Silvar, Carmona, Xabi Sanchez,  Juanjo, Alvaro(Perona), Carrasco, Diego Ribera (Nestor).

Mazarrón dominate, but only draw.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0,  CD Alcala  0, 08.03.08

This was a far better performance from Mazarrón, albeit against a side of very limited ambition. In fact, Alcala very rarely threatened the Mazarrón goal and were quite content to absorb the pressure from the home side, of which there was a great deal. Machuca, the trainer, tinkered with the side again, bringing in Ortega for Santi Silvar in the heart of the defence, and giving Brais a chance on the right after his good performance in the Copa Federacion semi final first leg that was won 1-0 by the hosts on the previous Wednesday.

The game started with the home side launching attack after attack down both wings, and Brais and Alexandre were particularly effective down the right. The first good chance fell to Juanjo after 3mins after a cross from Diego Ribera. The ball ran out to Alex who fired a shot 2ms wide of the goal from 20ms out. Shortly after this Alexandre picked up a throw and crossed for Juanjo but the striker just failed to make a solid connection. Back came Mazarrón again, this time it took a foul by Neftali to stop Alexandre as he bore down on the goal. The first chance that Alcala had was when there was a scramble in the Mazarrón penalty area, but nobody was able to finish it off. The rest of the half was taken up with a series of near misses at the other end, with Alex, Juanjo and Brais all spurning good chances.

The second half started as the first had finished, and Santi Silvar, on for the injured Ortega, powering a header fractionally over the bar and somehow the supporters knew that this was not to be Mazarrón’s  day again. Carmona came close with a free kick that was well saved by Thorices and it was not until the 60th min that Alcala had two chances in quick succession. Escalona saved well from a 30m shot by Domingo and Martin hit another long shot wide, and they were the only threats that the visitors made. Another good header by Santi and some long range efforts by Alex, two of which were in 4 mins of added time, left the team and supporters equally frustrated and wondering where another win in the league is going to come from, if they can dominate so totally, without finishing a team off. Oh for a top class striker!

Mazarrón:  Escalona, Llamas, Dani Hedrera, Ortega (Santi Silvar), Carmona, Brais, Alexandre, Xabi Sanchez,  Juanjo (Alvaro), Alex Colorado, Diego Ribera (Perona).

Mazarrón gain 1st Leg Advantage.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1,  Reus 0, 15.03.08, Copa Federacion.

This was the classic 'game of 2 halves'. Mazarrón had by far the better of the first half, playing into the wind, with the main threat coming down the wings. Llamas and Alvaro had control of the right wing area and Txoperena was particularly impressive down the left. There were quite a few scoring opportunities created down these routes, but it took until the 27th min before anyone got on the end of one. Clever interplay between Alvaro and Brais on the right won a corner after a tricky cross from Brais was cleared by the defence. Txoperena's corner from the left found Brais on the far side of the penalty area. He crossed precisely for Saura to head the goal from close range. Saura should have had another just before half time, but much to his frustration, Ortega got his head to the cross just in front of him when Llamas and Alvaro created another opening on the right.

In the same way that Reus had failed to master a following wind in the first half, Mazarrón failed in the second, and as the play progressed an equalizer looked more and more likely, but it didn't materialize and Mazarrón take their slender advantage on the long journey towards Barcelona next Weds for the second leg.

Mazarron CF: Escalona, Llamas, Ortega, Jorge Gonzales, Carmona, Zubillaga (Xabi Sanchez), Alex, Alvaro (Diego Ribera), Txoperena, Saura (Santi Silvar).

Mazarrón produce more spirited display.

Merida U D 4 , Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2, 02.03.08

Mazarrón made the long trip to Merida in the knowledge that they were visiting the top scoring team in the league, and in Luciano and Cuevas they have two of the top scoring individuals. Mazarrón, on the other hand have one of the poorest away records and the odds were not upset in this match, although it could have been different.

The home side set the tone in the very first minute, with a shot hitting the post in the first attack, and it only took another 2mins before Luciano got onto the end of a cross from the right by Cuevas and he made no mistake with his header. Merida continued to dominate the play, with Segovia calling the tune in mid-field, but it took them more than half an hour before the extended their lead. This time Luciano was the provider and Carlos Ruben first went one way and then the other, before firing past Reguero, recalled into the Mazarrón goal.

At the start of the second half, it was a totally different story. Brais replaced Nestor and Alex replaced Diego Ribera, who certainly hasn’t been the solution to the scoring problem. With Mazarrón pressing hard, Perona hit the post with a shot and Brais was on hand to slot in the rebound and the home supporters were stunned within 8mins of the start of the half when Carmona latched onto a loose ball outside the penalty area and drilled in an unstoppable shot. This gave the visitors some self-belief, it being the first time since early January that they had scored twice in a match. They continued to exert pressure but were undone on the break when Cuevas picked up a ball out on the right and dashed to the penalty area before shooting past Reguero. The fatal blow was dealt in the 78th min when a penalty was awarded against the visitors and Luciano completed a brace from the spot.

Mazarrón have got to start gaining some points again and hopefully this second half performance will act as a springboard into what appears to be a series of less difficult fixtures. The next four matches, stating with Alcala at home this coming weekend are likely to seal the fate of the first season in Segunda B.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF: Reguero, Ortega, Jorge Gonzales, Dani Hedrera, Carmona, Xabi Sanchez, Alexandre, Juanjo, Nestor (Brais), Diego Ribera (Alex Colorado), y Perona (Alvaro).

Mazarrón continue Free Fall

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0,  Águilas CF 3, 24.02.08

Mazarron continued their recent woeful form with this defeat that leaves them well and truly in the relegation zone. None of the refereeing decisions went their way, but despite that they were outplayed by an Águilas side that is chasing a play off place in the league, as, indeed, Mazarrón were at Christmas time. Since the second half of the league started, Mazarrón have taken 1pt only from a possible 21.

The home side started the match with recent-signing Escalona in goal for his first start in a league game but there was little he could do to thwart the ever dangerous visiting forwards. Things started to go wrong in the 15th min. Águilas were awarded a free kick on the right hand side of the pitch, a good 10ms outside the penalty area. Alfonso had already driven one over from 5ms closer to the goal and this time he hit it wide. However, in the elaborate build up to the kick, Nestor had got too close by the time it was taken and the referee ordered a retake. This time Alfonso made no mistake, driving the ball along the ground into the corner of the goal. Mazarron then had a series of free kicks on the right and as Carmona put them into the danger zone, nobody was able to get the final touch, although Gamiz and Alvaro both came close. After 34mins, Águilas were awarded a penalty when Llamas held Abel down by the shirt as he was trying to get to a free kick. Navarro sent Escalona the wrong way to score easily.

Somewhat bizarrely, at half time, Machuca rang the changes, taking off the two top goal-scorers Alex and Alvaro, leaving a team of players who had only scored 4 league goals between them all season, although to be fair, both Txoperena and Alexandre injected some much needed energy to the situation. Within 4mins, Mazarrón were down to ten men and any hopes of a revival were extinguished. As Alfonso ran strongly towards the penalty area, he was pulled back by Santi who received a straight red card. This seemed to bring the home team to life with substitute Txoperena being particularly effective. Dani was just wide with a 40m looping shot, after a penalty appeal by Diego Ribera had been ignored, and the ball ran out to him. Then Diego Ribera shot under the keeper into the goal but he had been off side from the long pass by Nestor.  Águilas killed the game in the 72nd minute when Tariq had time to pick his spot from 16ms after being played in by Abel on the right. The home side then attacked more purposefully and a move involving Llamas and Txoperensa made a chance for Alexandre whose shot brought a great save from Ivan Gomez. The ball ran back to Alexandre who crossed for Diego Ribera this time but his header was turned over by the keeper. Dani had really woken up by this time and he made an excellent save on his own line from a header by Camacho and then he was busy at the other end, as a Mazarrón corner was punched out to him on the edge of the area and his volley was only 1m wide. At this stage of the season Mazarrón look doomed to return to the Tercera Division after only one season in Segunda B, but there are some easier looking games coming up, so you never know.

Mazarrón:  Escalona, Llamas, Dani Hedrera, Santi Silvar, Carmona, Alvaro (Alexandre), Gamiz,  Nestor, Alex Colorada (Txoperena),  Diego Ribera, Perona (Juanjo),

Mazarrón stumble again.

FC Cartagena 2, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 17.02.08

Both teams came into this game desperately in need of a change of fortune and it came for the home side rather than the visitors. Mazarrón started the game with a team whose players had only scored nine league goals this season, with Alex on the bench a Carrasco a long term absentee through injury.

The first half an hour was appalling, with both sides frightened of making a mistake and it was not until a glancing header from Toledo went just wide that either side thought a goal was possible. The one attempt that Mazarrón could manage before the break was a header from Gamiz that went wide of the goal. The only player for either team who came out with any credit by half time was Lafuente, who had been the main play-maker when Cartagena played at Mazarrón, and continued to be so. The players left the pitch to the sight of the home fans waving handkerchiefs as a sign of their disapproval.

The visitors started the second half in better form, but were knocked back when Toledo met a cross from Lafuente and this time his glancing header went beyond the reach of Reguero to give the home side a lead after 57mins. This gave them confidence and reduced the barracking of the crowd and 7mins later Lafuente himself came very close with a shot from just inside the area that was well saved by Reguero. Mazarrón then put more resources into attack but it became clear that it was not to be their day when Ortega headed over from close range following a cross from Diego Ribera on the left and then, five mins later, Diego popped up on the right to flight a cross to Perona. This time Perona headed down beautifully into the path of substitute Alexandre who shot powerfully against the bottom of the post with Caballero well beaten.  With 10mins of play remaining, Mazarrón seemed to have a good shout for a penalty when Diego was flattened in the area but nothing was given. With the game deep into added time, Mazarrón won a corner on the left. Reguero came into the area to add his height to the situation and Alex crossed to Alexandre, whose powerful shot hit the legs of a defender and rebounded to Cabrejo on the edge of the area. He darted towards the Mazarrón half on the left and as he crossed the halfway line he shot speculatively towards the empty goal. Despite the efforts of the retreating Llamas, he found the net and sent the home fans away happy. The game was not even restarted.

As Cartagena pull a little way out of trouble, Mazarrón are now only on point above the relegation playoff place. This weekend they have a home game against high-flying neighbours Águilas.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF: Reguero, Omar, Dani Hedrera (Txoperena), Santi Silvar, Ortega, Llamas, Gamiz (Alexandre), Nestor, Alvaro (Alex Colorado), Diego Ribera y Perona.

Mazarrón slip towards Danger Zone.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0,  U D Melilla  2, 10.02.08

It happened again! Mazarron slipped to their third consecutive home league defeat and in doing so slipped to 14th in the league, only 1 point clear of the play-off relegation place.  They desperately need a striker who can score consistently and Diego Ribera, signed in the transfer window, does not look the part. They played some of their most attractive approach play for quite a while, but there was rarely anyone to take advantage when the ball got to the danger area in front of goal.

Most of the early danger came from Alvaro, playing on the right again. In the 4th min he fired across the face of goal after good work by Alex, only to see Alexandre just fail to connect, and 5mins later he pulled back a beautiful ball for Alex, but his  shot was way over the bar. The best early chance however, fell to Melilla’s Chota, who headed straight at Reguero when unmarked in the centre after some very poor defending. Back at the other end, Alexandre pulled a ball from the bye line into the path of Diego Ribera, only to see the striker scoop air, and then Alex had a chance after a great run by Llamas, but his rasping shot from 22ms was saved on the ground by Dorronsoro.  The visitors then started to come more into the game and showed the home players what to do in front of goal. A long free kick on the left was played to Chota, who was pushed just outside the area on the right. The next free kick was played to Migui, whose gentle shot hit the outside of the Mazarrón post, from which Acoran played the ball across the area and back. Two Melilla players left the ball and it reached Migui again on the edge of the box. This time he placed his shot superbly into the corner with Reguero well beaten. Before half time, Alex had another long range effort saved well and at the other end, Moncho should have scored with a header but Reguero saved at the second attempt.

Mazarrón exerted more pressure in the second half, with Llamas pushing further forward, allowing Alvaro to take up better positions towards the centre. It nearly paid dividends when the pair set up a chance for Alexandre, but his turn and shot was saved, and shortly afterwards they involved Alexandre again, but this time Alvaro found himself off side for the return. With the home side searching for an equalizer, events took a bitter turn in the 69th min. Alvaro, back helping out the defence, tackled Moncho inside the area. He appeared to take the ball, but the forward fell over his legs and a penalty was given, from which Alex Fernandez made no mistake with Reguero routed to the line. Alex had a header saved and Gamiz headed wide as Mazarrón pressed again, but the nearest they came to scoring was a shot from substitute Txoperena that Dorronsoro saved superbly. The visit to Cartagena this weekend takes on tremendous importance as Mazarrón look to revive their season.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Dani Hedrera, Santi Silvar, Carmona, Alvaro, Gamiz,  Xabi Sanchez, Alexandre (Juanjo), Alex Colorada (Txoperena),  Diego Ribera.

Mazarrón ease ahead

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ 1, Espanyol B 0, 06.02.08

Mazarrón gained the upper hand in the Copa Federacion quarter final 1st leg on Wednesday, but they will need to perform much better in the second leg if they are to go through to the semi final in two weeks time. The visitors had two good chances in the first 8mins but failed to convert and it was 15mins before the visiting keeper was troubled, punching clear a well-flighted free kick from Carmona on the right hand side. 2mins after this, Mazarrón took the lead. The play resulted from an Espanyol free kick in the centre of the field. Santi Silvar headed firmly out of defence and Saura controlled the ball well on the edge of the penalty area. The chance looked to have been lost, but having taken the ball wide left, he pulled it back for Nestor to run onto. His shot from a good 25ms was moving away from the keeper all the time, but Isaac will have been disappointed not to have dealt with it. Javi Lopez had a good chance to equalize shortly afterwards, but he shot narrowly wide. On 35mins, Txoperena, making his début in the starting line-up, was booked for a dive and 3mins later he got a second yellow and was sent off for an innocuous looking challenge on the halfway line. Numbers were square again before too long, when the visiting captain Marquez was booked for 'discussing' a free kick to Mazarrón, and was then booked again for something he said as he moved away. Before half time, Plata missed an excellent chance after good approach work down the left and the giant Fran missed a header when it looked easier to score from only 3ms out.

Most of the pressure came from Espanyol in the second half and Savall was particularly to blame when he headed over the bar from a corner that eluded all the defenders. It was not until 2mins into added time that Alvaro shot over the bar after some great work by both himself and Llamas on the right. As well as the two players with double yellows, another 4 from each side were booked, mostly unnecessarily, as the referee struggled to contain his urge to be at the centre of all that was going on. One positive factor of the game was the debut of goal-keeper Escalona for the home side. Although the profligate Espanyol attackers went easy on him, he did cut out several crosses with an air of calm efficiency.

Mazarrón: Escalona, Omar, Carmona, Santi Silvar, Ortega, Zubillaga (Dani Hedrera), Nestor, Txoperena, Juanjo, Saura (Alvaro), Diego Ribera (Llamas).

Mazarron gain hard-earned draw

Ecija SAD 1, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ 1, 03.02.08

Mazarron went to top of the table Ecija on the back of a run of three defeats and were desperate to turn things around.  This period had seen the club slip to 12th place in a very tight league, The trainer Machuca, had been busy recruiting in the last week of the transfer window and two of the new signings, Alexandre and Diego Ribera, made their debuts in the starting line up and two more, Txoperena and Nestor came on as substitutes.  

The match was evenly balanced in the first half, with the visitors not overawed by their highly-ranked opponents, but early in the second half, Pepe Diaz scored his seventh goal of the season to give Ecija the lead. It was not until 2 mins into 4 mins of time added on that debutante Diego Ribera scored an invaluable equalizer for Mazarrón. Hopefully, the addition of new blood into the squad will add a bit more penetration to the attacking play. This coming weekend, Mazarrón play host to Melilla, who, like themselves, are in a group of four teams covered by one point in the middle of the table.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF: Regueiro,  Llamas, Carmona, Dani Hedrera , Santi Silvar, Xabi Sánchez, Diego Ribera, Alexandre (min.75 Txoperena), Gamiz (min.89 Nestor), Alvaro (min. 65 Juanjo) y Alex Colorado


Mazarrón defeated by counter attacking Puertollano.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1,  U D Puertollano  3, 27.01.08

Not for the first time this season, Mazarrón came up against a team prepared to soak up any pressure and then hit them on the counter attack, and Puertollano were very skilled at it. They came with one of the best away records in the league and it was easy to see why. The big central defenders didn’t have enough pace to cope with speedy strikers, and Dani Hedrera had a particularly torrid afternoon.

The game started well enough, with Carrasco coming close in the very first minute, and the home side seemed to have a well balanced side with Alvaro and Alex teamed as the main strike force. However, the first real threat came when Valdes attacked down the right in the fourth minute. His shot was blocked but from the rebound, he was able to cross for Aitor to head goal-wards, but Reguero was down quickly to save. Even in these opening minutes it was plain to see that the diminutive Andres on the left was going to be the main danger, having both speed and good ball skills, but it came as a surprise to see him rise between the central defenders to head the first goal from another cross by Valdes after just 11mins. This was followed by a sustained spell of Mazarrón pressure, but the final penetrative touch was always missing, despite the best efforts of Alex and Alvaro. After 20mins some reorganization was called for when Carrasco left the field injured, to be replaced by Saura. He came into the middle and Alvaro and Juanjo went wide.  Alvaro had the best chances for the home side, one a particularly good header that was tipped over by Rojas, but 7mins before halftime, Puertollano extended their lead with a move that was beautifully simple. A corner on the left was played back to the un-marked Carlos Sanz, and his shot through a ruck of players was met by Manu driving the ball into the goal, giving Reguero no chance.

Gavilan replaced Nestor for the home side at half time, allowing Carmona to take a more attacking role down the left, and it led to a spell of good pressure. Alvaro had a shot tipped over, and then shot just wide from 22ms and Saura was beginning to make an impression down the middle, laying back some nice balls for his team mates to come onto.  After 70mins, the pressure at last got a result. Carmona took a free kick on the left and the ball was headed out of defence by Manu, but unfortunately for him, it fell to Alex, who drilled it low into the goal from just outside the area. With Mazarrón now pressing for an equalizer, Saura came close with a back header from a Carmona cross, and Alvaro had yet another shot deflected wide.  As the game went into added time, another Carmona free kick was headed towards the goal by Santi Silver, but was easily caught by Rojas. He quickly fed the ball to Valdes, who ran nearly the length of the pitch before passing to Aitor, whose shot across goal from the left beat Reguero into the corner.

Mazarrón have now lost three consecutive league games and have slipped to 12th place, and with a visit to leaders Ecija next, things are beginning to look a little shaky, as they see the teams behind them picking up points and closing the gap. 

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Dani Hedrera, Santi Silvar, Carmona, Alvaro, Carrasco (Saura), Nestor (Gavilan),  Xabi Sanchez, Alex Colorada,  Juanjo,.

Mazarrón win cup thriller.

Mazarron 'San Antonio' CF 4, CD Linares 2, 23.01.08

Mazarrón won through into the last 8 of the Copa Federacion in one of the most exciting and skilful games of football seen at home for a long time. The home side had the best of the first half, with Perona skimming the bar after 11mins with a header and the keeper making 2 superb saves, from Zubillaga and Juanjo just before halftime, but still went into the break a goal down, after a free-kick from the halfway line was headed in unchallenged by Chico after 16mins. There is little doubt that Mazarrón were taking advantage of an generally inexperienced defence, particularly down the right where Omar and Alvaro created much havoc.

In the second half, it was an attack by Omar, foraging into the penalty area, that led to a penalty as a defender handled the ball as he went to ground. Alex scored from the spot to make the scores level again after 49mins. With 20mins to go, substitute Pedro Diaz scored with a superb 30m shot, the like of which hasn't been seen in a Mazarrón game for a long time. With the home team having to score twice now to win the tie, Alvaro switched to the centre of the attack and Juanjo came out wide. Within 5 mins they were level, Alex scoring another spot kick in exactly the same place after he himself was fouled. Shortly after this, Alex went for his hat-trick, trying to chip the keeper from 20ms, but it went over the bar. With Llamas now on, playing wide right, and Juanjo on the left, the home side were in the ascendancy. Superb interplay between Lamas, Omar and Alvaro on the right led to a cross by the latter that found Alex. His shot hit the hapless keeper and as the ball ran free, a gleeful Saura, enjoying his best performance by a long way, was on hand to nudge it over the line. Alvaro completed to rout, with a good headed goal from a cross from his strike partner Alex, on the stroke of 90mins. Mazarrón always seem to be more penetrative when Alvaro plays in the middle of the attack and hopefully we will see more of this in the future. Debutante Nestor, recently signed in the transfer window, had a steady game in midfield, with some nice touches.

Mazarrón: Pison, Omar, Dani Hedrera, Santi Silver, Carmona, Alvaro, Zubillaga (Llamas), Nestor (Xabi Sanchez), Juanjo, Saura, Perona (Alex).


Mazarrón struggle at Linares

CD Linares 2, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1, 20.01.08

Mazarrón travelled to Linares after a heavy defeat at home the previous week, and with a record of a draw at home and a draw away in the cup against this opposition. They found the home team in passionate mood, after problems with their sponsor, and they even staged a brief sit down before the start of the game, to register their protest. Unfortunately for the visitors, this passion carried into the game and Linares totally dominated the first half, in front of 3000 supporters.

In the fourth minute of the game, Oscar Ventaja attacked down the right wing for the home side, and as he crossed, Diamé slipped his marker and headed high into Reguero’s goal. Two minutes after this, Ventaja was again the provider from the right and this time Sierra saw his low shot pass just wide of the post. As play continued, the home defence dealt easily with the few attacking moves that Mazarrón were able to muster and the visitors had another close shave when a cross from Ventaja was cleared for a corner that resulted in Martinez header just over the bar. After 38mins, Linares extended their lead when Sierra played the ball through the middle to Martinez, who skipped around the advancing Reguero and planted the ball into the empty goal. There was still time before half time for Ventaja to miss a golden chance to extend the lead, but his shot went high over the Mazarrón goal.

Neither team made any changes for the second half and at last Mazarrón started to get more into the game.  Their pressure paid dividends in the 64th minute, when a long ball from Gamiz found Alex near to the penalty spot. The keeper Moso went down under his challenge but Alex kept his composure to place the ball into the empty goal. Linares immediately replaced the dangerous Ventaja with a defender, Romerito, and Mazarrón pressed forward again, sensing that an equalizer was a possibility. They came close to achieving it in the 69th min when a shot hit the outside of the post and went out, following an attack down the right by Llamas, and then, immediately after this, Alex failed to put the ball into an empty net after doing all the hard work to make the opening. After these scares, Linares regained their earlier composure and Martinez came close to extending the lead in the 84th minute, but his shot from distance beat Reguero but went out off the outside of his left post.

Despite their financial problems, this win put Linares firmly into second place in the league, 5pts adrift of Ejica and 3pts clear of Ceuta, as the leaders start to break clear. Mazarrón have slipped just one place, to 10th position, but with many of the teams below them gaining valuable wins, they are now looking as much towards the bottom of the table as towards the top.  A win against Puertollano this coming weekend at home will be essential to pick up the momentum again.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas,  Carmona, Dani Hedrera (Omar), Ortega, Gavilan (Saura), Xabi Sanchez, Gamiz, Juanjo, Alex, Perona


Mazarrón start the New Year well.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2,  Real Betis B 1, 06.01.08

At last, Mazarrón finished a game with 11 players and 3 points, to get the New Year off to a good start. The team had an unusual appearance, with three regular defenders and the top scorer all missing through suspension, but fortunately Ortega was fit enough to play, and both Gamiz and Xabi Sanchez were welcomed back from long term injuries. Mazarrón’s woes were offset somewhat by the news that the visitors were without their two top scorers as well.

During the first half an hour, the home side were definitely second best, as they were unable to match the pace of the Betis strikers and made little impression on their big defenders either.  During the early midfield skirmishes, Gamiz was very fortunate not to get the first red card of the year, as he foolishly lashed out with his boot at Alex Ortiz, after Carrasco appeared to have been fouled, but thereafter, the midfielder, recovering from a depressed fracture of the cheek, had an excellent game. It was no surprise however, when Betis took the lead after 15mins. A long ball out of defence found Carlos Valverde 40ms away from the home goal. Reguero had a rush of blood and came charging out of his goal, only for the striker to dance around his tackle and put the ball into the empty net. 10mins later, only a great piece of defending denied Perona a chance after he was put through by Carrasco and then the best move of the game so far, involving Carrasco, Sanchez, Perona and Llamas, saw the latter blast the ball high and wide. This seemed to give Mazarrón the confidence they lacked, and after 39mins, Sanchez picked up a loose ball on the edge of the area, played it out left to Perona whose cross was met by a glancing header by Carrasco for the equalizer. In added time Reguero made up for his earlier slip by saving well from Valverde.

Mazarrón looked like a different team in the second half. A Carrasco shot grazed the post in the first minute after great work by Alvaro, and then a shot by Juanjo went just wide. All four forward players were now passing the ball fluently, and Perona headed over from a cross by Alvaro, when Juanjo was far better placed just behind him. On the 62nd minute, the pressure was rewarded. Carrasco was fouled on the left and with him still down, Gavilan took a quick kick down the line to Juanjo. He made ground before crossing perfectly to Perona who had time to control the ball on the edge of the area before unleashing a shot that hit the underside of the bar, bounced down over the line before spinning up to the bar again and out. The assistant referee was on the mark and gave to correct decision to allow the goal. After all his hard work in nearly every match this season, it seems incredible that this was the striker’s first goal for the club. Mazarrón maintained control until the last 10 minutes when the nerves set in, but fortunately they held out for another win. This weekend, they are at home again, playing Ceuta in the first game of the second half.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Ortega, Jorge Gonzales, Gavilan, Alvaro(Brais), Carrasco (Zubillaga), Xabi Sanchez, Gamiz, Juanjo (Saura),  Peron


Mazarrón well beaten in Cadiz

RC Portuense  3, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 22.12.07

Mazarron went to Puerto de Santa Maria, which is near Cadiz, with a poor recent disciplinary record and came away with an even worse one as Santi Silvar was dismissed for a challenge on Paulino, with a straight red card, and in the second half Carmona was dismissed for a second yellow. In fact the referee, Jesus Gil Manzano, was never in control of this encounter and showed his yellow card a total of 15 times!

The trainer of Racing Club chose a very attack minded team and he was rewarded as early as the fourth minute, when JonathanTorres had a shot turned around the post, only for Paulino to score from the resulting corner. Another 5 mins later the visitors were reduced to 10 men for the fifth time in the last six matches with the dismissal of their captain Santi Silvar, for a crude tackle on Paulino just outside the area.  After 14mins, Torres was through on goal on his own but his shot went wide.  The sending off of Santi had calmed the nerves of the home side and they began to take control of the midfield and the only chance that Mazarrón had a this stage was a shot by Gavilan, but it too went well wide of the target. As half time approached, the visitors did apply some pressure, but then a sudden counter attack by Velazques nearly added a second goal. He found Paulino free on the right but he was ruled off side as he fired into the net. Numbers were then made equal again, when Jorge Herrero was the second player to receive his marching orders for his second yellow of the match after 37mins.

With both sides down to 10 men, the start of the second half saw a more open period of play when there could have been goals for both sides. Palaces, Torres and Oscar all went close for the home side and at the other end, Alvaro, in a rich vein of scoring form at the moment, shaved the post with a shot in the 59th min.  Shortly after this, the match was put beyond Mazarrón when Chico met a corner at the far post and scrambled the second goal.  Carmona was the next to be sent off, giving the numerical  advantage back to Portuense, but he was closely followed by Oscar for the home side 5 mins before the end of the game. In added time, Giovanni scored the third goal after more good play by Torres and the game was over.

This result leaves Mazarrón in 9th place, 7pts clear of the play off places at the bottom of the table and still only 4pts away from the payoffs at the top, in what is proving to be a very tight league. The next match is at home to second place Real Betis B, probably on Saturday 5th of Jan.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Dani Hedrera, Santi Silvar, Gavilan, Brais (Rafa Rivera), Jorge Gonzales (Zubillaga), Carrasco, Carmona, Alvaro, Juanjo (Xabi Sanchez).


Mazarrón’s festivities begin.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2,  UD Marbella 0, 16.12.07

The festivities started early for Mazarrón with a fairly comfortable win, despite being reduced to 10 men for the fourth of the last five matches. Los Amigos, the English supporters club, provided sausage rolls and mince pies for the spectators that were enjoyed by the English and the Spanish fans together.  On the pitch, Machuca continued with Brais on the right and Alvaro in a more central role.  This formation had proved successful in the Cup match at Lorca that saw the team go through to the last 16 on the away goals rule, and it proved successful again. Ortega took the right defensive role in place of the suspended Llamas.

The opening period began quietly, with few chances for either team, but it was clear from an early stage that Vergara was going to be the danger man for the visitors and in Alvaro, Mazarrón had a central striker who was not frightened to have a shot at goal when the opportunity arose. The closest that Marbella came was when a free kick on the left was played by Vergara to Carlos Rivera, but his shot was blocked by the defenders and at the other end, clever play by Alvaro created a chance for Jorge Gonzales, but his shot was deflected wide for a corner. After 23mins, a Marbella free kick was blocked by Carrasco and the ball rebounded to Alex. He quickly fed Alvaro on the right who made ground before crossing into the centre. Alex overstepped the ball but Carrasco just failed to get on the end of it.  Mazarrón were rewarded for their efforts in the 28th min. Ortega crossed from the right and Carrasco held off the defenders to allow Alvaro to fire into the top of the net from close range. Mazarron were playing with added confidence now, but they got a fright just before the break when Sosa crossed for Cristian, but his header hit the top of the bar and went over.

In the second half, Marbella started to play with more assurance and they created two chances in quick succession for Cristian. The first was well saved by Reguero low down and the second skimmed the bar and went over. It was this incident that lead to the sending off of Alex. Ortega went down on the half way line in obvious pain from a pulled hamstring and, rather than put the ball into touch as is the custom, Marbella played on to make the chance. The home players were incensed, and in the following melee, Alex was sent off as a Marbella player fell to the ground clutching his face. At the other end, the best chance fell to Brais, but his unchallenged header went wide. The match was sealed however, in the 77th minute. A Marbella corner was cleared from the penalty area to substitute Juanjo on the half way line. Alvaro rushed down the centre and took his pass almost in his stride. He managed to gain sufficient control to beat the advancing keeper from just inside the area.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Ortega (Juanjo), Santi Silvar, Dani Hedrera ,Gavilan, Jorge Gonzales,  Alex Colorado, Carrasco, Brais (Carmona), Alvaro, Perona.


Copa Federacion

Goals and Incident.

Lorca Dep. CF 3, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 3, (Agg. 4-4)

Mazarrón went through to the next round of the Copa Federacion on Weds. evening in an exciting, incident packed game. In the second minute, Epitie put Lorca into the lead as the Mazarrón defence was static as a cross came over from the left. 2mins later it was 2-0 as Ador carved his way through a tackle by Gavilan and scored with ease. At this stage, the visitors were 2 down and I don't think keeper Pison had touched the ball in open play. In the very next minute, the home side were reduced to 10 men when Rueda retaliated to a tackle by Carrasco and was sent off. Mazarron got more into the game and played some nice football but there was no penetration in attack and they paid the price just before half time when Manu Busto found himself on the left with a line of four defenders in front of him. He coolly chipped the ball over them and Pison to give Lorca an even bigger lead. Immediately after this, Mazarrón were back in the game. Brais attacked down the right, crossed for Saura to screen the ball from a defender and Carrasco slotted home with ease.

Mazarrón played with more conviction in the second half and after 21mins, Carmona crossed from the left for Carrasco to crash his second goal in. The game was opening up now, with Brais playing a big part with Alvaro down the right. In the 34th min. they combined exquisitely for Alvaro to drill the ball home decisively. Just when the visitors seemed to have done enough, Pison saved the game for them with a brilliant diving tip around the post from a shot by Ador, and Mazarrón went through to the next round by virtue of having scored more away goals. 

Mazarrón: Pison, Llamas (Alex Colorado), Carmona, Ortega, Gavilan, Zubillaga (Juanjo), Jorge Gonzales, Brais, Carrasco, Rafa Rivera, Saura (Alvaro).

Floodlight Robbery

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0,  CD Baza 1, 09.12.07

The Baza coach admitted that he came to Mazarrón looking for a point, but after a tremendous display by his goalkeeper Relano, his team went away with all three. If ever a game showed that you can’t play at any level without having at least one quality striker, this game was it. The home side had enough chances to have won the game comfortably by half time, but failed to convert any of them in am increasingly frustrating performance.

In the first 30secs Mazarrón could have taken the lead. Juanjo got to the bye line on the right and crossed to Perona who scooped the ball goal-wards, only to see it hit Relano and be scrambled clear by Roberto Carlos. Juanjo himself came close 3mins later but his shot was saved by the already-busy keeper.  A curling free kick by Alex came next, but it just beat the corner of the goal, and there was still only 11mins on the clock. As Mazarrón continued to press, chances came thick and fast. Ortega headed straight at Relano and Juanjo failed to connect when Alvaro headed a Carmona cross into his path and it was 29mins before Baza had their first opportunity, when Rey sent a free kick just over the bar. The visitors were then lucky to avoid a penalty when Muino appeared to handle when foiling an attack by Alvaro. Then, in the 36th min, Juanjo had a header hit the bar and the follow up from Perona was cleared off the line with the keeper beaten.  With many Mazarrón players looking for a goal, Ismael broke down the left. Dani Hedrera failed to get to his cross and Reguero saved a header from Belenosco. The ball fell to Luque, whose first shot was saved but not held again and he made no mistake when the ball rebounded to him again. Reguero was called on again to save from Belenesco a few minutes later, and he then foiled Kolo, saving a 16m humdinger, as Baza closed the half strongly.

The second half started quietly as Mazarrón seemed to have lost their way a little and it took 15mins or so before the game got going again. An Alex free kick was punched out for the first of a series of corners for the home side, and during this period, the best chance fell to Perona, whose header from an Alvaro cross went just wide. Relano saved well as the ball fell to Alvaro after an Alex shot hit a crowd of players and substitute Rafa Rivera engineered an opportunity for himself but his shot hit the keeper’s legs and went safe. Baza never got near to Mazarron’s goal again and as more and more gaps appeared at the other end, both Dani Hedrera and Gavilan both headed over the bar when in good positions in plenty of space.

Mazarron have slipped to 10th in the league and, with some difficult games to come after Christmas, they need to get points from matches like this against lowly opposition. This coming weekend they play host to Marbella.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Santi Silvar, Dani Hedrera (Saura),  Gavilan, Ortega, Alex Colorado, Alvaro, Carmona (Rafa Rivera),  Juanjo (Brais), Perona

Mazarrón Stay in Contact.

Lorca CF  0,  Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0,  03.12.07

Mazarron played Lorca for the second time in four days on Sunday, and there was nothing to divide the teams again, after a 1-1 draw in the Copa Federacion at home.  Another similarity was the fact that Mazarrón played the entire second half with only 10 men again after substitute Jorge Gonzales was sent off just before half time.  This made it three consecutive games that Mazarrón have finished with only 10 men, a situation that must be giving concern to the trainer Machuca.

Both teams played their strongest 11 for this match in the impressive Estadio Carrasco, a venue that only 2 seasons ago looked as if it could be hosting the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona, but after a poor start to this season it could be hosting teams in the Tercera Division next year. There were few clear cut chances in the opening period, but the first fell to Lorca after 5mins when, following a corner on the left hand side that eluded all the players around the goal,  the ball fell to Epitie, who blazed his shot well over the bar. Then it was the turn of the visitors when Carrasco won the first of what seemed like about 15 personal free kicks. Alex Colorado lined the ball up on the left hand side of the penalty area and surprised the defence by shooting directly instead of floating a cross. The ball went just wide and left the keeper Jauregi tangled up in the side netting. Thereafter, the game subsided into a mediocre bore until, after 25mins, Gamiz was challenged just outside the Mazarrón penalty area. He was immediately taken off and was taken to hospital with a suspected fracture of the cheek bone, to be replaced by Jorge Gonzales. Mazarrón then had their best period of the game. A flowing move down the right, started by Dani Hedrera and linked by Alvaro, saw Llamas, who had a huge game for the visitors, cross for Perona, but his shot was pushed over by the keeper. The resulting corner by Alex found its way to Santi Silvar, whose stooping header went just wide. Alvaro also had a shot saved following a Carmona corner, before Gavilan nearly capitalized on a defensive error by Azparren but he shot well over. Then, just before halftime, Jorge Gonzales was sent off for a foul just outside the area, but Lorca made a mess of the free kick.

The best chances that Mazarrón made in the second half were from set pieces. Carmona came close when he surprised the defence with a free kick from way out on the right which nearly crept into the top corner and Santi Silvar had a header deflected wide following a Carmona corner. However, as the game wore on, Lorca did more and more of the attacking and it was only superb defensive work by Llamas, Santi and Reguero in goal that kept the home side at bay, aided by some fairly inept finishing on their part. This result keeps Mazarrón in seventh place, and the match this weekend is at home to CD Baza.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Santi Silvar, Dani Hedrera,  Gavilan, Carrasco , Gamiz (Jorge Gonzales), Alex Colorado (Ortega),  Alvaro, (Saura),  Carmona,  Perona.


Mazarrón’s Ten Men Hold Out.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 1,  Granada CF 0, 25.11.07

Granada came to Mazarrón in second place in the table, with the top-scorer in the league leading their front line, but it was the home side who gained the spoils in a match with plenty of excitement, and many controversial incidents in the second half. Santi Silvar returned earlier than expected after injury to lead by example and Carmona played in an advanced position on the left, to accommodate Gavilan who has been steadily improving at left back.

Mazarron started the game in dramatic fashion  and within 20 seconds they had the ball in the net. Carmona moved threateningly down the left and crossed to Carrasco, whose initial shot was saved, and Perona followed up to shoot past the stricken keeper, but, after being awarded by the referee, the effort was disallowed by the assistant, presumably for off side. 5 mins after this, Granada had a great chance to take advantage. A free kick in midfield was headed down by Pintado for Vicente, but he somehow managed to shoot over from close range, when under pressure from Dani Hedrera. It wasn’t long before the prolific Pintado made another chance, passing inside Gavilan to Bordi on the right. He fired goal-wards from a very tight angle and Reguero made a reflex save by his post. Unfortunately, Bordi could not stop himself crashing into the concrete behind the goal and he took no further part, being replaced by Ocana. Most of the home side’s attacking play was coming down the left hand side, and twice Carrasco could have opened the scoring, but first a shot was saved and then a header went over the bar. At the other end, everything was going through Pintado, and twice Llamas was on hand with vital interceptions. Perona was working tirelessly for Mazarrón and he drew a great save from Felix campo after being played through by Carrasco. The first half concluded with the scores level, because of another good save by Campo from Alvaro, and at the other end, a save by Reguero from a stinging volley by Ocana.

The second half started somewhat scrappily and neither side gained a real advantage until Mazarrón upped the intensity after 15mins. Alex and Gavilan made an opening for Gamiz, whose lashed shot was saved by the keeper, and then, as the pressure mounted on the left, a clear hand ball by a defender led to a penalty, which Carrasco dispatched into the top of the net. Barely two minutes later, the same player was sent off for an apparent elbowing offence against Lucena. The trainer Machuca, then did a superb piece of reorganization after Dani Hedrera went off injured. Gamiz dropped back into defence and Perona took over the harrying role usually dome to great effect by Carrasco. In the last 10 mins the tension mounted as wave after wave of Granada attacks bore down on the Mazarrón goal, but somehow Reguero managed to keep his goal intact and Mazarrón moved up to 7th in the table as the top is beginning to open up a little.

Mazarron have a Cup game at home to Lorca on Thursday evening (1800) and a trip to Lorca in the league on Sunday.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Santi Silvar, Dani Hedrera (Jorge Gonzales), Gavilan, Carrasco , Gamiz , Alex Colorado (Saura),  Alvaro (Brais) , Carmona,  Perona.


Points lost to Another Late Goal

Lucena CF 1, Mazarron ‘San Antonio’ CF 1. 18.11.07.

Both these teams were promoted to 2B last season, and so far they are both consolidating well. Lucena, from Cordoba, went into this match with high expectations after 3 successive victories that have lifted them just above Mazarrón in the league, and during the first half they looked to be good value for their position. However, with a much improved second half, the visitors came away with a share of the spoils, and either team could have taken the 3pts at the end.

As the match settled down, Lucena were the first to threaten a goal. Luija broke from the back and crossed for Cabello who was making ground through the middle, but he arrived fractionally early and his header went well over the bar. At the other end, Perona replied with a stinging half volley, but it was saved by Toni, who had been looking more than a little nervous in the home goal. Lucena gained strength as the half went on and they were unlucky not to be awarded a penalty as Cabello was brought down perilously near to the area, for which Dani received a yellow card, but they home side were unable to capitalize from the free kick. Mazarron replied with a cross from Alex Colorado, the best visiting player on the day, but Juanjo was unable to control his header. As half time approached, Lucena had two great chances to secure a lead, and it was again Cabello who could have done the damage. Firstly he latched onto a poor piece of defensive play and his shot grazed the bottom of the post, and then, after a beautifully fluid move by the home side, he found himself through on Reguero’s goal, but his shot was poor and the keeper dealt with it comfortably.

In the second half it was the visitors who made the running, with Carrasco and Perona to the fore and Alex Colorado, who had been moved forward in an attempt to break the deadlock, scored the vital first goal after ten minutes. He picked up the ball in the middle of the field, and shrugged off two tackles as he advanced on the goal, before firing confidently passed Toni. The Lucena trainer responded by changing his formation and bringing on two attacking players, in Cristori and Pineda. For some time it had little effect as Mazarron continued to have the upper hand, until late in the game when Pineda showed excellent control in front of the goal to score the equalizer.

This coming weekend, Mazarrón entertain second placed Granada, in what should be a stern test, but this league is so that that there isn’t a great deal of difference between many of the teams and Mazarrón, in 10th place are only 4pts behind there next visitors.

Mazarron CF: Reguero, Llamas, Dani Hedrera, Ortega, Juanjo , Carrasco , Gamiz,  Alvaro,  Alex, Gavilan, Perona.

Mazarrón Comfortable in Victory.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 3,  Talavera CF 0, 11.11.07

Mazarron moved into a comfortable 9th position in the league with this relatively easy victory over their visitors. With Santi Silver sidelined for a month with a pulled thigh muscle, Javi Ortega again slotted into the middle of the defence and had an excellent match after his recent layoff. The rest of the team was unchanged, with Carmona and Xabi Sanchez again continuing their rehabilitation on the bench.

 The early exchanges were fairly even, but Mazarrón came closest with two chances falling to Perona in the first 10mins and at the other end, Servulo squandered a good opportunity when, through on goal after a Mazarrón attack had been cleared long, failed to take advantage as Ruguero came smartly off his line. We then saw the unusual site of Dani Hedrera bearing down on the penalty area after winning the ball in midfield, but he seemed almost embarrassed to be where he was with little support, and sent a speculative shot well wide. Dani was then involved at the other end, but this time the keeper had to react quickly when he was sold well short by a poor back pass. After Nacho Ramos had headed a Talavera free kick wide of the goal, a delightful ball by Carrasco found Alvaro on the right, who tied his marker in knots before winning a corner, but nothing came of it. It was good to see Carrasco coming back to form after a quiet few matches. When he is on form, Mazarrón really tick. The home side took a deserved lead after 30mins. Perona, who caused problems to the defenders all match, was fouled just outside the area and dead ball specialist Alex stepped up to score over the wall, the ball appearing to take a slight deflection on the way. The last effective move of the first half involved Carrasco, Perona and Alvaro, who played in to Juanjo, but he failed to gain control. However, the ball came back to Perona, who side stepped a defender to make some room before shooting goal-wards, but Ruben Martin was on hand to save.

In the first 15mins of the second half, Mazarrón played some superb football and took total control of the game, again with Carrasco, Perona and Alex to the fore. In the 53rd min, Carrasco won a free kick on the left, which was delivered by Alex, but headed clear by a defender. However, the ball fell to Juanjo, who fired in from a position on the left of the area. The game then went quiet again as the visitors knew it was out of their reach. The closest to a chance occurred when Alex delivered a fierce cross from the left that Ortega just failed to connect with. Then, with 10mins to go, Carrasco found himself stranded in the Talavera area on his own. He flicked to ball up onto a defender, and a penalty for hands was harshly awarded, which he converted himself to seal the result.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Ortega, Dani Hedrera, Gavilan, Carrasco , Gamiz (Xabi Sanchez), Alex Colorado,  Alvaro (Brais) , Juanjo (Carmona),  Perona.

Late Slip costs Mazarrόn Dearly

Real Jaen CF 1, Mazarron ‘San Antonio’ CF 0. 04.11.07.

Last season, in the Tecera Division, a hall-mark of Mazarron’s success was the number of goals that they scored in the last 10 mins of matches but unfortunately this season, the opposite is happening and they are conceding vital goals late on in the games. It happened to devastating effect when they went down 5-3 at Aguilas, and also in the previous match against Algeciras, although they had a good lead at the time.  This week it was the same story.

Mazarron welcomed back Carmona onto the bench after a long lay-off through injury, and Ortega replaced Santi Silvar in the heart of the defence.  Real Jaen had the better of the opening exchanges and the first chance that the visitiors had was when Gamiz shot narrowly wide to the left of Calleja’s goal after 12mins. Mazarron had a big fright in the 15th min. when Arriaga was brought down in the area, but the referee waved play on, much to the dismay of the 3000 home fans. It was Arriaga again who caused the next problem when Reguero had to save his shot at the second attempt on 21mins. A little later Perona had a good chance but his weak attempt gave Calleja no real problem. The remainder of the first half was fairly uneventful with unsuccessful probing from both sides.

Mazarron started the second half in a much more determined manner, and the best chance of the game so far fell to Perona after some delightful approach play by the visitors, but his header was comfortably saved again. Jaen then made an important substitution in the 58th min. Fabios, a defender, replacing midfielder Chiqui. Carmona also made his return for Mazarrón and it wasn’t long before he provide a chance for Perona, but his shot hit the outside of the post with Calleja beaten. At this stage, Mazarrón made the mistake that they have made so often recently. Xabi Sanchez replaced Juanjo, signaling satisfaction with a point, but it was not to be. With just 3 mins of time remaining, Sutil took a free kick that was headed goal-wards by Ros. Reguero saved the header, but Fabios was on hand to score the only goal of the match, and Mazarrón left with nothing to show for their efforts.

This result leaves Mazarrón in 11th place in the league as Aguilas and Cartagena fly the flag for the region in 4th and 6th places respectively. Lorca, who were relegated from 2a last season are finding life difficult again and are currently only one place above Real Jaen at the bottom of the table. This weekend, Mazarrón entertain Talavera CF. KO time will be on mccmurcia.com/news when known.

Mazarron CF: Reguero, Dani Hedrera, Ortega, Juanjo Xabi Sanchez), Carrasco (Brais), Gamiz, Alvaro, Omar (Carmona), Alex, Gavilan, Perona.


Mazarrón outclass Algeciras. 

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 4,  Algeciras CF 2, 28.10.07 

Mazarron totally outclassed their visitors for all but the last 25 mins of this must-win game. They needed to break a sequence of three games without a win and they did so comfortably, but not for the first time this season they took their foot off the gas and were holding on towards the end, after letting the visitors back into it. A defeat would have seen Mazarrón slipping towards the playoff places at the wrong end of the table, but the victory leaves them only 5pts adrift of the top team.  

Algeciras barely had a chance on goal in the first half and they looked a very poor side during this period. Mazarron didn’t need to play well to keep comfortable control and they could well have gone in at half time with a four goal lead. In the 4th min Juanjo headed a cross from Gavilan over the bar and 2mins later the home side should have taken the lead. A free kick was awarded when a blatant body check on Alvaro stopped him in his tracks. The kick was taken by Alex, and as Gamiz back-pedaled towards the goal, taking two defenders with him, Santi Silver was left with a free header form 8ms which he inexplicably put wide of the goal. Shortly after this the home side did take the lead. A free kick on the left was fired low into the danger zone by Alvaro and this time Gamiz himself got on the end of it, steering it delightfully into the goal at the near post with the outside of his foot. It wasn’t long before Alvaro, through whom most of the good attacks went during this opening period, beat three defenders on the right hand side of the box, but his cross was just behind the advancing Juanjo who nevertheless still managed to connect, although his shot went well wide. Next, it was the turn of Perona and Carrasco to cause havoc in the defence. The latter pulled the ball back to Alex whose cross was again met by Gamiz, this time at the far post, who made no mistake from 4ms. Algeciras then had a half chance from a free kick on the left. The ball fell to Pedro who was a little too slow and two Mazarrón defenders snuffed out the danger. Back came Mazarrón. Perona was brought down by the keeper Felix just outside the area and the ball ran free to Carrasco as the superb referee, Medina Mendez, waved for advantage. As defenders scrambled back, Carrasco pulled the ball back to Gamiz whose fierce shot fizzed over the bar. The referee went back and booked Felix, who could well have been sent off had there not been other defenders around. At the end of the first half, the fact that Algeciras had had six players booked showed how desperate some of their play had been.  

In the first 10mins after the break, the home side doubled their lead. The third goal was almost comical. An Algeciras corner was quickly cleared from defence to Perona near the halfway line on the left. He swept the ball into the centre where Alex ran onto it and, in plenty of space, he seemed to lose the plot. He moved forward agonizingly slowly and was tackled by Felix on the edge of the area. The ball squirted forwarded and with three defenders trying to clear, it trickled over the line. Three mins later it was four. Alex took a free kick on the left and as the ball floated into the mass of players, Juanjo rose the highest to head in. Shortly after these events, the visitors suddenly started to believe in themselves, mainly through the efforts of substitute Ortiz, who had replaced the injured captain May just before half time. It started when he had an effort on goal cleared by Santi Silvar and Reguero between them. Then the keeper saved a header from Manu, although he was marginally off side.  Nico Chietino saw his rasping shot clear the cross bar before Ortiz cut in from the right, only to see his shot saved by Reguero. With 15mins still to go, Ortiz collected a free ball 35ms from goal. He carried it 10ms forward before unleashing a powerful drive that beat Reguero low to his right. 6mins later he scored again, this time converting a cross from the left with a well placed header as the Mazarrón defenders looked at each other with accusing expressions. . He nearly completed an astonishing hat trick on the stroke of time, but this time his shot went over and Mazarrón held on to their lead for a well-deserved, if eventually somewhat shaky, victory.  

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Santi Silvar, Dani Hedrera, Gavilan, Carrasco (Asier Butron), Gamiz, Alex Colorado,  Alvaro , Juanjo (Jorge Gonzales),  Perona. 

Mazarrón victims of smash and grab.

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0,  UD Merida 3, 14.10.07

Merida came to Mazarrón with a good away record, and they played a classic game of ‘soak up the pressure and hit them on the break’. This is the style that Mazarrón have been playing recently, but this time they were caught out at their own game. It could have been so different, however, if the home side had had the quality of strikers of the opposition.

The first half was a disappointing affair that never produced the sort of flowing football that one always hopes to see. In the second minute Perona, who worked tirelessly all through the match, challenged Orlando in the penalty area and the ball dropped to his strike partner Juanjo, but his shot was blocked. After this, the visitors seemed content to keep Mazarrón outside the penalty area and give away free kicks if it was the only way they could do it. From a series of these in the first half, the closest that the home side came to scoring was when Gamiz had a goal-bound shot pushed onto the post by Orlando, and from there it went out for a throw, such was the force of the shot. After 27 mins, the visitors had a massive stroke of luck. Carrasco played a ball down the left that was collected in his stride by Perona. As he cut inside along the edge of the penalty area, Orlando took his legs away just as he was about to shoot into the unguarded net. The keeper was very fortunate to get away with a yellow card, as there were clearly no covering defenders to be seen. Gamiz curled the free kick just over the bar. Carrasco was the next to make an impression as first he shot wide after a superb through ball from Ortega, and then had a cross cut out by Orlando as it was heading towards an un-marked Perona.

The second half started with a flurry of activity. Carrasco and Perona were again working well together and nearly fashioned a chance for the latter, who was just off side, before Merida had a free kick in a dangerous position. Cuevas feinted to take it, but left it for Lupidio, whose shot was well saved, high to his left, by Reguero, who had had little to do by this stage. Mazarron attacked again and this time a Carrasco free kick was headed out for a corner. He took it himself and the keeper punched clear to Alvaro, who squared the ball to Perona, but he shot just over. After 10 mins, an attacking throw by Gavilan was hoofed up field by the Merida defence. It was collected on the half way line by Cuevas, who rode a tackle by Llamas before curling his shot around Reguero, to stun the home crowd. Almost immediately Mazarron replied with an attack down the right. Alvaro did some great work to get to the bye line before crossing to Carrasco, who got in a terrible tangle only 2ms out and wasted the chance. He nearly made amends 2 mins later when he brilliantly controlled a ball from Gavilan on the edge of the area but his shot was met by an equally great save by Orlando. The home crowd was then silenced again by another break down the left. This time substitute Ismael gave the ball to Luciano who clinically shot past the advancing Reguero to double the lead. There followed a series of histrionic collapses by Luciano, after one of which he made a remarkable recovery to leap high to head a poor Llamas clearance square to Ismael, who was brought down by Llamas. Sabino converted the spot kick to complete a miserable afternoon for the home crowd.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Santi Silvar, Gavilan, Ortega (Saura), Carrasco, Gamiz, Jorge Gonzales  (Alex Colorado),   Alvaro , Juanjo,  Perona.


Águilas revival thwarts Mazarrón

Aguilas CF 5, Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 3, 07.10.07

Rather than a game of two halves, this was a game of three thirds, the first two of which found Mazarrón in almost complete control.  However, the home side gained the upper hand late on after some clever substitutions by Miguel Rivera. The game was also notable for some of the worst refereeing I have seen since watching Spanish football. Snr. Alvarez made a rod for his own back in the first half and before the end he had booked 8 players from the home side, as well as one of the trainers, old Mazarron favourite Inigo, and sent off a player from the subs bench. He also booked 6 visiting players, three of them over one incident in the first half.

The evening started badly for Mazarron when Ortega, a mid-field stalwart this season, got injured in the warm up. He was replaced in the side by Omar. The visitors had the better of the early exchanges but failed to take advantage of several free kicks in attacking positions. Gamiz had one go just over the right hand corner of the goal and Santi Silvar drove another fiercely into the wall but Aguilas were never really threatened. At the other end, the only attacking idea that the home side had was to pass the ball out wide to Abel, but on the whole, Gavilan had control of that area until Abel broke clear after 20mins and Reguero was forced to punch clear. 10 mins later, it happened again. A superb ball from Navarro got behind the defender and Abel was in the clear. His cross was heading for Edu Espada around the penalty spot and Omar was hopelessly out jumped and got under his man instead. Navarro made no mistake from the penalty. This setback seemed to inspire Mazarrón further and in the 36th min Juanjo broke down the left and drew the keeper to the edge of the area before squaring for Alvaro to fire into the empty net. It was an almost identical goal to the one he scored in the previous match. 2mins later the visitors were in front. Alvaro was cutting in along the bye-line on the right and was felled by Ivan Gomez, who was determined not to be caught the same way again. Carrasco scored easily from the spot kick.

At the start of the second half, Omar was replaced by Alex as Mazarron took up a more attacking formation, and it paid an almost immediate dividend. As Perona drifted into an offside position on the right, distracting the defenders, Juanjo slipped the ball forward to Alex who made no mistake from 12ms. Mazarron were cruising and Ivan Gomez was called upon twice more to save from Alex before first Aaron and then Garcia were added to the Aguilas ranks. Carrasco had a chance to increase the Mazarrón lead but after the hard work had been done, he completely miss-hit his shot. Then disaster struck, and on 71mins, the match was turned around. The visitors failed to clear an inconspicuous ball on the left and, with Reguero well out of his goal, a cross was headed down by Navarro and Tariq shot firmly into the unguarded goal. This inspired both the home players and their fans, who had been very quiet to that moment. 6mins later the sides were level. Tariq made a powerful run into the area, and as the sliding tackle by Santi Silvar appeared to take the ball, Snr. Alvarez thought differently and Navarro converted his second penalty of the evening. It was now real backs to the wall football for Mazarrón and another dreadful refereeing decision gave Navarro the chance to complete his hat trick as he shot around the defensive wall. Reguero should have had this covered but somehow failed to save the shot. Deep into 6mins of added time, the Aguilas keeper took a long free kick from his own area. After one bounce it was collected by Garcia who fired gleefully past the hapless Reguero to complete the amazing comeback and send the home fans home happy and the 200 travelling fans on their way quietly. The next match is at home to UD Merida this weekend.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Omar (Alex Colorado),   Santi Silvar, Dani Hedrera, Gavilan, Carrasco, Gamiz , Jorge Gonzales, Alvaro (Brais), Juanjo (Rafa Rivera), Perona.

Mazarrón defeat Local Rivals

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2,  FC Cartagena 0, 30.09.07

There had been reports all week that Cartagena were wary of the smaller playing surface at Mazarrón and that they had been training on a smaller surface themselves, but in the end, the difference between the two teams was the fact that Mazarrón scored two of their rare chances and Cartagena squandered a number of theirs, particularly in the first 20mins when they were the better team.  The captain Sivori was particularly guilty during this period of play.

After a cagey start from both teams, the visitors were the first to make an impression. Sivori had a tame shot easily saved after 8mins and then he got on the end of a centre from Molist, but hooked his effort well over the bar. Immediately after this, he was wide with his shot after some great work by the lively Lafuente on the left.  During this period, Mazarrón were kept busy defending and it wasn’t until 16mins had been played when they had an attacking free kick after Carrasco had been sandwiched on the edge of the area, but in the absence of regular specialist Carmona, Gamiz fired into the wall. Back to the other end, Molist was the next to have two chances, but his header was blocked and then he shot wide, after a rare attack down the right hand side.  After these incidents, the game started to turn. Santi Silver forced a corner on the right after a free kick and then the home side made a breakthrough. A throw on the right was collected by Perona who played the ball back to Carrasco. He cut inside before firing a shot into the bottom left hand side of Caballero’s goal, for Mazarrón to take a surprise lead. Sivori had another good chance after 30mins but he failed to control a through ball that broke the Mazarrón defensive line. Mazarron had another attacking free kick after Carrasco was fouled again, and from the first attempt, Cartagena’s Carmona was booked for charging the kick. This was to prove very costly later. Gavilan fired the second kick into the wall and it was cleared.  As half time approached, Sivori shot over again after a rare headed mistake by Dani Hedrera played him in and then Carmona was sent off. It appeared that, as Gavilan went low to head a ball, Carmona caught him in the face with his boot. If the referee had realized that he had been booked already, I don’t think he would have booked him a second time, but this is what happened and off he had to go.

As the second half got underway, the game went through a scrappy period, as several players from both sides were unnecessarily booked for a variety of mild misdemeanors. During this time, Cartagena again made most of the clear chances but the home defence was having fewer problems as the match progressed. Ormazamal had an effort blocked and Sivori again shot over, but Mazarrón were looking stronger all the time. The home side came very close after 25mins when Alvaro, who knew he was off side, stopped chasing a Carrasco through ball. However, as the defence stopped as well, Perona ran onto the ball and was through on the keeper, but Caballero saved well. Then the visitors paid the price for pushing up too far looking for an equalizer. Gavilan played a beautiful ball down the left behind the defence, for Perona to run onto. He drew 2 defenders before slipping the ball inside where Alvaro was unmarked, and he had all the time he needed to pick his spot from around 12ms. 2mins after that, Llamas was sent off for the second time this season for a deliberate handball and with the teams level again with 10 men each, Mazarrón remained in control until the end, with Perona finding more and more space.

Mazarron are building their success on a foundation of a solid defence, where Santi Silvar and Dani Hedrera can deal with most things in the air, and Ortega, playing just in front of them, looks more and more regal with every match.  With only one defeat so far, they are turning out to be the surprise package in this league, and are now only 2pts behind leaders Linares. There is another local derby, away to Aguilas, to look forward to this weekend.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas, Santi Silvar, Dani Hedrera, Gavilan, Ortega, Carrasco, Gamiz (Alex Colorado),  Alvaro (Brais), Juanjo (Rafa Rivera), Perona.


A Solid Draw

Mellia 0, Mazarron 'San Antonio' CF 0, 23.09.07

Mazarron went to North Africa again and this time time away with a good point. Mazarron had the better of the first half with Carrasco, Juanjo and Perona all going close, and the match was evenly balanced in the second. One problem, however, was that Carmona was taken to hospital with a badly injured ankle and we await further details about the extent of the injury. The manager seems to have settled on his best starting line-up early this season.

Mazarron CF:   Reguero, Llamas , Carmona (Gavilan) Dani Hedrera, Ortega (Santi Silvar),  Xabi Sanchez ,Carrasco, Gamiz , Alvaro, (Alex Colorado), Juanjo, Perona.


Mazarrón finding their feet 

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 2,  Ecija Balompie   1, 15.09.07 

Mazarrón came into this match on the back of a 1-0 victory away from home and they made it 2 in a row when beating Ecija in an exciting game, with many goal-scoring chances at both ends.  The starting line-up was the same as in the previous match, except that Llamas replaced the suspended Omar at right back. In an attacking formation, the 3 main strikers had Carrasco playing in his best role just behind them.  

In the very first minute Alvaro worked himself into a shooting position but his shot was blocked, and straightaway after that, a flowing move started by Carrasco and involving Alvaro and Perona, saw Carrasco have his goal-bound shot blocked as well. The home side continued to press and Carmona sent in a curling free kick that Zigor did well to save high to his left, pushing the ball around the post for a corner. Carmona took the corner and this time Mazarrón were not to be denied, as Gamiz rose high at the far post to nod home. Perona had another shot saved after 7 mins before Ecija equalized with almost their first attack. A free kick on the right was pushed down the line to David Hernandez, who was a threat all evening, and his cross was met by Mario, whose shot looked to be going in, before it was helped on its way by Dani Hedrera. The paced slowed inevitably for a while before a fine through ball from the Ecija midfield found Hernandez clear of the Mazarron defensive line but Reguero saw the danger and made a superb save diving at his feet just inside the area. The visitors were getting on top at this stage and Reguero was called on again to save from Luna, after Ortega lost his footing to present the chance. He made it a hat trick of saves when Hernandez broke the off side trap and shot firmly goal-wards. As half time approached, the pendulum swung Mazarron’s way again, although with most of the play coming down the left, Carmona seemed to have lost his range somewhat, until, with a free kick from all of 28ms, he hit the top of the bar with Zigor well beaten. Both Carrasco and Juanjo came close on two occasions each, but Ecija held out until the break.  

In the second half the play was more scrappy and goal scoring efforts were not so common. Carrasco continued to pull the strings for Mazarrón and Hernandez remained the biggest threat for the visitors. After 20 mins, Alvaro had taken a knock whilst foraging on the right, and he was replaced by Alex, with spectacular results. Carmona took a short free kick to Alex in the middle. With his first touch he controlled the ball and played it forward and with his second he unleashed a ferocious shot from 25ms. Zigor made an excellent save but was unable to hold the ball. It rebounded to Juanjo on the edge of the area and he placed his shot inside the left hand post, for the goal that was eventually the winner. Play went back and forth for the rest of the half but there were no more near things and although Ecija finished strongly, Mazarrón held out for a well-deserved win. The next home match is on the weekend of the 29th and the visitors are local rivals Cartagena.  

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Llamas (Santi Silvar), Carmona, Dani Hedrera, Ortega, Xabi Sanchez ,Carrasco, Gamiz (Jorge Gonzales), Alvaro, (Alex Colorado), Juanjo, Perona.


First win

UD Puertollamo 0, Mazarron 'San Antonio' CF 1, 09.09.07

Mazarron gained their first win of the season with a 12th minute goal by Alvaro. The home side had the early pressure but were stunned by the reverse and never really got into their stride again. Mazarron got a grip of the midfield and never relented to the pressure, looking dangerous themselves in breakaways. The visitors ended the game with 10 men after Omar was sent off for two yellow cards in the 76th minute.

Mazarron: Reguero, Omar, Carmona, Dani Hedrera, Ortega, Juanjo (Gavilan), Xabi Sanchez , Carrasco (Jorge Gonzales), Gamiz , Alvaro (Rafa Rivera),  Perona.


Big Improvement for Mazarrón

Mazarrón ‘San Antonio’ CF 0,  CD Linares  0, 02.09.07

Mazarrón played their first home match in Segunda B in front of a large crowd, and held  one of the favourites to win the league in an exciting 0-0 draw. The starting line-up included the very recent signing Perona and he could well have got on the score-sheet in the first few seconds were it not for the alertness of Moso in the visitors goal rushing out to the edge of his area and out jumping the on-rushing forward.

Mazarron were not overawed by their opponents and continued to press, but it was Linares who made the next scoring chance as Sierra headed over from 12ms. following a cross from Castillo, who had an excellent game down the right hand side. After 12mins, Alex pulled a ball back to Carrasco and ran for the return, but he was just off side getting behind the defence.  As the half wore on, Linares became more dominant, making good use of a setting sun to pose problems for Reguero in the home goal.  A series of free kicks were given away as Linares pressed down the right and each time their dead ball specialist Oscar swung the ball in but without luck as Santi headed clear or Reguero caught anything that was overhit. During the period up to half time, a rare Mazarron attack was brought to a stop by a foul on Carrasco and Carmona fired the free kick just wide from 30ms. Things looked ominous for the debutantes, but they kept a clean sheet during this most difficult part of the game.   

The second half started at great speed and there were chances at both ends. Alex fired a free kick into the Linares wall in the first minute and at the other end, Vaquez sent a diving header just wide from a cross by Oscar. Mazarrón then had a couple of corners on the left, the first of which was tipped over by Moso and the second was cleared from the near post.  The pattern of the game changed however with the substitution of Brais by another striker, Juanjo.  Carrasco dropped back into his best role just behind the strikers and Perona and Juanjo hit it off straight away.  During this purple patch, Perona shot across the face of the goal when released by Carrasco and then Alex came close with a run and shot after good work by Omar. The home side looked the most likely to score at this stage and Perona again came close on two occasions, forcing Moso to punch a free kick clear from under his bar.  With just a few minutes remaining, the Mazarrón captain Santi Silvar, who had had a great game in the heart of the defence, pulled Catanha down just outside the area and was sent off for a second yellow card.  He left the field to a great round of applause. Linares applied a lot of pressure in the final minutes, but with Ortega now marshalling his defenders and covering everything, Mazarrón held out despite 6 mins of added time.  There will be much weaker teams in this league than Linares and at last, as the Mazarrón players finally seem to be getting to know each other, they can hopefully put their poor pre-season behind them.

Mazarrón:  Reguero, Carmona, Santi Silver, Ortega, Brais (Juanjo), Xabi Sanchez (Jorge Gonzales), Carrasco, Gamiz (Gavilan), Omar, Alex Colorado, Perona.


Life tougher for Mazarrón 

AD Ceuta 3, Mazarron ‘San Antonio’ CF 0, 25.08.07 
During the closed season, Mazarrón have brought no fewer than sixteen new players into their squad, in order to cope with the rigors of life in
Segunda B, and the signs are that it is going to take them some time to gel into a playing unit. The showing in pre-season matches was patchy
to say the least, and many supporters have been left wondering where the goals are going to come from.  This opening fixture, at Ceuta, in
North Africa, against one of the favourites to do well in the league, showed that there is going to have to be some rapid improvement if they
are going to become established.
Reguero, from Alicante, was given the goal-keeping position, with Dani Hedrera and Ortega paired in the centre of the defence, but things
started to go wrong at a very early stage. In just the 7th minute, Gámiz, who has already shown himself to be an uncompromising mid-fielder,
 was deemed to have pulled back Enzo, and Álvaro made no mistake from the penalty spot. Shortly after this, the Ceuta led was protected
twice by the goal-keeper Lledó in quick succession. Firstly, he saved a powerful short from the visitors Álvaro, and from the resulting corner,
he saved Carrasco’s header.  Shortly before half-time, the match was effectively put beyond the reach of Mazarrón when Fran Amado
converted a perfect cross from Álvaro past the advancing Reguero.
After half time, despite some pressure from the visitors, the home side made it 3-0 when Endo Noir connected with a measured pass from
Castells to score a beautiful goal. Ceuta’s Álvaro completed an eventful evening for him personally by being sent off for a second yellow
card in the 63rd minute, but Mazarrón were unable to take advantage of their numerical advantage as the home side comfortably held on to
 their lead.
Anyone who is interested in joining the British supporters of Mazarrón, Los Amigos de Mazarrón, is welcome to come to the meeting in
the Saladillo Vista Sports Bar at 1600 on Thursday afternoons, or further details can be obtained at the club website at
www.losamigosdemazarron.com. The match this weekend is at home to CD Linares, another of the fancied teams in the league,
and the kick-off time will be published on the newspage of mccmurcia.com
Mazarron CF: Reguero, Llamas, Carmona, Dani Hedrera (Jorge Gonzáles), Ortega, Xabi Sánchez, Carassco, Gámiz, Álvaro,
Alex (Asier Butron), Gavilán.